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Firearm Maintenance: Mosin Nagant Lubrication Part 3/4

Continuing the Mosin Nagant Maintenance series
in this video We’ll be covering proper Lubrication This rifle has a lot of moving parts In the
bolt assembly and I like to Use oil on all of them
A light oil like Breakfree or Rem Oil works great when rubbed on All of the parts including
the firing Pin and spring Then I also like to put a small dab Of grease
on the camming area at The rear of the bolt to reduce the Amount of effort it takes to
lift The bolt If the action is out of the stock I’ll Also
use Breakfree to lubricate The trigger mechanism Otherwise I’ll put a drop or two Through the
sear port and call it Good As long as you have even the Smallest amount
of oil in the Trigger area things generally Function flawlessly on these guns So I don’t
worry about it too much The same holds true for the Magazine spring
and follower I’ll add a bit of lube to the hinged Joints
and the areas where the Springs rub against metal if I think About it but it isn’t absolutely
Necessary for reliable function With the rifle now properly Lubricated in
our final video we’ll Be covering reassembly

7 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance: Mosin Nagant Lubrication Part 3/4

  1. This is the best series on Mosin cleaning and maintenance, great informative video and the narrator has a good radio voice

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