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Firearm Flexibility with Crimson Trace’s Rail Master: Guns & Gear|S7

– You want to put
a laser on your gun but you are looking
at it and going I don’t know if
that is going to fit Gary, it doesn’t matter. Whatever they have, you
guys have something for it. The Rail Master actually
solves a lot of those issues. – That’s absolutely correct. As long as it has
an accessory rail. – [Man in blue] Ok,
a rail, alright. Talk me through this, and
kind of about the line. What do you have?
– [Gary] Sure. Absolutely. So this is the CMR-201. This is the red
laser Rail Master. – [man in blue] Right. – [Gary] Will fit
anything with a Picatinny or similar modern
accessory rail. – [man in blue]
Not just pistols? – [Gary] Not just pistols. – Ok, ARs, shotguns,
– ARs, shotguns, absolutely. – And as small as that is on
an AR, that is pretty sweet. – Absolutely. It is. And it gives you the
flexibility to mount it anywhere on the rail
that you want to. – [Man in blue] Ok,
how does it activate? – [Gary] It activates
from either side with these control tabs. – [Man in blue] It’s
just got a little button? – [Gary] Yeah – [Man in blue] (unintelligible) – [Gary] Yeah – [Man in blue]
Now you were saying you might want to go
with your off hand when you are doing
a two-hand grip. – [Gary] Absolutely. – [Man in blue] How
would you do that? – So basically, especially if you are
drawing from the holster. – [Man in blue] Right. – That way you’re not
having to activate the laser from this side with
your trigger finger. – You come out with this side
and hit it with your thumb. – With your support hand. – [Man in blue] Ok. – [Gary] Yep. – [Man in blue] So
this is the red. – [Gary] This is the red. – And now we have… – This is the CMR-206. This is our new
green Rail Master. – [Man in blue] Right. – [Gary] So same
activation controls. Generally the same footprints. So if you have a holster
already made for Rail Master Red generally the green
is going to fit. – And there are a lot of
holsters already available. – Absolutely. – So it will fit your
gun with the Rail Master. – Absolutely. – So you got the
green and the red and then if you want to shine
a little light on the subject – [Gary] You got it. – [Man in blue]
You’ve got a light. – [Gary] Absolutely. – [Man in blue] Ok. – And what a lot of
people like to do is actually run the white
light (gun shots) in tandem with the set of laser grips. – [Man in blue] Oh, sure! – [Gary] Two different
illuminations, targets… – [Man in blue] So you
got your tactical light, and you got your
laser on the same rig. – Absolutely. – So the Rail Master system,
red, green, and white light, whatever you want. – Absolutely. – There you go. (suspenseful music) – It’s you. Well, you probably
knew I was coming because you could see that laser coming along the
wall the whole way. The truth is, the
laser is a great tool, but you have to
know how to use it. The Rail Master is
really easy to use because it has a button right
underneath my trigger finger. And I can turn it on and I can
turn it off really quickly. The fact is, as I approached
that corner up there there’s a bad guy right
around that corner and I’ve got my laser on
telegraphing my movements? He’s gonna know where
and when I’m coming from. So he’s gonna be able to
have the advantage on me. I don’t want that. So I’m gonna bump
it off really quick and I’m gonna make
that corner turn and then, if I need to, I’ll
turn that laser back on. Hopefully this helps you out. Because laser discipline
is your responsibility.

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  1. Hi their, i have a subcombact Zoraki M906 pistol but unfortunately has no rail on it , is their any way to fix a torch light on it with laser pointer

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