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Firearms #12: Tactical Reloading

Lee Santo out on the range again in
our last segment we took you through some speed reloads and today right now
I’m going to take you through a tactical reload okay the difference between the
two speed reload or an empty load as we like to call it means the gun is empty I
need to get it back up and running as quickly as possible so the slide locks
to the rear magazines empty I get rid of the empty one I put in a fresh one I run
the slide forward and I’m ready to shoot again the other load we teach a tactical
reload now a tactical reload is something you do when you got time
distance and cover alright and that means maybe I shot a few rounds and I’m
not sure how many I shot but it hadn’t gone empty because the slide out and
lock to the rear all right so I got either a lull in that gun battle or I
got some cover to get behind and I want a full weapon to go back into action
with so I do a tactical reload that means I’m going to take a partially
spent magazine out of the weapon and replace it with a full one okay now the
difference in the two loads on a speed or empty load I just dropped the empty
magazine and this one I’m going to retain it can still got some ammo in it
I might need that later alright so if I have a weapon up in
front of me in this manner here and I’ve got that time distance and cover and I
want to do that tactical reload the the way it changes is the first thing I’m
going to do is come down and get that fresh magazine out of my magazine pouch
I bring it up and I’m going to put it under the weapon I’m placing it here
between my index finger and my middle finger and leaving my thumb free I’m
going to come under the weapon push the magazine release catch the ejecting
magazine replace it with the full one and then I’m going to put this one away
somewhere a pocket or something where I can get rid of it quickly so I get both
hands back on the weapon and that’s how we perform a tactical reload all right
so that’s nice and slow and I’m going to show you I want to perform it live fire
here so I’m going to show you that right now so it’s setting up here all
right fresh loaded magazine okay so I’m up here right and I come up and I’ve had
to fire some weapon all right now for whatever reason maybe
I moved a cover the bad guys ducked behind a corner not sure how many rounds
I might have fired and I want a full magazine in there again step one is get
out the full magazine put it between my fingers come under the gun catch the
partially spent one replace it with the fresh one
put this one away get both hands back up on the gun between me and where the
threat is or was at the time in the event he tries to engage me again so
that’s what it looks like running it dry and that’s what it looks like live fire

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