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Firearm Maintenance: Single Action Revolver Cleaning Part 2/4

Continuing with the Brownells Single action
revolver Maintenance series with Disassembly covered in part 1 in This video we’ll be going
over Proper cleaning We’ll begin by securing the gun in A padded
vise to clean the barrel Once secured you’ll need a pistol Cleaning
rod the appropriate Caliber bore brushes bore mops Or patches and a suitable cleaning Solvent
Before we start we’ll tie a rag Around the rear of the cylinder Window to prevent damage
to The frame if our cleaning rod Were to slip So with the frame secured and Protected we’ll
start cleaning by Running a solvent soaked patch or Mop down the bore and let it sit
For a few minutes to loosen Things up Next we’ll switch to a bore brush And run
it back and forth through The bore to scrub out any fouling Making ten to fifteen complete
Strokes Then we’ll switch back to our jag And follow
up with a few solvent Soaked patches to wipe out the Bore
Then run a clean dry patch Through and see how it looks
If the patch still shows signs of Fouling you’ll want to repeat the Procedure until
all of the fouling is Removed With the barrel now cleaned we Can move on
to the cylinder It should also be placed in a Padded vise
to free both hands And make the job easier We’ll clean each chamber in the Cylinder with
solvent and patches As we did the barrel And switch to a chamber brush Which is a little
larger than a bore Brush A cleaning rods rotating handle Works great
on rifled barrels But a quick tip to make this job a Little
easier is to use a chamber Rod with a non-rotating handle on The cylinder chambers
With each individual chamber Now thoroughly cleaned
Next we can remove the cylinder From the vise and use a nylon Brush to clean the exterior
Paying close attention to the Cylinder stop notches
Lastly before moving on We’ll also want to clean out the Hole in the
middle for the base Pin This can be done with a swab Or pipe cleaner
With the bore and cylinder now Cleaned It’s worth noting if you notice Large amounts
of lead deposits Not removed by traditional Cleaning; consider using the Brownells Lewis
Lead remover The Lewis Lead remover kits in Conjunction
with JB bore paste Are highly regarded by many Brownells customers and are Specifically
designed to make easy Work of hard to remove the lead Build up in the forcing cone barrel
And chamber With the barrel and cylinder clean
Next the frame can be brushed Out with a little solvent to remove Any fouling
Focusing specifically in the area Around the rear of the barrel and The recoil shield
While we’re here we’ll also take This opportunity to go over the Grip area and inspect under
the Hammer in case there is dirt or Debris hiding there
Once we’re done with that we can Wipe the entire frame assembly With a cloth and then
set it aside Last but not least the ejector Housing and
ejector can be Cleaned to remove any debris That might affect reliability A Swab works
great inside the Housing while the ejector and Spring can be wiped down with a Cloth
At his point the gun is clean and Ready for lubrication which we’ll Cover in Part 3

2 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance: Single Action Revolver Cleaning Part 2/4

  1. Ok so I'm supposed to repeat the process of cleaning the bore until all the powder residue is removed? or all of the lead fouling is removed?

    Because I can take more than 2 hours repeating the process of getting all of the powder residue out.
    (And there's still some left in there)

  2. make video cleaning ruger stainless steel revolvers please. what is the name of rod. will brass bore brush damage barrel abd cylinders of revolver?

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