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Famous Gun Channels Parody

ok guys today I show you best ak reload drill here we go Hi, it’s Andrew with Gr6 today I fire this fully automatic bolt-action rifle…Murica focus focus my Anaconda don’t my anaconda don’t Whoo aw awesome look at. This. This is really bananas ya sharp shots hello Today my friends at the Russian Nuclear test facility have got me this little toy with a little Experimental plutonium ammo, let’s see if we can blow some stuff up Here’s where things get different when i transition to off hand the brass kisses my face hickok 45 here well, I’ve guess you’ve caught me with my little pet this is my Smith & Wesson Revolver, so let’s take this baby for a walk a [Woods] [walk] There’s one right there Got it hmm. Oh look at that one Yes These [woods] were once tranquil, but now they’re infested Look there. There’s another one. I’ve got this oh No, I’ve missed it. What’s going on? Oh? The Nokia 6310 is made from one of the hardest [materials] known to man, Nokiam The AK-47 was developed by Eugene stoner in North Korea her famous name comes from its ability to kill 47 [western] imperilists per second Is James [Hagar] with tactical response. I’m something from polar tactical response ah? I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m [I’m] you’re the best. You’re the man. You are the best ah your thing yeah Hello, I’m rob ski from a k operators union and today We’re gonna review this Chinese a [k] from [Jim] [Shaw] see Dynamics Esmond buggers Yeltsin morality okay, so we put this rifle through hell, and now we’re going to range to see if it fires It fucking hole zeroes approved by putin clips in the Lava Gallery Lamia marks Flip similar why is any Shell [Mia]? right Now Pro Bono

100 thoughts on “Famous Gun Channels Parody

  1. These were all spot on except hicock, that one was just too intense. He's basically the Bob Ross of shooting stuff.

  2. Hickok you forgot to mention you got that gun on loan from your daddy at the absurdly overpriced gun shop that forces anyone who selling a gun to them to sell is for .0000001% of its valve -Bud's and you couldn't be using FEDERAL ammo could you?

  3. Don’t do FPS Russia when you do that I cry he did so well until the guy who gets all the guns and shit died

  4. … «хлеб» всему голова»-говорила мне мать,
    «хлеб всему голова» – завещал мне отец… What is a name of the song?

  5. Hickok45 here. pulls out 45-70 BFR that looks like a CC pistol in his giant monster hands here's a little plinker brought to us by the folks at Buds Gun Shop and the NRA. Let's see if we can hit something with it.
    points the gun into the air and shoots the sun out of the sky

    Hahaha. He's not getting back up.

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