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Firearm Maintenance Series: FN FAL – Part 4: Reassembly

In our final FN FAL maintenance Series video
we’ll be going over Reassembly To get started we’ll reassemble The upper
and lower receiver Reinsert the pivot pin into the left Side and screw the retaining
Screw on the right side into place With those together we’ll Reassemble the bolt
and carrier To do so place the rear of the bolt Into the
rear of the carrier at About a 45 degree angle Once aligned press downwards to Compress the
firing pin so the bolt Can be lowered into place and slid Forward into position
With the bolt assembly now back Together it can be reinserted into The upper by aligning
the bolt With its corresponding rails in the Receiver and sliding it fully Forward
Note that like disassembly the Hammer must be in the cocked Position in order to allow
the bolt Carrier to slide into place Next we’ll replace the top cover Onto the
receiver by lining up the Lip of the cover with its groove on The receiver and sliding
it forward With the bolt and cover seated Fully forward
the two halves can Be closed and the spring loaded Disassembly lever will snap back Into
place and hold the two halves Together Lastly we’ll slide the spring back Onto the
piston and reinsert the Assembly into the gas tube
Next the gas plug can be replaced To do so first locate the hole Drilled into the plug
and orientate It towards the right side of the Rifle
Then align the gas plug retaining Tabs with the cutout in the gas Block and use the plug
to press The piston into place Rotate the plug clockwise 270 Degrees to its
locked position While depressing its detent Note that proper orientation of This plug
is imperative to the Cycling of the rifle With the rifle now fully Reassembled test
the action by Cycling the gun several times and Checking that the safety is Functioning
properly If everything checks out we’ll give The rifle
a final wipe down with an Oiled rag to remove any finger Prints and the job is done
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4 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance Series: FN FAL – Part 4: Reassembly

  1. Love your maintenance videos! I noticed that you don't have any videos for the Beretta 92FS. Can you do a series videos around the care and maintenance of the 92FS?

    Also it would really help me out to see you guys do an installation of the Beretta Steel Parts kit which replaces the polymer trigger, safety, mag release button, and guide rod. And maybe you can show the tools you'll need for the job.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work and videos!

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