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Firearm Maintenance: Browning Hi-power Cleaning Part 2/4

Continuing with our Browning Hi- Power maintenance series in this Video we’ll be covering proper Cleaning starting with the barrel You’ll need a pistol cleaning rod 9mm caliber bore brushes bore Mops or patches and a suitable Cleaning solvent like Hoppe’s Number nine To start run a solvent soaked Patch or mop down the bore and Let it sit for a few minutes to Loosen things up Next we’ll switch from the jag to Our bronze brush and run it back And forth through the bore to Scrub out any fouling After ten to fifteen complete Strokes with the brush we’ll again Switch back to the jag to run a Few solvent soaked patches to Wipe out the bore Lastly we’ll run a clean dry patch Through to check our progress If the patch shows signs of carbon You’ll want to repeat the Procedure until all of the fouling is Removed As you can see we have a bit of Work to do Next we’ll give the outside of the Barrel a quick scrub to remove Any buildup Then we’ll go ahead and wipe it Down along with the recoil guide Spring and slide stop With the barrel now clean next We’ll flush out the slide and use a Brush to make sure the rails and Breach face are thoroughly Cleaned Lastly we’ll clean out the frame by Giving it a generous spraying of an Aerosol cleaner followed up with The brush Once finished give it one last Spray to flush away any remaining Residue and set it aside to dry With the gun now completely Clean our last step before final Reassembly will be to lubricate it Which we’ll be covering in our Next video

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