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Firearm Maintenance: Single Action Revolver Reassembly Part 4/4

Continuing with the Brownells Single action
revolver Maintenance series With proper disassembly cleaning And lubrication
covered in the Previous videos in this final Installment we’ll be going over Proper reassembly
We’ll get started by replacing the Grips Simply put the two halves onto The frame and
fasten them with The grip screw If you have a one-piece grip place It along
with the backstrap onto The rear of the frame and reinstall The screws
Next the base pin can be started Into the frame but not so far that It protrudes into
the window As this would prevent the cylinder From going
back in Now all that remains is to open The loading
gate and If you’re working on a Colt or Clone
Put the hammer at half-cock so The cylinder can be inserted
When you put the cylinder into The frame it should go in easily With no resistance
If it doesn’t want to move into Position Check to be sure the base pin and Bolt are
both retracted out of the Way Then once you have the cylinder In place
Push the base pin in all the way to Secure it
The base pin latch should click Into place and lock the pin in the Frame
On the older 1st Generation Frames You may have a base pin screw to Install instead
With that done we caN position The ejector rod housing alongside The barrel and secure
it with its Screw Then close the gate and cycle the Action a
few times to make sure The cylinder advances and locks Up properly each time you cock The
hammer At this point the gun is fully Assembled
Give it a good wipe down with Some oil and a rag and the job is Done
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  1. Ty just got a uberti cattleman 1873 7.5 barrel and was woundering if there was anything i was missing on how to clean it and this series help me clear the process up =)

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