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Firearm Maintenance: Single Action Revolver Dissassembly Part 1/4

Single action revolvers have Played an important
role in American history since the days of Samuel Colt
They’ve been used by the military Law enforcement and countless Sportsmen beginning in the 1800s
And continuing to the present day In this series of videos we’ll show You how
to disassemble clean Lubricate and reassemble your Single action revolver
Before working on any firearm we First want to make sure the gun is Completely unloaded
On a Colt or a Colt clone or even An Old Model 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk you need to set the
Hammer on half-cock open the Loading gate and turn the cylinder While visually inspecting
each Individual chamber to verify there Are no rounds in the gun
However in the case of a newer Ruger it’s a little easier as you Only have to open the
gate to free The cylinder and rotate it Once you’ve verified that the gun Is unloaded
the disassembly for Routine cleaning is usually pretty Fast and easy
The first step is to take out the Cylinder The base pin is held in place by The base
pin latch assembly at the Front of the frame It’s spring loaded and when you Push the left
side in slide in the Base pin can be pulled out
Be sure to hold on to the cylinder As you do this to avoid dropping it
If you happen to have a first Generation Colt or a clone with The older style black powder
Frame there is a screw in the front Of the frame that holds the base Pin in place rather
than the Spring-loaded button Removing the screw will free the Base pin
and allow you to remove The cylinder Now that we have the cylinder And base pin
out we can get the Grips out of the way by removing The screw that holds them in
If your gun doesn’t have a grip Screw that means it has a one-Piece grip
The way to remove this style of Grip is to take off the back strap By removing the two
screws in The rear of the frame and the one At the bottom of the grip and pull The grip
and back strap off the Gun It isn’t necessary to do this every Time you
clean but you should Take a look in there every other Cleaning or so if the gun is shot
Much just to make sure Everything’s clean and in good Shape
Also note if you notice a lot of dirt Or dust in the ejector housing it Should also be removed
for Cleaning To do so simply loosen the screw At the front
of the housing and The assembly comes right off
Then the ejector and spring can Be taken out and set aside
As with any firearm if they are Shot a lot They should be completely Disassembled and
detail cleaned But for routine cleaning this is as Far as
we want to go If you need to disassemble the Gun any further
we have the Proper tools and instructional Books and videos to help you out If you don’t
feel comfortable with The job we suggest you take the Gun to a gunsmith and have it Done
So with the gun field stripped our Next step for regular maintenance Will be cleaning and
be sure to Check how-to do just that in part Two

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  1. I have the 1873 Pietta revolver. The bar doesn't go up all the way so the hammer doesn't strike the firing pin correctly. It's this an easy fix? It looks like it is.

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