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Fire Emblem Echoes Forging Guide – Best Weapons To Forge & Gold Mark Farming

(Fire Emblem Echoes music) [Valbar] “Hah. Is anyone really surprised?” “Won’t work on me!” (Fire Emblem Echoes theme) (Swoosh) (Sword slash) (Intro jingle) What’s up guys, Stevie here with Lucky Crit. Some of you have been requesting that I do
a video discussing the forging mechanic in Fire Emblem Echoes, since it functions a bit differently than
forging systems in previous Fire Emblem titles, so let’s take a look at what it has to offer. Starting in Chapter 3 of the main story, weapons
will be able to be forged by visiting certain villages that have Smithys. Forging weapons will require Silver marks
and potentially Gold marks for more advanced forging, and these can be obtained from dungeons, enemies,
treasure chests, sidequests, and also by exchanging unwanted items and converting other marks
at a Blacksmith. [Blacksmith] “Welcome!” Originally when we were breaking down the early
footage of Fire Emblem Echoes, we assumed that units would be able to unlock
skills at the certain star marks or blips after using each weapon, but as we now know since the games’ release,
these grayed out blips are actually an indicator of how much a weapon has been forged. Weapons can be forged from 1 to 5 stars, requiring
cumulative amounts of Silver and Gold marks with each forging, and depending upon the
item, the weapons’ Might, Hit, Critical, and Weight
have a chance of being altered with each new forging rank. After upgrading weapons enough times, they
may also be able to evolve into other weapons, which will allow you to increase the rarity
and statistics of the items in your arsenal. Some items will also have multiple forging
paths, allowing you to pick and choose what they will become between a few different options. For example, you can forge a Steel Lance into
a either Javelin or a Silver Lance. Some weapons, like the Longbow, Zweihander,
Killer Bow, and others, are also completely unobtainable outside of forging and the Inner
Sanctum DLC maps. As a general consensus, if the forging will
require a Gold mark, the item will likely become an exclusive weapon. If you’re wondering which items evolve into
what, or what the potential boons and gains of forging any item in the game will be, head
on over to Serenes Forest’s handy forging section for more information. Links, as always, are in the description below. Do be sure to be careful when forging your
weapons, as when they’re forged and change into different weapons, you will no longer be able to learn the skills
from the original weapon from that item. For example, units who haven’t learned the
skills Wrath Strike and Windsweep from an Iron Sword will miss out on continuing to
learn those skills if you upgrade the weapon into a Steel Sword, due to the fact that the Steel Sword unlocks
Sunder and Crosswise Cut instead. While you can certainly find other Iron Swords
throughout your journey, be sure to be mindful about who in your army
has learned the skills from each weapon, as with certain items like the Golden Dagger,
you won’t be getting another one, so once it’s been upgraded you’ll miss out
on learning its skills on any of your units forever. Also do keep in mind that these learned skills
are only usable while equipped with the item you learned them from, so certain skills on
weaker weapons might not even be worth learning on everyone later in the game. Items can also be given nicknames, but this
is just a further customization and a pesonal touch for your items, and won’t effect anything
in-game. There aren’t any characters with personal
skills this time around that will make use of it. Throughout your journey you may also find
rusted weapons that when forged have the potential of becoming several different items. Please note though that the item that the rusted
weapon will become through forging is set once you pick it up, so don’t bother resetting
at the forge trying to get different items out of them. I’m looking at you, Golden Sun. Once you have a sufficient amount of Silver
or Gold marks, it will also be possible to exchange between the two via currency conversion
(also known as the convert option) at any Blacksmith. It will cost you 500 Silver marks for 1 Gold mark, and 1 Gold mark will be exchanged for 100 Silver marks. If you also end up exchanging a weapon that
you previously forged, half of the value of Silver or Gold marks invested into the item
will be obtained from the exchange. Gold Marks are rather limited and considerably
rare within the main game unless you trade in large amounts of Silver marks for them,
but they’ll be more plentiful in the DLC chapter Wealth Before Health. Wretches and Riches will also give the player
an opportunity to get a lot more marks, but Wretches and Riches can only give out Silver marks. Outside of the DLC chapters, the only place
where you’ll be able to reliably farm Gold marks will be on floor B9 of the Thabes Labyrinth,
a very very late game dungeon, where you can find some by cutting down the grass near the sacred springs. There’s a 1/6 chance of finding a Gold mark
and you should be able to find 3 on your first trip to the room, 2 on your second and finally
1 on your third. This allows you 6 chances per journey into
the labyrinth, and can be repeated by leaving the labryinth completely and going back through it. Though it might arguably be faster to farm
Silver marks and convert them into Gold marks at the Blacksmiths, farming in Thabes is also
a great place to hunt for some of the incredibly rare and powerful weapons like Astra, Luna and Sol. And no, I’m not talking about the skills,
this time around they’re incredibly rare weapons that we can talk about in a future episode
if you guys are interested. A few items, like the Keepsake Ring, Exotic
Spices, and others can also be exchanged for Gold marks when turned in, so keep your eyes
open for these. Those of you who have made progress through
the game and are wondering what to do with the Shadow Swords you come across will also be
excited to find that there is actually a much better use for them than their initial form. Shadow Swords are cursed weapons that have
a chance to backfire and damage your characters when attacking, like the Devil weapons in
other Fire Emblem games. On a Classic playthrough, using these weapons would not be recommended,
as they may end up killing your own characters and require you to backtrack with the Mila’s
turnwheel, or restart the chapter completely. With forging though, you can make them into
Brave Swords. Brave Swords in Fire Emblem Echoes actually
function more like Killing Edges from the other Fire Emblem games. You won’t be getting up to four consecutive
attacks with these swords, instead you’ll have a much higher Crit chance at 30%. You can also then choose to Forge Brave Swords
into Rapiers, which deal effective damage against both Armors and Mounted units, which
will be very useful on Alm’s route if you’d like to send one over through the Peddler. There’s also the option of making Killer Bows
by Forging Silver Bows, which are great weapons for your Archers and will allow them to unlock
the skill Hunter’s volley, providing guaranteed double attacks with boosted damage, crit chance,
and accuracy. By upgrading a Ridersbane you can also make a Rhomphaia, which grants its wielder a small critical boost as well as a boost to its damage output based upon the wielder’s speed. It’ll be a great lance for speedy units in
your army. You can also Forge Celica’s Golden Dagger
into the Beloved Zofia, which has some pretty decent stats alongside its HP regen from its
innate Recovery Skill, and allows Celica to learn the skills Subdue,
which may be helpful for training weaker units, Swap, which will be a good repositioning skill,
and her ultimate ability, which I won’t spoil. The Blessed weapons on bouth routes that are
very useful against Terrors can also be upgraded into the corresponding legendary Regalia; Mercurius,
Gradivus, and Parthia, from the Archanean games, which will be some incredible late-game
weapons to have in your arsenal. So what are you waiting for? Get out, grab some marks and start forging
your weapons! [Blacksmith] “Many thanks!” That’s gonna wrap up today’s episode guys,
thank you so much for watching, hopefully it has helped to shed some light
on forging for all of you. Be sure to slash the thumbs up if you enjoyed
this episode or learned anything new, Comment “Echoes” in the comment section, and
also let me know how your forging experience was in your playthroughs. What were your favorite weapons? Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet,
so you can stay up to date on our content, and for behind the scenes information and
news revealed on the fly, follow us on twitter @Luckycritgaming. And I’ll see you all next time. (Echoes music) [Genny] “I’m ready to roll!” [Genny] “I. DO NOT. LIKE YOU!” “Here I go!” “I was pretty good, huh?” [Leon] “Heeey, lookin’ good!”

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  2. You've forgot Ilwoon. You'll have to forge a Shadow Sword to the max and you'll be able to evolve it. Ilwoon is broken.

  3. Thats how you get the legendary regalia weapons?! Geez, I feel like an idiot selling my Blessed weapons….

  4. Really liked this video.
    Many people do not know about these information about forging and I personally did not know that you can upgrade some of them like the blessed ones into the legendary Regalia ones.
    Would like to see the Sol – Luna – Astra video at some point in time.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. I completely for got about sol, luna and astra lmao. I'd love to see a video on those weapons,since I haven't come across them yet

  6. so far im at close to the end of ch 4, just missing like 3-2 more battle with alm, and damn the curse sword kill me so many time and im on classic, wasn't the best idea but i like the heal after kill effect

  7. Just wanted to point out that, while you do get half of the invested marks added to the exchange value of forged weapons, it does NOT account for if the weapon was previously evolved from another weapon. Thus, an unforged killer bow will have the same exchange value regardless of if it was freshly dropped, or evolved all the way up from an iron bow.

  8. Killer bow doesn't require any gold marks tho? And "completely unattainable" is misleading as the game gives you quite a few gold marks.

  9. My 2 cents: Forging the Royal Sword for Alm will give Alm one of the best swords in the game. But there's a catch:


    The game kinda forces you to use Falchion on Alm instead once you get to the Final Boss, and Falchion unforged is a lot weaker than Forged Royal Sword, besides having an effectiveness against Terrors. Forged Falchion is a lot more competitive with Forged Royal Sword, Falchion has Terror effectiveness, both have Alm's ultimate Art, Royal Sword I THINK has slightly better raw stats, though I might be wrong, and Royal Sword also has Double Lion. In fact, thinking about it now, Double Lion is probably so stronk that it makes Royal Sword > Falchion whenever you don't need Regicide. Just know that if you forge Royal Sword that Falchion will come along later.

  10. I made Conrad a dread fighter and he along with Sonya and celica were the mvps on her journey, give him and ilwoon and wait for him to get max strength

  11. YAY! I always wondered how to get Celica's ultimate move. Thanks again for the help!
    (I also learned that it is possible to make a dracoshield if you missed out on getting one, I won't spoil when though…)

  12. On the Regalia:
    Gradivus is fantastic, and you can forge one as early as act 3 on Alm's route
    Mercurius is a pretty good weapon, but is outclassed by some other swords
    Parthia is absolute trash. A 3-star killer bow does the same damage as a fully forged Parthia, but is more accurate, costs less, weighs less and has a critical chance. Only make Parthia if you want the Archanean Regalia achievement.

  13. well shadow sword can be crazy on dreadfighters tho. they dont care about the curse. although. the high crit on the brave swords is still a sweet treat on them

  14. What if the blacksmith in echoes is Anna? I mean, look at that red hair and the fact that she also works with money. It's a loose theory but I want to believe that Anna is in echoes at one point or another.

  15. The only thing I'm confused about is how you mentioned that once you miss a skill to learn from a weapon before evolving, it can't be learned ever again. But don't you need that weapon to even use the skill? If thats the case, you'd have to keep the weapon on it's unevolved form just to keep using that skill which is lame.

  16. So is there any point to learning skills on weapons you're going to forge into new ones? I'm aware that skills carry over if they're available on multiple weapons, but in those cases they can just be learned on the better weapon. Is it just to have all the skills on the unit's stat screen?

    TL;DR Why learn Wrath Strike if you plan on getting rid of your Iron Sword?

  17. Discovering what weapons can evolve into in the game was fun. I honestly enjoyed not knowing what I would get, especially when I decided to evolve the Golden Dagger. THAT was a great surprise!

  18. You can't forget about the Zweihander. Basically the sword version of Rhomphaia. It unlocks a skill that adds the user's skill stat to their strength when attacking.
    Just forge a steel sword 2-3 times, then evolve it for 1 gold mark

  19. Id love to learn more about Astra, Luna, and Sol.
    I'd also like to know what's up with the Three Regalia. Those things have been popping up a lot in the game lately.

  20. How did I make it through this game without knowing this on hard casual using no sacred springs and not grinding?

  21. Dude Astra on my Bread Fighter Tobin broke the game, 90% crit chance, 49 total atk with astra, 40 def, and 37 effective spd

  22. Parthia is the best of the Archanean Regalia as it has all the perks of automatic recovery but is the only one of the 3 Regalia to have an ability. Trance Shot is pretty great for sniping as it adds another +3 to your base range which is great on your Bow Knights. Though your Killer Bows would be better in every other situation due to Hunter's Volley being one of the few Combat Arts that double attacks.

  23. I got a question. You said that the arts can only be used with the equipped weapon so what is the point of learning the skills from the golden dagger?

  24. echoes is the first fire emblem game I've ever played. I went through blind on purpose (happy I did I've made some huge mistakes lmao) but your channel is making my play through so fun, thanks! just subbed

  25. The Regalia was not worth the cost, in my opinion. They cost too much. Other than the high MT and some special arts, the high CRT weapons were still the better choice.

  26. Shit! Never expected there would be so many weapons! I thought beloved zofia (the only "rare" weapon i crafted ) was like the rarest ultra late game super exclusive weapon, little did i know…

  27. You forgot to mention that forging a shadow sword allows you upgrade it into the ilwoon. the ilwoon teaches wrath strike, lounge, and death blow. Unforged it has a 70% hit rate, a might of 10, a 15% crit, and a weight of 4. fully forged ilwoon has 13 might, 25% crit, 70% hit, 2 weight, and costs 150 silver marks and 1 gold mark.

  28. Here are some suggestions

    Dread fighter Lukas (Make him into a knight first) Then when he becomes a mercenary, give him a brave sword. have fun watching lukas destroy anything that approaches him.

    Killer bow atlas is O.P due to hunter's volley that he learns quite quickly.

    Pegasus knight Silque is quite good too. I used 2 pegasus cheese on her and she doubles almost anything.

  29. I see that you had Valbar hooked up with a Leather Shield. I know it's not the best shield, but tbh, my Valbar was holding it for most of Celica's Route. Tbh, the Swap ability, plu Valbar decent defense growth, made him into a really good tank for me.

  30. A bit late, but I feel like the Beloved Zofia should’ve had Plentitude and Earth's Boon as well, since the Golden Dagger is the only weapon that actually has them.

  31. Zweihander on Dread Fighter Kliff is overpowered, I can use Tigerstance for 97 ATK, not to mention a 50% crit rate for every attack.

  32. Echoes!
    However–I do disagree on getting rid of all the Shadow Swords. With the "Villager" glitch Dread Masters have, you can cycle the character in level loops, and with enough luck, the Shadow Swords curse will almost never trigger, giving you a deadly powerful blade that sucks out the souls of defeated enemies. Very useful for creating potential one man army-type units if you take the time for it!

  33. wow great video. no wonder i was having trouble with this game. i never bothered to upgrade any of them. i guess i should have. now i want to replay echoes again.

  34. I'm a year late since I just started echoes recently, but i loved the Golden Sun mention! I remember soft resetting hundreds of times just to get Excalibur and the Darksol blade😫

  35. I dont know if I was just stupidly lucky or my game glitched but I ended up getting Luna from a rusted weapon in the Duma tower and I did not finish the game.

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