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Faxon Firearms Barrels

Faxon Firearms barrels are manufactured with
precision and are a great option for your AR builds. These barrels come in a variety
of configurations. The lightweight model comes in several lengths,
with the shorter barrels weighing just over a pound.
The 7.62 barrels have a black nitride finish and a lightweight contour.
The 5.56 SS is a fluted barrel for enhanced heat dissipation and reduced weight.
These barrels are manufactured from 4150 steel. They feature a 1:8 twist to stabilize the
entire range of common loadings. All of Faxon Firearms barrels are magnetic particle inspected
and button rifled and are a great choice for a high quality AR build.
Like all products sold by Brownells, the Faxon Firearms Barrels are backed by our 100% forever
satisfaction guarantee.

1 thought on “Faxon Firearms Barrels

  1. good 7.62×39 barrel. gas port size needed small adjustments to reliably cycle. barrel extension is roughly machined and had to be modified to feed reliably.
    however, its a very well made barrel.

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