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Firearm Safety Tips

[music] [geese honking] Accident statistics show the leading causes of hunting incidents in Texas, are poor hunter judgement, safety rule violations and lack of firearm control. Take ’em! [shotguns fire] The leading cause of hunting accidents in Texas relate to poor hunter judgement. This would include swinging your firearm outside of your safe zone of fire, misidentification of game, and finally using your rifle scope to identify your game instead of binoculars. The second leading cause of hunting incidents in Texas are safety rule violations. This would include lack of muzzle control and the improper crossing of an obstacle, such as a fence, a fallen log or water. And finally, the lack of firearm control. A lot of hunting accidents occur in and around the vehicle as a result of loading your firearm before you’re ready to shoot. The majority of hunting accidents can be avoided by simply practicing some common sense in the field, wearing your blaze orange and attending a Hunter Education course. Our statistics have shown that 80 % of shooters who caused a hunting accident in 2003, did not attend a Hunter Education course. So where your blaze orange, be safe, and enjoy the outdoors. [music]

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