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Firearm Maintenance: Browning Hi-power Lubrication Part 3/4

Continuing with our Browning Hi- Power maintenance series before Final reassembling we’ll cover Lubrication It is important to note that too Much oil will only attract excess Dirt and fouling causing excessive Wear and malfunctions A light film on the barrel and Recoil guide will generally be Sufficient If you decide to oil the trigger or Hammer we suggest a needle Oiler so that a small amount is Applied along the respective pins Next we’ll just add a few drops on Each slide rail again with the idea Less is more Lastly a good rule of thumb when Lubricating is to examine parts And look for any signs of wear in Metal-to-metal contact points A drop of oil on these shinny Surfaces will help minimize Friction With lubrication complete we will Cover reassembly in the final Video

4 thoughts on “Firearm Maintenance: Browning Hi-power Lubrication Part 3/4

  1. Thanks for the vids on the Browning Hi-Power. I shoot mine weekly along with my SR1911. The HP is well-made and now that it's broke in by shooting 800 rounds through it, I haven't had any failures for quite a while. It's still very tight. For disassembly and cleaning, I find it faster then my 1911. 9mm is cheap to shoot, especially when buying bulk.

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