100 thoughts on “FBI Arrests Suspected White Supremacists Ahead Of Virginia Gun Rally | NBC Nightly News

    The safety of the people of Virginia is at stake and nbc is only concerned with their master’s narrative!

  2. Doubt it, considering the record the treasonous FBI has I'm betting these 3 are agents and being used for another false flag.

    Look ag every single "attempted terrorist attack" "foiled" by the FBI. The FBI literally gives them all the materials. Without the help of the FBI these people would have never gotten the items. The FBI purposefully seeks to destroy our country and stay relevant by creating and orchestrating fake terrorist attacks.

    Also, why hasnt the FBI or state police arrested Tue governor for violating the constitution and the VA constitution? Ah ita about control not about keeping the constitution safe.

    Let a civil war start and everyone responsible killed in public

  3. Only 3 arrest? An affirmation white people are on code based on so few comments. support of dangeous white males

  4. If the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Kathy Boudin aren't in prison, then why should these "white supremacists"?

  5. What a wonderful freedom loving African American woman!!!!!!! No matter what that clown thinks we will not allow him or anyone else in that state to trample the god given rights of ourselves or country men and women! Slow you’re roll governor black face you racist freedom hating pos!

  6. Virginia Gun Rights March
    Our power is NOT to have the "peaceful march"; it gives the government NO POWER against gun owners. Our Creator tells us not to join groups to wrestle a cause; we have social media to be able to use it often, respectfully, with facts for our 2nd amendment rights.

    Our Creator revealed HE gave us our US Constitution, meaning HE gave us our rights to weapons to discourage crime and attack from foreign and domestic enemies.

    THINK CLEARLY, if you were the governor, would you allow a march of open carry marchers to come to the capitol grounds? OF COURSE, he must not allow. OUR POWER is no march.

    God is our Savior only when we do things His ways. Stay home, stay in peace. It is a set-up against us; don't arrive armed or unarmed. D&C 98 and D&C 101:77-80.
    EXODUS 23:2 "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment:"

  7. Democrats usually start trying to restrict gun rights just before they are about to do something they know the public would want to shoot them for.

  8. What White Supremacist group were they from? Rumor has it that the governor's staff have asked ANTIFA to attend the protest.

  9. so now everyone that wants to keep their gun is a nazi… its getting really obvious who is behind this because the same card is always used.

  10. Every legal American has the right to use their First amendment right to protect their Second Amendment right. Vilifying someone and labeling them without due process is Unconstitutional. Any gun control law is unconstitutional. These Nazi dictators are about to shove real Americans into a corner and the outcome isn’t going to be pretty. The FBI is a real creditable bunch of thugs, considering what they did from Ruby Ridge to trying to bring down a President.

  11. Claiming gun owner are white supremacy racists is not going to stop the politicians and there families from being… if the police won’t arrest and prosecute politicians for breaking the law of the land the people will!

  12. The Gov. has the traps in place and set. There will be numerous "outsiders bused in under the guise of being gun rights protesters and will end up starting s**t just to get a riot started. That's exactly what the Gov. wants in order to make true law abiding citizens look like nothing less than home grown terrorist. He secretly wants bloodshed so he can call out the big guns to restore peace when all the time, it will be gun control fanatics funding mercenaries to cause trouble. Virginians, beware. Groups like white supremacist, antifa, BLM will be among you with one intent, to create violence. Which, BTW, is exactly what the Gov. wants.

  13. Look we do not support the white nationalists we just ignore them and don't give them the attention that they want. This is not a conservative or right wing issue this is an American issue. If you're against tyranny you should side with the brave men and woman coming to Virginia to fight for ALL of our rights.

  14. How is a militia a hate group? That's horse sh°t and we are all allowed to voice our opinions and attend a protest. This is a bad sign of things to come.

  15. so just cuz there white there surpremased. Virginia law makers are the surpremased trying to pass illegal laws against the constitution, sorry to say it's never going to fly and I salute them for being American. Never back down America stands with you, never give up your guns buy more!!!! 🇺🇸 America is free 🇺🇸 The enemy is in your back yard and in your government, they let them walk right in and gave them free health care. Trump is surrounded by snakes .. He needs your support, NBC-News by Corruption

  16. THE THUMBS DOWN HAS IT. The Zionist-controlled media is chomping at the bit to take America's guns, then get the Mexican invasion set full throttle. Control is easiest with chaos.

  17. Its all a setup.. Keep you eyes open people, this is the start of something huge. See something, say something. Stay safe, and be prepared for anything. This is the division of the country based on fake premises. This is a false flag in the making. If federal law enforcement had any shred of credibility left, they would shut down Northam's agenda flat out. Linking white supremacy to gun rights is the goal here. Watch the narrative. If they're broadcasting something about this on the news, they are trying to get out ahead of the story to craft the nonsense for people to relate to. Think logically. Facts matter.

  18. Here is what the media will highlight. They want us to be portrayed as Nazi criminals. By the way, wasn’t the FBI caught lying to the FISA court🤔🤔But we are supposed to believe what they tell us.

  19. This protest in Virginia is only about our gun rights!!! This is not about hate groups. So if some nutjobs show up that is all the media will focus on?

  20. Sorry fake callers of fake News but this is not fake. A rally can be held without guns unless all that anger is……..fake. Of course it is, not like anyone had these people enslaved or anything, now THAT would cause anger.

  21. I don't believe this. Why do i say this? Plain and simple. The governor of Virginia is wanting to take away fire arms from law abiding citizens in Virginia. Has this been seen before this? Nope!!! Enough said. And if it is real then i would say..ya you can have my guns one bullet at a time. Come and get it.

  22. If they ban guns from the state capital, why do they think criminals are going to obey that law? Wouldn't it just make it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from any potential attacks? I mean conservative or liberal, how is that not just common sense!?!?

  23. People are tired of of this obsession from the government, and corporations. We should not stand idly by while right are infringed, and it's bad when you have antifa even on the pro guns side. Wake up, I live in this country to you gonna lock me up for voicing my voice. They already lock them up for doing no wrong I see there. So they are taking guns away, and freedom of speech. This is slowly been creeping on us. Hong Kong fights for what they believe in, Britain is rioting all the time, Greece is bankrupt; the world is rising up, and it is time to stand up and say enough is enough. We're all part of something greater than all of us. A country formed under God that we may stand and DO THE RIGHT THING! No more oppression, no more being slaves to the system; it is time to drain this government, and start doing the right thing. You know if people weren't so dog whipped, and afraid our country would be great again. It is our job to fix this, not the others in office, ours. This is our country; we are the people. I fear no evil for my God is on my side, and I know what is wrong, and what is right. You do too, so question is you gonna be one of the ones that stand by till they are kicking in your door and ruining your life for defending yourself, and doing what's right, or are you gonna do something about it. I'm willing to die for my fellow brothers and sisters because we are all we got in this messed up world. We need change, stop being a person who buys into the media, into what you've be taught. Wake up and do what you were born to do and that is to fight for the good what's left of it in this world. Our time is now to take back our freedom, and to not longer be slaves to society, and the evil. Do what is right let us all fight to become good, and truly free once again, ALL OF US. We are all humans are we not. Fight for your brothers and sisters to make a better future, and not one that is oppressed. For the future generation, for the here and now, and for OUR LORD GOD. None of this stuff matters that is all going on everyone clearly knows our system is failing, and people have much power where there should not be. Everyone can agree on that. Has this world, and history not taught us to become more independent, and to solve things our selves its funny that now of all times when the world is in chaos and is becoming dark that they seek to make us ignorant, and to stray away from what you can figure out for yourselfs. THE TRUTH. Wake up. Stand up. See through all this to realize what has been going on for years. It's time that good, and the "we the people for the people" country came back, and also becomes the country that is the country that leads the world to want change, and to do good for all, to have freedom, to love, to follow what jesus died, and did for us. It's our fight now. Whether you believe, or not.

  24. The Governor is lying through his teeth just like when he swore to uphold the constitution. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed, what is so hard to understand about that..

  25. Ugh, it’s getting boring
    listening to your kosher baloney.

    You do realize we see right thru it ?
    Go-Yum™️ come in all colors
    NEVER FORGET 🙏🏻✂️💦

    This ain’t about race
    you cheep caw-meez

    This is about Liberty for ALL

    💪🏻Get it on and get it over with 🙏🏻

    Revelations 2:9
    Revelations 3:9
    John 8:44

  26. Blackface will have his personal army to instigate a shooting fight with the Hope's of blaming the 2nd amendment supporters and disarming them forever. Keep camera's rolling and never trust a fkn snake.

  27. The Government and lobbyists are stirring trouble. Legend has it (through the grapevine) the government is using select military personnel to pose as "alt right cadets". Not saying the right side dosen't have military personnel. On another note, three guys were arrested under the presumption they were "plotting to attack" Antifa (a lobbied and funded domestic terrorist group) . First of all, who cares, honestly, these red monsters have been planning to ruin this from the start. They've been seen in the area scouting weeks in advance. Listen, for all you "Normies" out there, there is nothing wrong with holding your own opinion, there is nothing wrong with training with weapons (your going to be on either side of violence in life, be the victor) and there is nothing wrong with offering yourself as a shield to others. Militias and para military units have kept communities around the world safe throughout the world's toughest times, and to try to rebrand it as a supremacist thing is ridiculously absurd (knowing not all minutemen are of European decent). Now with this being said I think it's best to read from the source, read their platform form your own decision. There is a difference between being on the defense and being on the offense. Was there an actual crime committed or were they just prepared to counter react antifa?, there is a difference, also I'm kinda sure that regardless of political opinion, the folks going down there are there to support constitutional rights, so I think it would it would be counter productive to cause trouble.. Also building a gun isn't illegal, calling it a scary name like assault rifle dosen't change anything or make it illegal. Is this more lobbing pandering to those elites who want in, in 2020?…. btw, the Adl is ran and funded by a bunch of Jewish supremacists who like to fear monger.

  28. Everyone find these white nationalist group’s web domains and where their servers are located out of.

    Journalists won’t do their job and even look into these fake puppet groups.

    Vanguard/Blood and Soil were the same hosts in Phoenix, and based out of San Fran at the same time as RefuseFascism.

    The website was made at the same time, by the same people, with one event listed: Charlottesville. The web domain expired immediately after.

    Yes, they were that stupid/lazy, and it was that obvious.

    They ‘supposedly’ broke off and former ‘patriot front’ due to PR, but their website was already scheduled to close down right after Charlottesville.

    Avoid patriot front if they’re present, and find out who is running this group.

  29. So they arrested people before any crimes were committed. Let that sink in if you Virginians do not defend your state if you follow the states rules and do not bring your guns you’re gonna look like cowards among the United States Virginia is a test bad if it works there it’ll work across the country!!

  30. oh the dreaded white supremacist propaganda , hate to tell you even antifa is showing up in support of the 2nd ammendment.

  31. what happen in Charlotte was a Democrat ran over his own protestors….What about Antifa? What about the burning of cars and destruction of government and private property? I think this Govenor is a treasonous coward. The only problem I see is the govenor, he started it with stripping the people of the 2nd amendment. Now he's affraid to be accountable for his poor leadership.

  32. What do gun rights have to do with white supremacy? This is FAKE NEWS. If things go bad, the media has a plan. Blame the white folks. So predictable.

  33. Politicians are worthless if they didn’t have armies of militarized police that have 0 loyalty to the constitution they swore to. Police are the real enemies

  34. they said they might go to the rally which is the rallies fault also going to Walmart so Walmart is a suspect as well

  35. Virginia has no right to take away your Second Amendment that our forefathers laid out for us it sounds like a lot of fake news and all this other crap that’s going on I pray everybody will be safe at rally


  37. Antifa is joining the protest. Let that sink in. Antifa, the far left communist group, wants to support their efforts against the government’s violation of second amendment roghts

  38. Tell the truth everyone already knows. Antifa is busing in people. There's going to be a state wide labor strike.

  39. It's almost like the permanent state controls all the news networks. No, that could never happen. Never happened in nazi germany, mexico, etc. Not at all.

  40. So anyone white male who wants the 2nd , is a white supremeicist neo nazi …. Only criminals it seems are the LEFT an the Media that is behind them.


  42. Discussing going to a rally is now a federal crime?

    No mention why 3 fellas. Who look CGI were arrested.

    Northam has “credible threats” but lists none. He’s a bald face sociopathic liar.

    That fat pig heather hyer died miles away from the rally in Charlottesville.

    You media b1tches can’t keep from lying, can you?

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