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Firearm Safety – How to Safely Clean a Firearm – Gun Safety and Hunter Safety

Firearms safety is your responsibility! Hi,
I’m Larry Potterfield with MidwayUSA. Let’s take a look at the safety rules for cleaning
a firearm. When cleaning a firearm; rifle, shotgun or
handgun, remember to treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
Always follow basic firearms safety rules. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction!
Keep your finger away from the trigger! Make sure its unloaded, and put it on Safe.
Always clean from the chamber end, when possible if you must clean from the muzzle end keep
your body away from the muzzle area. So, these are just a few of the basic firearms
safety rules that you should use when cleaning a firearm.
When you’re finished cleaning, make sure the barrel is clear of obstructions then store
the firearm in a secure place, away from children. Remember, firearms safety is your responsibility.
I’m Larry Potterfield with MidwayUSA and that’s the way it is.

7 thoughts on “Firearm Safety – How to Safely Clean a Firearm – Gun Safety and Hunter Safety

  1. @spenfisher2 nonsense! if you plan on removing the bolt you already have the bolt opened. then you pull the trigger and then "boom" is pretty impossible.

  2. i wish every gun owner would take a lesson out of larrys book. If everybody treated guns a safe as he does they wouldnt have a bad name

  3. got to say something. if you know the firearm is unloaded and will stay unloaded. you can clean from the muzzle in. i was taught that way and will be cleaning them that way. also a common good practice is to try and view down the action and see if anything that is lodged in there, this is easy to on bolt actions

  4. Great advise.  One time that I cleaned my carry gun I was about to reassemble it when I noticed something in the barrel.  It was a patch.  The only way a patch could have gotten stuck in the barrel was that somehow I put two patches down the barrel when oiling.  If I had shot the gun with the patch myself or someone else could have been seriously injured.  Good thing I always inspect a gun after cleaning.

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