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Firearm Safety Training | Always keep your finger off the trigger

Hello and welcome to Tampa Carry where we teach firearm safety and shooting fundamentals. My name is Ryan and in this video, we’re going to discuss the second most important firearm safety rule.
Movies and TV have made you think that breaking this rule is okay. But I promise,
if you break this rule, somebody is gonna get hurt. So stay tuned. Firearm safety
rule number two – always keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready
to shoot. Movies and TV have made people believe that the natural place for your
finger is on the trigger. They are very wrong. Your finger belongs
on the frame of your firearm. The trigger is only a temporary position while
firing. Let’s pretend that you’re home one night and you hear someone
attempting to enter your home. You run into your bedroom, grab your gun and you
take cover behind the bed with the gun pointed at the door. When do you put your
finger on that trigger? Only when the attacker enters the room and you’re
ready to shoot. Not a moment sooner. Every time you pick up your firearm, make
sure your finger is stuck to the slide. It will take you a little bit of time to
get used to this but you must practice. Every time you pick up your firearm, look
to see where your finger is resting. If it’s near the trigger, set the firearm
down and try it again. If you can master this one rule, your chances of an
accidental shooting will decrease significantly. If you’re new to firearms
or maybe it’s been a while and you need to brush off a little rust, this course
is for you. You’ve probably noticed that the internet is full of confusing
information with lots of different viewpoints and a ton of false
information. The beginner’s guide to firearms is the perfect, easy to follow
training for anyone interested in becoming proficient with a firearm. Click
the link above to learn more about the beginner’s guide to firearms. You’ll be
happy you did. Have you ever been in a situation where somebody accidentally
shot their firearm? What happened? Share your story in the comments below and
until next time, stay safe.

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