100 thoughts on “Female Snipers Fighting ISIS | Hell on Earth

  1. These are real feminists! Not like the wanna-be-badass women in the western world ( no idea if it means the same in english as in german)
    If you want to be a strong lady, be strong and stop hating men just because they have a cock!

  2. Big respect to the Kurdish women fighting ISIS but also big respect to the Kurdish men that despite also being Muslim are able to treat their women with respect, TRUE respect, not the bullshit kind that thinks respect involves dressing their women as ninjas to stop them turning all the men on and forcing them to rape them. Kurdish women are also far better looking so why aren't they being raped left right and centre? Because they are respected as human beings and not pieces of meat to be owned. I hope the Kurds get their own country at the end of all this shit and we have a true Kurdistan on the map. I'm afraid that's not likely with Turkey treating ALL Kurds as terrorists and them being a NATO member. I'd rather see the Kurds have their own country and have THEM in NATO and kick Turkey out. The way Turkey have been acting recently is not the kind of country we want in NATO. They have now basically got a dictator in Erdoghan.

  3. Why is there always controversy in these comment sections? Can't people just appreciate the filmwork and thank the camera men for their effort? I mean, filming this was probably very risky…

  4. Fuck all the Turks here commenting how they are terrorists. The YPG and PKK are groups made because the oppression Kurds have to face. The Turkish government didn't allow us to speak Kurdish, they didn't wanted people to have Kurdish names, people were put in prison and tortured for being Kurdish. The Turkish government helped out ISIS because they didn't want the Kurds to gain more land in Syria. In the last months Kurdish cities and villages were bombed by their own government in Turkey, because Erdogan claimed everyone who lives there is a terrorists. Your government has to be one of the most fucked up ones in the world, fuck all of you who support Erdogans politics.

  5. Although these women are from North Kurdistan(occupied part of Turkey) not South Kurdistan(semi occupied Iraqi part) it is still worth noting their brevity is striking fear into the hearts of ISIS terrorists & some Islamo-facist governments like Erdogan's.

  6. I can't believe that some people are actually using this video to share about how much they resent women… hats off to you, assholes.. Jesus Christ. Feminism is important not only in third world countries, but in advanced nations as well. It's ridiculous that instead of commending these women and celebrating their strength, you're making it an opportunity to look down upon women elsewhere.

  7. Fuck you NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC because you are making terrorist propaganda. They are from pkk which is terrorist organization. Fuck Isis and pkk together.

  8. I really have to laugh at all the Turks in here with their "pro gamer " tags, trying to spread Turkish propaganda.

  9. Dang Wonder Woman come out and the women go straight Amazonian on they A**.  C'mon women fighting is not new, just not taught in history classes.

  10. Kurdish people, their political movements, and armed forces are liberal, ultra-secular, democratic, gender equal and multi-religious (tolerant to all religions and non-religious). These reasons alone are enough for the fundamentalist islamist Turks and Arabs to try to kill them in their already occupied lands. The World should unite to protect them against these evil forces. They are the only hope for a sustainable peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

  11. the true freedom fighters , not what the bullshit Establishment figures like jon mckain and hillary call ISIS the freedom fighters

  12. This guys are terrorists , they are connected to pkk whos killing police armys en innocent people in turkey
    So fcuk pkk en this kurdish fighter
    All off you can s.. my d..

  13. I have a lot of respect for the Kurds. We should give them more support just because they're so damn tenacious.

  14. i like the young las that takes credit for killing the isis rat and wounding 2 others , that is definitely one if not 3 isis that are going to miss out on there virgens.


    CIA SNIPERS IN SYRIA; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZmOVvAziZY (COPY THIS AND SPREAD THIS VID.)

    ISIS was initial a resist group against the torture-killings of "James Steel" and his 5000 usa soldiers. Later CIA-cells in Europe did ronsel easy to manipulate people as 'jihadists'; to infiltrade in ISIS and to commit horror-crimes, (anti-propaganda; usa had learned from vietnam). Notice; English 'jihadists' started the beheadings.

  16. The truth that kurdish groups are criminals more than isis itself. The one difference is that they fight US and NATO cover for that the media stand by their side. Dames on your dual standard.

  17. I want so much to fight with them, against isis.. I just have to wait till I'm 17,5-18 and I go to the FFL (FrenchForeignLegion) then I go 😊

  18. kurdisc 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🍷🍷🍕 turkisc and arabs inthegralists 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  19. While many of us are fighting COWARDLY TROLLWARS in this forum here – the curdish fighters (female and male) risk their lifes to fight real islamic terrorists and protect their families. Who are the cool heroes here – we or them? 🙂 Ah it's so agreable, warm and safe behind our expensive luxury computers here …

  20. The Kurds are the ONLY ones who helped protect Christians and gave them refuge. They deserve their own homeland. They fought like warriors and so did their women.

  21. what a tragedy wrought by militant islam, these lovely ladies have to fight for their survival, shame on such a radical religion

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