Firearm License to Purchase

License to purchase a gun. There are 15 states
plus the District of Columbia that require a license to purchase a firearm. The fact
that you need a license to exercise a Constitutional right is an infringement. These states do
not have a need for a license to exercise the 1st Amendment. It would be one thing if
you needed a license to exercise any rights listed in the Constitution but to signal only
one proves that it is an infringement. The citizens of these states need to stand up
show that the license is illegal. Email, call, social media your legislators that what they
are doing is illegal by having the law in place. It is only when we as citizens take
back our cities, our states, and our country that we can get back to having the freedom
our founders gave to us. To exercise any right there should not be a necessity to have a
license. If you have it for one, you should have it for all, but the problem is they would
be unconstitutional. Let’s Talk Common Sense.
In the states that have a license requirement to purchase a gun, your rights are being infringed
upon. You don’t need to have a license to blog, to be on TV, to speak up, to peacefully
protest, to go to church or not go to church of your choosing so you should not have to
have a license to exercise your right to protect yourself. Get in touch with your state government
and change the law to remove the requirement of a license to exercise your Constitutional
rights. Thank you.

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