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Firearm Maintenance: Ruger LCP Disassembly Part 1/4

The Ruger LCP is one of the most Popular concealed
carry pistols Made today and like most Rugers It is an extremely rugged and Dependable firearm
Like any pistol it should be field Stripped and cleaned occasionally To ensure proper
function In this series of videos we’ll show You how
to disassemble clean Lubricate and reassemble the Ruger LCP
Before starting we’ll remove the Magazine lock the slide back and Verify visually and
physically that The gun is completely unloaded Once you are sure the gun is Completely empty
disassembly Can begin Start by releasing the slide to the Forward
position Next take a small tool like this Screwdriver
and insert the tip Under the head of the takedown Pin on the left side of the gun Retract the
slide slightly to take The pressure off the takedown Pin And use the screwdriver to raise
The pin up far enough so that it Can be pulled out easily
With the takedown pin removed The slide can be taken off the Front of the frame
To continue stripping the slide Grasp the recoil assembly at the Rear and pull it away
from the Barrel and out of the slide At this point the barrel is free to Unlock
and can be pulled out the Rear of the slide and field Stripping is complete
Further disassembly is not needed Nor recommended by the factory For routine cleaning
With the gun now field striped in Part two we’ll be covering how-to Properly clean your
Ruger LCP

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