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  1. great video, but just one thing. a high capacity rifle in MA is considered a rifle with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, not 5.

  2. I appreciate the comment. Can you please provide a source for this information you are suggesting? If what you say is true then I have bad info. I'm looking at a firearm safety manual issued to me in 2009 and it specifically says, "A large-capacity rifle or shotgun is a firearm that has a capacity to hold more than five cartridges, rounds or bullets." Maybe your confusing the definition of large-capacity rifles with that of handguns?

  3. MA General Law Part I, Title XX, Chapter 140, Section 121

    I would post the link but youtube apparently doesn't allow you to post links in the comments. Just go to the MA general law website and you can look up the statute. When you get to section 121 just scroll down until you see "large capacity weapon"

  4. Now this is getting interesting. Thanks for offering the source. YouTube only allows links in private messages, but I found the site you mentioned. I just read the definition for "Large capacity weapon". I don't disagree with you I guess I need to understand the law better. The info I have from the American Firearm School seems to have interpreted large capacity rifles and shotguns as 5 or more. Which is definitely true for shotguns. Legally, is a rifle a "firearm" or a "shotgun"?

  5. Well that's an interesting point you bring up. You can get a permit in MA for a gun that can accept a high capacity magazine. However when you go to buy such a gun or high capacity magazine it must be 10 rounds or less if you're buying it in MA. Which doesn't make much sense because someone could just go down to the Cabelas in CT to buy high capacity magazine. To answer your question you are not allowed to buy high capacity magazines in MA.

  6. thanks nate. thinking about buying a gun in the near future. what would you recommend for a first time handgun buyer.

  7. I would probably ask you about 20 questions before I could recommend anything specific. What do you want to do with it? What would the primary use be?

  8. Quick question so if I have restrictions of target and hunting on my class a ltc can I carry to and from target or hunting or whenever? Or not at all? And if do can I conceal my firearm when I do go?? Please answer I would really appreciate it

  9. If you have any restrictions I do not believe you are able to legally conceal. That is different than transporting in the trunk of your car. Why do you have these restrictions? Any idea?

  10. I live in Attleboro i'm 23 and never been in trouble with the law. But he said that his rule is I can't have a license with no restrictions until i'm 25 I guess its like a trial period for him.but I don't think its very fair ya no

  11. So I wasn't sure if I could carry to and from the range or not because on my license the restrictions say target and hunting… Do you think I could fight it to take it off because can the police station take off my restrictions on my license before my license expires ya no. I really appreciate your help by the way

  12. That's interesting. The only thing I would be mindful of is when you move to another town someday you will have to renew your license there or in the town you work in. At that point you may have trouble removing restrictions from your license because the officer in authority there may not understand the history or nature of your restrictions. I would try to get some sort of documentation about the reason for your restriction from the Attleboro police station if your concerned about it.

  13. I don't no what kind of documents I can get because the application I filled out they have and I never made a copy of because I didn't think I would need it until when I got my appointment and talked to him and that's when he told me that its there way of not giving altc with no restrictions unless your25 or older. So I have no idea what to do..like I totally deserve it with no restrictions like I said i've never been in trouble with the law or anything its just very frustrating

  14. He told me I could come back two years from now when i'm 25 and hell change it? But I don't no if he can change it before my license expires? Do you no if that's possible? I just don't trust then.. I applied for my license in Nov 2012 and then didn't revive it until feb2013 don't no why it took so long but it did..

  15. Thank you so much for this info. It really helps me in so many levels, please keep updating on Mass firearm licence

  16. Yes. Before applying for a gun license you have to have the safety course. There are some restricted class A licenses that allow you to conceal e.g. class A work purposes only. Some chiefs give out a restricted lic. because they are afraid of getting sued if you screw up. However that is not the case. If a chief gives you a lic. in good faith they cannot be held liable for anything criminal that you do. Ch. 140 is the firearms law in ma anything you need to know is in there. Like open carry IS

  17. Not a one of these unconstitutional laws would be enacted in VT, free of riots. Firearm licenses?? Fuck that. I have a firearms license which is valid in all 50 States: it's called The f'n Constitution. Any place which requires anything more than that, is a place where people have violated the Oath of Office

  18. If I am a career criminal and came to Mass., could I be assured that most of the population in the cities are unarmed and defenseless? And that the only thing I had to fear were puns, metaphors, and sarcasm from the Massachusetts victims?

  19. A class A License to carry a firearm with a restriction means you can carry concealed to and from the range or have a concealed pistol on you when hunting. There are fines and possibly ltc revoked if you carry out side of the restriction. Personally i be leave any restriction is an infringement of you're rights but if you qualify for a class A restricted, B or just FID and are responsible for 6 years you can always try to get the class A when its time to renew.

  20. Not anymore on the "mase/ pepper spray". I know this video is old. I appreciate mass holes like myself making videos like this. Mass no longer requires a fid for pepper spray or mase . Finally. Last state to do so

  21. There are NO gun laws in Massachusetts, really.


  22. I have non resident CCW licenses for Utah,Florida, Nevada and Arizona all are good to have with these four I can carry concealed in 36 states. BTW the Utah CCW costs only fifty nine bucks for 5 years.

  23. you have a great and well organized channel. you've help my girlfriend and I get serious about obtaining our firearms licenses.

  24. you do not need one for an air rifle or a black powder antique replica but I heard you need one for the powder so can you just buy the powder out of state

  25. Wait. So let me get this right. You can join the army at 17, but can't have a firearms license until 21? What kind of illogical shit is this? The fuck MA?

  26. Time to update the video, Class B licenses no longer exist. Restrictions mean whatever the local chief wants them to mean, there are no statewide definitions.

  27. Do you need a license for a muzzleloader In Massachusetts? I been told you donโ€™t. I looked up the laws but they are very complicated and could be taken in multiple ways. So maybe you could help me.

  28. Massachusetts laws have changed and this is now out of date. FID is no longer required for mace and they have done away with the ABC system. Police chiefs will either issue an FID or a Class A.

  29. Got my FID card and went down to our local gun store to buy my first rifle. The towns laws don't let people under 21 buy any firearms even if you are an FID holder. Feels great to get screwed and robbed by your own government. Welcome to Massachusetts.

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