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Fat Boy Pistol

Hey everybody, Ben from classic firearms here. I want to tell you today about a great deal
that you will not want to miss. This is one of our best deals ever. Every now and again, classic firearms will
get a tremendous promotional deal from an American Tactical Imports. A few months ago we had some GI 45’s and some
tactical 45’s, they were the full size in the 1911 styling. They sold out very quickly because of the
price point that we had on that promotional deal. This deal I think is even better and I want
you to see why. This is the FX 45 lightweight, it’s called
the Fatboy, from American Tactical Imports, 45 caliber, tactical pistol. They call it the Fatboy because it has a slightly
wider frame than many of your standard 45’s, but that is for a very good reason. This pistol carries a full 12 rounds of firepower
in the magazine, plus one in the chamber, so you have a 13 round compatible 45 pistol
in a very small and compact frame. Not only that, it’s got a ton of great features. You can see the skeletonized trigger, Novak-type
sites, beaver tail safety, ergonomic grip, the slide is very smooth, bullnose barrel,
smooth operation as you can see, grip safety. Wonderful little pistol and the price point
is unbelievable. Wait till you see where we’re able to run
these. A couple hundred dollars less than manufacturer
suggested retail. Not only do we like the looks of it, we also
like the performance, we’ve got it out here for some live fire exercises, so you know
we’re not cheating on the ammo, we picked up whatever we had in the warehouse, which
was Wolf, Steel jacket ammo, Steel cases I should have said, so we’re going to be firing
Wolf ammo through it and if you’ll give us just a moment, we’re going to put some ears
in, we’re going to go to live fire. When we come back, you’re going to get to
see a fat boy firing a Fatboy. We’ll be right back. All right folks, we’re back. If you’ve never seen a fat boy shoot a Fatboy,
watch closely, here’s your chance. I love these little ATI pistols, very smooth,
live fire range is hot, here we go. Considering the distance we’re shooting at,
not a bad group first time out of the box. A short barrel pistol, the ATI tactic tile
Fatboy. It works great, folks. Shoots good, puts lead on target, check it
out at Hey folks, if you’re seeing this now, then
you’ve just watched our live fire demonstration on the ATI Fatboy pistol. Now I’ve got a confession to make and this
is a secret, don’t tell the boss, but sometimes when we’re at the range and we’re shooting
these videos, after we cut cameras, pack up all the equipment, my camera man Eric and
I will go through whatever ammunition’s left ans just fire it off down the range. It’s fun, we enjoy shooting firearms like
everybody else out here and that’s what we did that day. Now in this case, with this little ATI, all
we had on the range that day was Wolf Steel cased 45 ammo. For our demonstration, the Wolf performed
flawlessly. We loaded up the mag, took it to the target,
fired it through and as you saw, it ran all the rounds very well. Unfortunately, when we subsequently fired
this pistol, not so much. We had a few jams with that Wolf ammo. As a matter of fact, it seemed the more dirty
that the weapon got with the Wolf ammo, the more we had feed issues. Not bad, typically maybe one round per magazine
and in most cases, we just had to bump the slide forward to get the round in the chamber,
but it did give me cause for concern. Knowing that a lot of the smaller frame pistols
do not like steel cased ammo, I wasn’t terribly concerned, most all manufacturers will say
do not fire steel case through their weapons, but I still wanted to give it another try. What we did is we came back home, we had already
packed up for the day, we lost our light. I did get some PMC brass case 45 ammo and
as you will see in the following video, we went out and torture tested with the brass
cased ammo, this thing performed beautifully. It fed everything, it loves brass case, I
would not have any qualms about firing any brass cased ammo through this pistol. Again, I didn’t want to be misleading, our
original test was with Wolf. After we shot those rounds we did experience
a few jam problems with the Wolf ammo, so I will caution about using Wolf, at least
for a primary ammo with this weapon. Otherwise, great little pistol, beaver tail
safety, very smooth action, as you can see the skeletonized trigger, Novak-type sites,
so smooth and a great price point. Don’t miss one of these. I hope you enjoy the video that’s following
this and of course as always, You just heard us talk about the fact that
we really didn’t like the way this weapon performed with the Wolf ammo. It’s a little bit hit or miss. The dirtier the gun got, the less it wanted
to feed it properly. That is not uncommon for steel cased ammo,
so what we wanted to do was do another shooting test with brass cased ammo. You can see here I’ve got PMC brass cased
ammo. We’re gonna run a couple of mags through it
with the brass case and see if we get a different result. I already have one in the chamber. Let me get my ears in. I have every confidence that this brass cased
ammo will make the difference. A lot of your smaller framed pistols do not
like steel cased ammo. Actually, this one did pretty well, but we
did have some failure the more we shot. I want to make sure that’s not a consideration,
because it’s such a nice little 45 caliber handgun. I’ve already got one in the chamber, so let’s
get our eyes on. We’re going to run two mags through this one
fairly fast, just to demonstrate it with the brass case and here we go. Brass cased ammo is shooting like a house
on fire. Drop free mag, slam another one home, here
we go. Nothing wrong with that. A Fatboy by ATI, stay with the brass cased
stuff, I think you’ll be very, very satisfied. As always, for more information, check it
out at

15 thoughts on “Fat Boy Pistol

  1. Thumbs up for honesty… I'd seen another vid with this pistol where other people had issues. I like the pistol but I'm not sure it's dependable enough for CCW.

  2. Ordered mine, cant wait to take it to the range. Thanks for the great deal on these. By far the best price anywhere.

  3. I Purchased 2 Met Gear P14-45 Magazines for my Fatboy, I used my dremmel tool and took about 1/8 of an inch cut in the magazine release catch near the top to get the Mags. to lock in, and man alive I got 14 rounds of 45 ACP. Of course it does stick out about3/8 from the bottom of the Mag well, but with the 12 round flush mag and the 14 in my pocket I am good to go.

  4. I got my ATI FATBOY not had any problems I got mine last year and I paid $399 for it new in Arizona great 1911 45 for the price and awesome to have 13 rounds of 230gr coming out

  5. Wider 45 grips not only feel better in the hand than the standard, relatively skinny 1911 grip, but they also don't hurt your hand as much, with the recoil against your hand being more widely distributed.
    This is what you get when you cross the 1911 with the double stack of the Browning Hi-Power, and make it a snubbie – awesome!
    People who are used to the merely partial pre-cocking of the Glock may not appreciate the speed of a single-action automatic – it will be faster than you are, which means that you have to be careful with the trigger, or you'll be firing shots into the air. In other words, you'll be firing the gun before you bring it down out of recoil. Fast single-actions, like this Fat Boy, are the Holy Grail of true pistoleros, while slower Glocks are better suited to the masses.
    Kudos for a very pleasant video, about a very proper handgun. Thank You!

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