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Firearm Safeties- Texas Parks & Wildlife- [Official]

[Narration] Most firearms have a safety of some kind.
A safety is a mechanism which is designed to prevent the firearm from firing. A safety
is an accessory that should never be considered a substitute for safe firearm handling. A
safety blocks the hammer, trigger or sear from accidental discharge but may not prevent
a firearm from discharging. For example, dropping a loaded firearm on the butt of the stock,
even with the safety on, may be enough to discharge it. (gun shot) [Narration]
Safeties are usually located near the grip within easy reach of a thumb or forefinger.
They can be beside the bolt, behind the bolt, on top of the bolt, or by the trigger guard. (gun shot) [Narration]
For some lever action rifles, the hammer placed in a half-cock position, serves as the safety. (gun shot) [Narration]
Some people tamper with their safety and triggers but this is a dangerous practice. Always have
an experienced gunsmith make adjustments or necessary corrections on firearms.

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