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Firearm Maintenance: SKS Lubrication, Part 3/4

With disassembly and cleaning Covered in our
previous SKS Maintenance videos up next is Lubrication
Failure to properly lubricate the Firearm can cause malfunctions as Well as excessive
wear To begin lightly oil the firing pin And the
exterior of the bolt Then place a few drops of oil on The carrier
where the receiver Rails ride
and along the bottom Where the bolt will make contact
You’ll also need to lubricate the Interior of the receiver cover as Well to prevent rusting
To do so we’ll lightly oil a patch And give the interior a light Coating
With the receiver lightly oiled Lastly we’ll use a few drops of oil On the piston extension
and make Sure to wipe off any excess With the gun now lubricated we Will move to
reassembly in our Final video

6 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance: SKS Lubrication, Part 3/4

  1. I've owned an SKS for the past 6 years……I would highly recommend against any sort of lubrication that comes in contact with the bolt. As a matter of fact, you should go extremely light with the lubrication.

    Reason being, that oil will impede the free movement of the firing pin and could cause a slam fire (very dangerous). What that means is that your rifle could fire in a burst or, even worse, fire when chambering a round.

    I learned the hard way and was lucky just to get a 3 round burst.

    With the SKS, you have to keep tabs on the firing pin movement….and excess lube will work against you there.

  2. Ooook, i was looking for a good visual guide for oiling buuut I have to say Im pretty sure that is excessive. Always heard keep it to a minimum or you will get slam fires and neverrrrrrrr oil the firing pin because that's asking for it.

  3. Odd that I see so few people using a shaving brush to lightly lube metal surfaces. It's an old.timers method that works extremely well! It's almost a lost bit of knowledge.

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