Firearm registration numbers drop from last year

Will a big drop in gun registration result in changes to Hawaii’s gun ownership laws? KITV4’s Paul Drewes takes a look at the latest information. 28:53 – nat of gun hitting target Gun enthusiasts took aim at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall, for the Great Guns Gun Show. Thousands came to check out the collection of firearms on display, get a feel for the weapons and share their love of guns. [email protected]:35 “what’s fun about shooting a gun is just seeing something at a distance and knowing you can hit it, but physically being here” Every thing from early antiques to hunting rifles and the newest high tech guns were on display. [email protected]:08 “the most popular guns now are the AR 15 those are the ones the young kids are mostly interested in.” [email protected]:00 “we have scopes for AR 15, that’s been our big seller and accessories for the AR’s anything for the AR’s 15 that’s the biggest seller” [email protected]:02 “while there is plenty of interest in guns here, overall Hawaii has seen a drop in firearms registrations” graphic here After eight years of increases, the number of registered firearms dropped to just over 48,000 for 2104… That’s down 20% from the record number reached in 2013. [email protected]:00 “now people are beginning to enjoy what they have instead of acquiring them” There are still plenty of gun buyers, like Lou Collazo. He has his sights set on getting a handgun to develop his shooting skills. [email protected]:15 “I qualified on the Beretta when I was in the military, along with the M16. I come out here its been 5 years since I’ve shot and I go in and see what’s up with the competition side of the house and see how I do” Not only are buyers looking at guns this year, so are lawmakers. A bill was proposed to allow more people to carry concealed weapons — including active and retired police officers, along with some members of the military. [email protected]:20 “if its military or police officers and they are qualified on it – I don’t see a problem with it” Lawmakers this week deferred the bill, which keeps the current law in place — which requires each county police chief to approve an individual’s concealed carry permit. Paul Drewes KITV 4 news. It was a gear head’s dream come true at Aloha

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