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Firearm Maintenance: Ruger LCP Reassembly Part 4/4

With all of the parts cleaned and Lubricated
we can now begin Reassembly Step one is to place the barrel in The slide
and bring it to its rear Locked position Then replace the recoil spring Assembly by
putting the front end In its receptacle at the front of the Slide and positioning the
rear Flange in the cutout in the barrel With the barrel and recoil system In place put
the slide on the frame And slide it all the way on
At this point the takedown pin Can be inserted into the frame at A downward angle about 45
Degrees until its tip pushes down Its retaining spring
Then the pin can be lined up in The hole the slide drawn back Slightly and the pin inserted
Straight Once the pin is installed the gun is Fully
assembled Now we can cycle the slide and do A function
check Be sure the action cycles Smoothly and the
trigger and Hammer are working normally If everything looks good give the Gun a final
wipe down and the job Is done Thanks for watching and be sure To visit
today for More how-to articles and videos And all the firearms accessories And tools

2 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance: Ruger LCP Reassembly Part 4/4

  1. I have been trying to get reliable information on carrying the LCP with a round in the chamber. Of course it must be carried in an approved pocket holster that completely covers the trigger. Anyone care to comment?

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