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Fausti Class SL over/under shotgun

Hello to everybody, we are here today to present you the Class SL dedicated to the Woodcock. It’s one of our over/under more well known all over the world and the good things today that we are here: me, Barbara and some very famous Italian testimonials to spend a nice day in a beautiful place to use our shotguns and you know use our shotgun ourself is the most important thing because it’s give us the possibility to test the gun on the field and that is absolutely gorgeous and this is a 28-gauge. 28 gauge is one of my favorite gauge and I like to go hunt because it’s very light, very well balanced and our models are all made on the size at frame it’s not made on the 20 that most of the manufacturers around the world, they do the 28 gauge or the 20; our shotguns all side by side and over/under as well they are size at frame, it means that every gauge has his own numbered frame. Now, what say..I’m sorry you are not here, you can just see as in the field and shooting to the pheasant, shooting to the ducks .. we’ll see in the next episode. Thank you, bye-bye

3 thoughts on “Fausti Class SL over/under shotgun

  1. Love the way the trigger group looks, much nicer than other brands, good value for the money, if I can say that, will go personally for SL Duluxe version in 20 gauge, with english stock and fixed chokes. Long live Fausti!

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