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Firearm Maintenance: Browning Hi-power Reassembly Part 4/4

In this final video we will be Covering reassembly of the Browning High Power We’ll begin by reinstalling the Grips Once the grips are back on place The barrel into the slide and Install the recoil guide and spring Ensuring that it’s fully seated in it Recess on the barrel lug Next position the slide on the Frame and pull it fully rearward Until the safety can be locked into The disassembly recess Now the slide stop can be Inserted Lastly release the safety and ease The slide forward Once you have everything Together perform a function and Safety check to make sure that The gun cycles normally and that All safety devices are working Properly then give the gun a final Wipe down and the job is done By following these simple tips You’ll be able to quickly and easily Maintain your Browning Hi Point Thanks for watching and be sure To visit today for More how-to articles and videos Along with all the firearms Accessories and tools

1 thought on “Firearm Maintenance: Browning Hi-power Reassembly Part 4/4

  1. Do you have any tips on how to get the recoil spring back in on the 40 S&W version without bending the spring? Its a bear and I have had to replace the spring once already. Also, you need to be more specific on the guide rod orientation. I can go upside down but you won't know until you try to assemble the slide back on the frame.

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