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Firearms #11: Empty Loading

Hey Lee Santo here again again we’re
continuing with our basic firearm series here we talked a little bit last time
about doing an admin load getting your weapon hot to get it up and running and
I mentioned that we had three types and admin load and empty load and then a
tactical reload and right now we’re going to talk about empty loads and to
do that I’ve got some I got a magazine I’ve got it loaded with my dummy
ammunition here to help me practice this a little bit and show you how it works
and when I talk about an empty low that means the gun is gone empty if I’m
shooting a semi-automatic handgun and it goes empty the slide will lock to the
rear all right that’s my clue that it needs to be reloaded so once the slide
locks to the rear as I’m engaged in shooting here it locks to the rear I
need to put a new magazine in into it so I’m going to turn the hands the gun
slightly in my hand so I can press the magazine release and as I’m pressing
that magazine release I’m going to come down for my fresh magazine now notice I
keep the gun pretty much straight up and down because I want gravity to help me
get rid of that magazine I’m just going to let it drop free to the ground and
then I’m just going to turn the weapon over here as I bring the new magazine up
to meet it slide it in push it make sure it locks my hand comes over the top
grabs the slide lets it go here and I come back up and get my two hands on the
weapon and I’m ready to engage again okay so takes a little practice but if
you follow the steps slowly as you’re learning to do it you’ll be able to
perform an empty load nice and smooth

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