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Firearm Safety with Gun Safes from Honeywell Safes – Designing Spaces

D-Day is here!
Today we finish remodeling a Military family’s home.
Join me, and a platoon of dedicated professionals, as we
put the finishing touches on this Military Makeover.
Time for us to show our appreciation and give back to
those who have sacrificed. This is Designing Spaces:
Military Makeover, and it starts right now.
Well, here we are in the final stages of our military makeover
for Marine Robert Keefe and his family.
Soon, he will be returning to his home.
Who is Robert Keefe anyway? Pay attention.
Here’s your brief: I grew up in
Okeechobee, Florida. Graduated Okeechobee High School
in 1996, and went to a couple years of college and then joined
the Marine Corps. Before joining the Marine Corp,
Robert was working as a produce manager at a local grocery
store. I was a cashier, and he worked
as a produce manager. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of
her. I used every tactic just to talk
to her. Finally, she agreed to go on a
date with me, and first date, first kiss.
Soon after, Robert enlisted and joined the Marine Corp.
We averaged 6-10 IED strikes every mission.
My truck alone hit five IEDs. The first one destroyed the
front end, nobody was hurt. Robert was lucky to escape three
more IED attacks, but his luck eventually ran out.
The fifth IED strike was the one that injured me.
The injuries were serious. Diagnoses: Vertebrae compression
fracture, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic
stress disorder. I’m alive and I have all my
limbs. I feel very very blessed.
Now it’s time for us, at Designing Spaces to give back to
Robert and his family. The heavy lifting will begin
right after this. We are closing in on completion.
Maybe some things, like valuables, firearms, a favorite
fishing lure, should be stored in a safe place.
Trust me, we’ve got it covered, baby!
Here’s a subject close to Gunney’s heart: Gun safety.
Joining in on our military makeover is Bob Mossbaugh,
managing director at LH licensed products.
He’s brought a pair of great items to add to the Keefe
household. A long gun safe, and a water
proof fire file box. Bob, home security takes many
forms and we have a state of the art home security system in this
house, but we also have this great safe for the family, and a
lot of people don’t think to have a safe in their home.
You’re right, Art. You know, they really don’t
think about the safe in the home, but the safe is very
important. A lot of times, they have other
valuables, different items that if friends or family are here,
those items may have a tendency to walk out the door.
So, you want to protect those. More importantly, if you have
any type of firearms, guns, weapons, anything like that and
you have children, you should always keep those locked up in a
safe. When you consider that there are
almost 600,000 accidental gun deaths per year,
and over 100 of them are kids under the age of 18, you
realize how important it is to keep any firearm stored safely,
especially if there are minors in the household.
Let’s open this bad boy up. Okay.
It only take a minute to get in, right?
Tell me about the combination. Quicker than a minute.
You program your own combination.
There’s actually two combination codes for every safe, so it can
be yourself, your spouse, or a friend.
Could be temporary access to somebody.
In the event of an emergency, this safe allows you access in
seconds. I’m noticing this up here.
Yeah. So, this is what’s really cool.
So, this is the first time, we believe in the world, that a
safe has had a very practical thing put on the door.
When, I say thing, it’s actually a temperature and humidity gage,
yet you can have a back light too, this gives in Celsius and
Fahrenheit. So, Bob, I’m noticing inside we
have moveable shelves for different barrel lengths of
firearm. Many states have laws that
require you to lock up ammunition separate from
firearms. This box offers the perfect
solution. This is legal here because it is
a separate locking box. Don’t leave your key inside of
this inside the safe. Sure.
You want to put it someplace else, but it also has a nice
carrying handle. There is something in that safe
you don’t want to miss. Let’s check back in with Bob.
there’s more to learn about the safe he brought.
This is not just a safe to store your firearms.
Many people find it useful as an executive safe.
Speaking of important papers and documents and digital media,
what’s that down at the bottom? This is what I think everybody
oughta have. This is a file box that is both
rated for fire protection and water protection.
This safe will protect valuables in case of a fire, for up to 30
minutes, at 1550 degrees. Most home fires rarely get above
1200 degrees, but that’s not the only thing special about this
safe. This is also completely water
proof. This box can actually go 1 meter
under the water, that’s a little over three feet, and it can be
under the water for 24 hours, and no water is going to get
inside. Wow, that is – No one has
anything close to that. Not to mention how safe and
secure this is, but you have a safe and secure warranty as
well. We absolutely do.
We probably have the industry best warranty.
We have a 7-year warranty for anything that happens to the
safe. We also have an after-fire
replacement warranty, so in the event that this is subjected to
a fire, which we hope never happens, but if it does, we will
with a fireman’s report, we’ll replace the safe.
Tell us your website. Our website is We’ll be right back, so stay
right where you are. Don’t even think about moving.
It’s all coming together people. Designing Spaces.
(commercials). (music).
David, our designer, is working with the landscape team.
They’re going to place all of this beautiful outdoor furniture
from Macy’s over on the brand new patio, here.
It’s really quite a transformation.
We’ve got the umbrella stand. Let’s lift that up.
Pop that into position. There we go.
So, I think this is great. They’re going to love it out
here. I think they’ll be spending most
of their time in the garden. (music).
Ahh, the most important grill tool of all, a nice cabernet.
I think we need to tap into this at lunch.
Someone was really thoughtful about that.
I know. Did they leave that for us?
I think so. Okay good.
For this moment. Alright, good.
Well, we’ll be on break for the next half hour.
Yes, catch up with us later. Of course, all the items and
additional style ideas can be found at
All the work got done just before the deadline.
Now it’s time for the Keefe’s to reclaim their territory.
(thunder). Hello Keefe Family.
Hello! Take an umbrella.
Now, it may be a little nasty out here, but it’s going to get
a whole lot nicer inside. It’s beautiful.
It looks so pretty. Doesn’t it?
How are you? Nervous, excited.
This is our designer. He flew down from New York City.
This is David. Hi David, from Croscill Home,
and he got you started with some beautiful home decor.
Turn around guys. Whoa!
Bianca. Gunney.
Welcome to my humble abode. How smart?
Wow. Well, so we’ve been really busy.
I’ll say. We were kind of pressed for
time. We didn’t think we were going to
get done. Nice desk, huh?
Oh my goodness! That is beautiful.
You know that desk is nicer than my desk at home.
I understand that you have a gun or two, a rifle or two.
Yes sir. (motioning behind him)
You’re right, I didn’t even see that behind you you.
So, we have a safe, and I’ll bet Bianca probably doesn’t have a
gun though. No, Bianca sure doesn’t.
So, you see, I found Glock is more than happy to provide us
with one that’s just your size. Oh my gosh.
Okay, you’re going to love the kitchen.
Turned out better than I could have imagined.
You’ve got a nice big fridge. WOW!!
Oh my gosh! The island is very appropriate
and very nice, all the way around.
All new appliances. Now, I think we’ve got a bedroom
over here. After you.
Oh wow. Now, I believe this will be the
master bedroom, if I’m not mistaken.
Yep, this is Mommy and Daddy’s hideaway and a glamourous one at
that! Mom, you have a bunch of
pillows. Yeah, those are pillows for me
and Mommy. I might let you touch them.
We have flooring. We have a floor.
We didn’t have a floor before. Come on, guys.
We’ll see the rest of it. It is, look at this living room.
It’s a completely different area.
I think that’s your room, right? Check it out, bud.
Wow. Oh my god, Ricky look.
Look at this nice carpet. Look at your floor, honey.
You like that design? Look at that!
(laughter). You love it.
Wow. Now, I don’t know how you are
about garages, but my garage is so full of junk I can’t get my
cars in it. Oh my goodness.
What is this? A couple of Bosch tools.
You know how to use tools. I sure do.
There’s always a need for those around the house.
Wow. I actually turned this into a
small Jurassic Park. Oh my goodness.
It’s a lot greener than it was. Wow.
This has all got to come to an end sometime, so we’ll leave you
guys here so you can explore on your own, and take a closer
look, and just enjoy it, okay? God Bless you, Bianca.
Thank you. No, I’m going to hug you.
(laughing). Thank you so much.
Well, thank you sweetie. No hugging there.
Semper Fi, I’ll just take a salute.
I’ll hug you. Okay, Ricky, you look after him
while I’m gone. Thank you so much.
Everything you’ve done to facilitate making our life so
much better. Log on to
You can visit these websites to learn more about the
participants on this edition of Designing Spaces.

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