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Finally A Comfortable Ankle Holster! / The Bugbite Holster

alright guys we’re out here on the range and we’re taking a look at this new bug bite ankle holster Alright guys this is a video I’m really excited to make because it’s something I’ve been looking for for a really long time there’s a lot of people out there that like ankle carry whether they choose to use it as their primary method or like me or a backup gun your ankle is a part of your body that’s constantly moving throughout the day so it’s really important if you’re going to carry a gun on your ankle to make sure that it’s very comfortable and that brings us to the bug bite ankle holster I personally have tried a lot of different ankle carry methods in the past and I’ve never found anything that was really comfortable something I was happy with and really felt like the gun with secure down there until the bug bite this is a really unique design most ankle holsters tend to be kind of bulky and you can see how thin this thing is it literally takes over zero space other than the width of your gun so let’s get right into the features of this holster now there are a lot of holsters out there that are custom fitted to your gun which is great but that’s not going to add to the comfort factor of the holster the bugbite holster is custom fitted to the size of your leg which is really the coolest part of this design and why is so much more comfortable than every other option out there it’s made of a really soft stretchy neoprene material that feels really good up against your leg also once I get my trusty flashlight out here you can see that it does have vent holes all throughout the whole holster what that does is that’s going to allow air to get through there that’s going to make it very breathable I have been wearing this holster everyday for a couple weeks now and all the stitching seems to be really good seems to be holding up well there are a couple areas that I think may wear out over time it does have a zipper here that you unzip you slide on the holster and when you zip that back down it really makes it secure around the bottom part of your ankle also it has tension strap up here at the top you just pull that tension strap as tight as it needs to be and lock it down and you don’t have to worry about that moving at all if you look here on the inside you’ll see that it has these little grippy ribs on the inside to help keep it from sliding and moving around on your ankle and if we turn it over you’ll see that the actual holster part is kind of universal it will fit multiple different firearms which is a good thing because if you like me you may have different guns that you’d like to carry every now and then I have ran with this holster on and it felt very secure the gun stayed in place perfectly the holster didn’t ride down on my ankle so that was a good test another great feature of the bug bite that you don’t see in a lot of ankle holsters is it has an extra magazine pouch which is really nice because we all like to carry a backup ammo we can put a lot of holsters don’t give us that option another thing you could possibly use this little pocket for is if you wanted to keep some extra cash in there or something like that on that would be a good pocket for that I just think that the bug bite holster is really revolutionary in the ankle holster market because I’ve never seen anything like this before the soft neoprene paired with vent holes and the fact that it’s tailored specifically to the size of your ankle is really why this holster is much more comfortable than a lot of other options out there now let’s take this thing out to the range and I’ll show you what it looks like when you’re actually wearing it and we’ll do some drawing from this holster to see how easy it is alright guys we’re out here on the range and we’re taking a look at this new bug bite ankle holster it is very easy to put on all you need to do is undo the zipper here and unvelcro that tension strap then just slip it on the same way you would an ankle brace or something like that these are sized to the size of your calf so you just pull it up as far as it needs to go you’ll go ahead and zip that zipper to get the tension at the bottom and it does have this little strap here to keep your zipper from coming back up after that all you have to do is pull this velcro attention strip it as tight as you want it and as you can tell it’s a really good fit to my leg and this is very comfortable this neoprene material is very soft on your leg. Today were going to be using the Smith & Wesson M&P bodyguard as you can tell it just slips right down in there it does completely cover the trigger guard it also comes around the back of the slide there so that helps it from coming out when you don’t want it to however in the defensive situation is very easy to pull right out whenever you need to there is plenty of room down here at the bottom so you can fit a variety of different sizes gun I think something the size of this M&P bodyguard or maybe a Ruger LCP or something like that is going to be about the perfect size for an ankle gun it’s going to be very light and you’re not going to feel it as much, its going to be as comfortable as you can get it also as you can see here on the other side it does have a pouch for an extra magazine that is long enough to fit most compact pistol magazines and it’s tight enough to keep it in there where it’s not going to be coming out but it’s easy to come out when you want it to I think one of the things I like this about the bug bite is the gun rides a little higher on your ankle than it does on your on your average ankle holster the gun would be way down here so it’s perfect for somebody like me that likes to wear boots as you can tell the gun is still easy to get to, you dont have to go digging down in your boot to get to the gun when your pants are over it you don’t really you don’t really see it at all one problem I’ve had with ankle holsters in the past is you always see the grip sticking out here at the back or the holster so bulky that it sticks out real far here on the side but you don’t really have that issue with the bug bite it fits nice and tight to your leg keeps the gun in close and and really comfortable alright guys i’m just going to demonstrate real quick what the draw is like from the bugbite holster it’s just like any other ankle holster you’re going to wear it on your weak side leg and the way you’re going to want to do it, the easiest way that I found is you just want to drop to one knee and you grab your pants and you just jerk it up as high as you can and that exposes the gun and then you’re right here ready in a position where you can go ahead and address a threat now if you wear a form-fitting pants or jeans this may not be a good option for you these are boot cut jeans so it works out pretty good because it’s a little larger at the bottom you do want to make sure you practice this because drawing from an ankle holster in itself is not a very easy thing to do but with practice it does get easier so let’s try this a little bit faster obviously that’s slower than drawing from a waist holster but there’s a reason you’re wearing an ankle holster either you’re wearing some type of clothing that doesn’t fit well with a waistband holster or whatever reason you have for using an ankle holster I think the bug bite is going to be a good option for you. Now that we’ve had some time to practice this let’s try it while firing the gun all in all i think that went very well I do see how there can be an issue with the way the holster fits over the back of the slide here in a very tense situation that I could see how the gun may get stuck there but it is elastic it is stretchy material so if you’re really in a hurry you’re in a dire situation I don’t think you’ll have any problem if you get a good hold of the gun just ripping it up out of there I don’t feel have that kind of issue alright guys if you’re like me and you’ve been looking for a good ankle holster option but you just haven’t found anything that worked for you and was really comfortable for you I definitely think you should give the bug body holster a try I’m going to put a link in the description below to where you can go to purchase one for yourself if you have any other questions about this holster please feel free to comment below please like share and subscribe and we’ll see you next time

89 thoughts on “Finally A Comfortable Ankle Holster! / The Bugbite Holster

  1. This is exactly what i have been looking for! i just got a Kahr cw380 as a backup gun and wanted to carry on my ankle. Your video has convinced me to order one of these when i get home tonight!

  2. looks comfortable and would secure the gun but soft material does not protect the trigger from accidental discharge, this product needs to make the actual holster more than just neoprene.

  3. How would this work with an M&P shield 9mm? I currently carry IWB, but I am interested in if it's possible to ankle carry it. I find myself not carrying because it's not comfortable for me on the waist. Is this a good alternative?

  4. This holster looks like it rides pretty high, so o would really have to yank your pant leg up, making it take more time. Also, it looks like it rides real deep with a small gun, possibley hindering a full grip. It does look comfortable, and with a couple of slight modifications, couldbe a viable holster. Might order one and give it a try.

  5. Any idea how close to their suggested pistol size you need to be? I have an SA XD-40 and it exceeds their recommendations by about 1/2" both directions. Not as worried about the height, more the length – if that would make it too snug of a fit.

  6. Thanks for posting this. Saw the holster advertised and you answered all my questions. ๐Ÿ‘

  7. Great review. That company owes you. I think you just sold a lot of their ankle holsters. The concept is good compared to other holsters on the market.

  8. I wear shorts 10 months of the year but I would think it would be a good option if I wore long pants. Thanks

  9. I was planning to start out your video making a smart ass comment about how I wear high pull up boot for work… Then you go and show it done with the same style boot. Will keep quiet and watch the rest of your video!

  10. Has anyone tried one of these with a S&W j frame? I like to ankle carry a 637 but most ankle holsters cause the cylinder to press into my leg all day.

  11. Long term use of ankle holsters can end with blood clots in the leg. A lot of officers in the past have had amputated lower les because of it. But then again, that's a daily use of older model holsters, this one looks a lot different and may counter that.

  12. great review unlike alot of the other holster reviews on youtube which seem to be very biased. your review is professional and straight to the point and you still touch on possible issues. probably gonna pick up one of these for my back up gun as i have also found similar problems with tradition ankle holsters and boots. Again thanks for the great review you just gained a subscriber!

  13. @PilotPatriot

    Can you tell me which ankle holsters have you used in the past and current? And do you still prefer this over them?

  14. Anybody have an allergic reaction to neoprene? If so, what have you done to enable yourself to continue ankle carrying (which I really prefer for deep concealment)?

  15. I been waiting for videos to come out to give more information on the Bugbite. It seems to be a good product after all. Great.

  16. I bought one of these but there is a problem. If you have a high instep it is almost impossible to get it over your heel. The Zipper on the side is to short to allow the thing to open far enough to get your foot through. So bear this in mind before you order one.

  17. How well does the fire arm stay in the holster when running with it on. Letโ€™s say during a foot pursuit, would a small gun like a Glock 42 stay in the holster even when jumping fences and such.

  18. Woah! I must say that I liked your video. All the details are quite impressive and I liked the way the ankle holster provides a smooth draw.

  19. Yep I ordered me one on the 2nd of March 2018 so I should be getting it sometime this week nice video I'm looking to try it out

  20. I was wondering if it was good with a pair of high boots i cant wear my slim fot jeans anymore tho only the boot cut

  21. That'll please a traffic cop. Got a rambo here. This guy doesn't look like he's ever been in a fist fight but now he's ready for SWAT.

  22. Two things, #1 it needs a locking mechanism for the mag holder don't want one falling out dead give away. #2 Needs a MADE IN AMERICA FLAG EMBLEM.. Just saying but nice product…

  23. Great review! I wear boots as well and was curious about fitment and what to expect since I have one on order.
    I wear a lot of slacks and they are usually loose fitting and boot cut jeans. I usually go appendix carry, however there are times when I canโ€™t and I have to pocket carry in a suit jacket; I would rather EDC in an ankle holster and I think I found the right one.
    Thanks for the review!

  24. This was a very good review…some others could learn from your style, I have been looking for a ankle holster for my Taser C2 or my Kahr CM 9….I think this will work..I subbed….

  25. Would holster work only facing inner leg or can you wear it with the holster facing on the outer leg? In other words left leg ,left hand draw ?

  26. Always been against ankle holsters for the many reasons he allready spoke of. I currently carry 2 auto pistols (one in a Urban Carry holster and the other back-up in an Uncle Mike pocket holster). Both are excellent holsters and I highly recommend them. However, they are not good when driving a vehicle/sitting down at a table in a resturant. When I'm driving, I used to take my pistol out of my pocket holster and leave in on the driver's door pannel. One time I forgot to put it back into my pocket holster (thankfully nothing happened/nobody noticed it and broke into my car to steal it) but decided to never to that again. This holster might be just be what I'm looking for and make me re-think about ankle holsters. I will look into this product more. Like someone said, the company should pay you a commission for doing this. I'm nearly sold.

  27. Bought this holster. Very comfortable. Unfortunately does not stay up. Too bad because this is much more comfortable than the alien gear ankle holster.

  28. A word of caution. I recently purchased one of these to carry a back-up gun while on duty. I will say this holster is very comfortable and stays in place well but for me there is a huge downside. Prior to wearing the holster on duty I tried it on and tested it at home…magazine full, chamber empty. Although the weapon feels secure in the holster at first, after jogging up and down the stairs a few times the weapon (Kahr CM9) slipped from its secure position and became loose. Then, during some very low intensity grappling the gun actually fell out of this holster as it has no form of retention other than friction. There is no way I would trust this holster in an all out foot pursuit or real hands-on altercation with someone. I believe this could be remedied easily with a hook and loop strap on the pistol side (they put one on the magazine side now so why not secure the gun too??). They were great about the return and promptly refunded my money, less any of the shipping cost. Great people, great company. I will buy another as soon as the weapon side strap is incorporated into the design.

  29. What a great video & presentation…I have a slight bone structure & have skinny wrists & ankles. This seems like the answer to carrying my Kahr CM 9 when I tuck my shirt in when wearing nice slacks…thanks!

  30. Good review. Thumbs up. I personally use this holster for concealed carry and it works great for me so far.

  31. I have one. I have to tuck my shirt in and don't wear a jacket to cover a inside the waist ban holster. This is perfect and comfortable.

  32. Great review, I'm really interested in this now. I wear dress pants and shirts for work and ankle holsters are my only options. Would you recommend this for fitted dress pants?

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