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Features of the Ruger Security 9

welcome back to play stirs pick of the week this week we’re going to be looking at the Ruger security 9 Ruger recently introduced the security 9 the security 9 is a 9 millimeter double stack polymer frame handgun Ruger made the security 9 for one reason and one reason only to make a good quality reliable firearm that will not break your wallet you may not have five six seven eight hundred dollars to drop on your first carry gun or even another carry gun Ruger understands this so they created the security nine to have a price point under three hundred dollars but for under three hundred dollars you get a lot of good features in the handgun let me go over a few of those features the lower half of the security 9 is made from polymer this way you can carry it and it will not weigh you down the slide here on top has serait shion’s in the front and also the rear that will allow you to get a good purchase on this firearm when trying to put another round into the chamber on the left hand side of the firearm is your safety the safety has a very good positive click sound when you put it on safe or fire it also has a slide stop on the left hand side the trigger believe it or not is pretty good the trigger ranges around four four and a quarter pounds and it breaks clean and you may notice that here on the trigger it does have a trigger safety mechanism built into it the front side has a single white dot the rear sight can be adjusted for your windage and it does have a site similar to that of a Glock it does have a standard tack rail right here on the bottom where you can mount you a laser or flashlight the grips have a very fine texture on both sides the front and also the rear this will help you get a good purchase on this firearm if you’re looking for that first handgun whether it to be carry or take to the range or just leave as a nightstand gun and you don’t want to break the bank doing it you may want to consider the new Ruger security 9 we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music]

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