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Fallout Fives | Worst Weapons In Fallout 3

Hello guys, welcome back to another episode
of Fallout Fives. Today we’ll be looking at the worst weapons
in fallout 3. So firstly this weapon has got an insane amount
of spread, the second worst in the game to be exact, so if you’re not 2 feet away from
the enemy, the chances are you’re not even gonna hit them, nevermind kill them. Another problem with this gun is that it deteriorates
faster than a piece of paper in water, with only 84 reloads from full condition to
dead, and that’s a pretty big problem considering you’ll have to reload every 2 shots. also by the time you actually find this weapon,
the odds are your gonna already have a combat shotgun, which is a million times better,
in every way. So frag mines aren’t completely useless per
se, but for the most part they are completely unnecessary. So why do i say this? well let’s start things
off with what and how enemies trigger these land mines. So any normal enemy, or group 1 enemy as i’m
going to refer to them, like a human or a supermutant, can trip these land mines, and
they’ll have a fair amount of damage dealt to them, but we’ll
talk more about that later. the second group of enemies are the fast enemies,
or lunging enemies, and this can be anything like
deathclaws or feral ghouls. These enemies will get damaged if they remain
near the blast zone when the mine triggers, but then obviously the mine takes a few seconds
to activate depending on your explosive skills. So these enemies may or may not get damaged
depending on two things: one, whether you have got a good enough explosive skill
to detonate the mine quickly; or two, whether they are not lunging or running when they
trip the mine. The third and final group of enemies are the
flying enemies, and these can be anything that hovers, like mister gutsy or a bloatfly. These enemies do not trigger land mines and
pretty much just laugh at you when you place one down in front of them. So i know the counter argument is that you
could just shoot the land mines to get full damage on the enemies, and you could, but
this requires a few things that just aren’t practical in game. Firstly you have got to have distance, because
you’ve got to place the land mine, run away from the blast radius and then shoot it, all
while being chased, and then you’ll most likely have to
rinse and repeat due to the low blast damage, which requires insane accuracy and speed. This brings me onto my next point, accuracy
and speed. If you’re not fast in placing the landmine,
switching weapons and then positioning yourself, the enemy will most likely pass the land mine
before you get chance to shoot it. And if you’re not accurate in your aiming,
you’ll most likely miss the land mine anyway. So let’s return to group one. As i said before, you can deal a fair amount
of damage on these guys, but it’s dependent on your explosive skills. Damage for this weapon is
determined by how close the enemy is to the centre of the mine. so if you have low explosive skills, you’ll
not only deal less damage point blank, but also the enemy will pass
the centre of the mine, dealing less overall damage. Okay so i feel like i’ve been talking about
this forever, so in summary, don’t use frag mines. The chinese pistol, without any exaggeration
at all, could be one of the most pointless weapons in the entire game. So what makes this weapon pointless?, well
the quick answer would simply be, the 10 mm pistol exists and
is given to you at the start of the game. But i’m not just going to stop there, so let’s
quickly explore the stats of the weapon, and compare it to the 10 mm. So because i don’t want to spend too long
on this one, let’s just do a quick summary of the stats. The chinese pistol does half the damage of
the 10 mm; fires twice as slow; is less accurate and fires in a more sporadic
pattern. The only plus stats wise is that it has twice
the durability, which doesn’t really mean much since the 10mm pistol can
be found everywhere. Those stats may seem bad, but i’m going to
say something now which will double it’s pointlessness. both weapons, use the exact same ammunition. So that’s pretty much all the
reasons you need to not use the chinese pistol. and if you have a chinese pistol, don’t waste
your ammo, even if your 10mm pistol is broken, just save your ammo up. Infact
if i were you, i would just sell the chinese pistol and repair your 10 mm with the money
you make, it’s a better investment. If this list was about the most fun weapons
in fallout 3, then this weapon would be this high up for a different reason, but however
this list is about the worst weapons, and this fatman variant is just, so impractical. this is a perfect example of how comparing
stats doesn’t always tell the full story, because if we compare the stats of the MIRV
and the fatman, we can see that the mirv beats the fatman on every front except for
spread, but it’s spread which is the main drawback of this weapon. So let’s talk about the projectile spread
on the MIRV. remember how i was talking about the spread on the sawed off shotgun earlier
in the list, and i said it had the second worst spread in the game? Well the MIRV is the one that beat it, with
an amazing spread of 13, almost double the sawed off. so if the sawed off with it’s diabolical spread
somehow fails to be a shotgun, then how do you use the MIRV? well thats got a simple answer: you don’t. i’ll probably go over how to use the mirv
in a different video, so keep your eyes open for that one if you’re
interested. The .32 pistol is in a league of it’s own,
somehow managing to be worse than the chinese pistol. but how worse? well let’s take a look. So let’s start with it’s combat stats, even
though at this point we’ve established they’re pretty much invalid for combat anyway. base damage the .32 pistol wins, having a
+2 base damage over the chinese pistol. Don’t be fooled though because the chinese
pistol has double the firing speed and double the ammo capacity. So when comparing the Damage
per second, the chinese pistol blows it out of the water. The one true winner for the .32 pistol is
the bullet spread, which is double as accurate as the chinese pistol. Another fake victory for the .32 pistol is
the reload speed, which is slightly faster by 0.2. again don’t be fooled because you’ll be reloading
twice as often with the .32 pistol, which technically gives it half the
reload speed if you compare it clip to clip. Okay so there is one last combat stat i wan’t
to talk about, and that’s durability. The
durability on the .32 pistol is half that of the chinese pistol, but due to the .32
pistol having half the capacity of the chinese pistol, it equates to about the same amount
of reloads and overall time as the chinese pistol. So onto the only stat that really matters
at this point, and that’s value. the value of the much more common chinese
pistol is 190 caps, and the .32 pistol is 110. You do the
math. And just like the chinese pistol, the .32
takes ammo that can be used in a far superior weapon, and in this case it’s the hunting
rifle. thank you all for watching, if you have not
entered the fallout classics giveaway, it’s super easy, just subscribe and you’ll be entered. If you want some more details on that,
click on the annotation on screen now and that will take you to the announcement video. and ill see you next time, on the next, fallout

100 thoughts on “Fallout Fives | Worst Weapons In Fallout 3

  1. You know that somebody doesn't know jack shit about guns when they refer to a inch caliber with the word "point" in front of it.

  2. someone who knows how to cover fallout weapons , without taking joke weapons like theyre the most serious weapons ever

  3. But what about the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol? it can do some nice Fire DoT against weaker enemies, but against stronger ones, your better off with the Xuanlong Assault Rifle. Plus its the only 10mm weapon that actually deals fire damage.

  4. I needed to add this, because nearly every comment is addressing one thing now. I know i'm using the frag mines wrong, if i used them as intended the gameplay would be boring … anyway thanks for watching 😉

  5. I always use the MIRV for clearing too dangerous areas.1 shot and those pesky mutants are gone!

    yeah then i'll get a 999/1000 rads and 8 mini nuke at 100 barter cost 2000 bottle caps . it is the best weapon man…*for exterminating my caps and knock some rads in my body*

    Experimental MIRV
    -Consume lots of mini nuke (8 nukes = 2000+ bottle caps per shot)
    -Can kill the user instantly(blast) or slowly (radiation)
    -Encourage the player to use cheats
    -At full condition,1 nuke can deal 1690 DMG,8 nukes(=1 MIRV shot,total
    damage) means 13520 DMG.2large4me
    -A quick way to deal with large hostile groups

    i like to move it move it
    i like to move it move it
    i like to MOVE IT

  6. wow your content is great, how in the world do I have more subs than you? compared to your views I barely make even a quarter!

  7. The max damage I've made the Chinese pistol do is 4 love it and the Chinese assault rifle while it s damage (sadly) is crap its a beutifal gun with a nice reload and its based on my favorite gun the Mauser c96

  8. I use the mines when theres to many mirelukes or deathlaws to cripple them and then i finish them with my combat knife, Fat mans like a sniper so be elivated and far and aim at your enemie using vats or over there head

  9. Actually, the 10 mm ammo is used by one of the best weapons in the game, The Backwater Rifle.This thing is basically a Lincoln Repeater that trades 5 points of basic damage and the 0 spread for the ridiculous critical multiplier of 5 that the sniper rifle has. In my opinion, it's miles better than the 10 mm pistol and even the SMG and the only way to use 10 mm ammunition, because the spread, although not 0, is still very low, it can be repaired with hunting rifles, just like the Lincoln Repeater, the 10 mm ammunition is much more common and cheaper than the .44 one and the 5 difference in damage is insignificant, because this weapon (unlike the Lincoln Repeater, with its x2 crit multiplier) will have a guaranteed critical shot in V.A.T.S, provided you have a Luck of 10 and the Finesse and Survival Guru perks, which in Fallout 3, isn't hard to do at all. Couple this with Sniper, Action Boy and Grim Reaper's Stride and this weapon will obliterate almost anything in a single V.A.T.S. sequence, short of an albino radscorpion, a feral ghoul reaver or a super mutant overlord. The only thing that even compares is the Alien Blaster.

  10. i just open up geck and tweak the guns to my liking. sounds cheesy but it's the only way for me to maintain an enjoyable game. it's especially easy in fo3 because there's less guns than in new vegas so it takes less time.

  11. If you are as leveled as i am at lv30 with the right perks and quest that increase your stats then any gun will do literally against raiders. I can use the 32 easily vs raiders i just dont cause why would i having 290 pounds worth of guns and armor? This is given you use vats

  12. You already know what the best gun in the game is…your pip boy with the right kind of perks you can literally fire 2 rockerts at an enemy under jet and like 3 tesla cannon shots or gaus rifle

  13. I never thought the Frag mine was useless. I'll make a small mine field get a melee enemy or melee enemies to walk through it while I shoot at them.

  14. BRO WTF?
    the Chinese pistol is very good if you wanna roleplay as a chinese officer
    Don't dis my gun like that 😤👌💯🆗?

  15. i know im gonna get hate for this but its funny that the put a german pistol in het game and call it a china pistol the only time i even pickt it up was becuse i was playing a nazi build and i wanted it as decoration in my house

  16. I highly disagree with the land mine argument. Your using it wrong. You're not supposed to run up to them and throw it. When im running out of ammo and am in indoors its good to put down mines and lure strong enemys

  17. Why was the .32 pistol even added?
    I can see why they added the MIRV, but they probably didn't think it would be that useless, but the .32 pistol is really bad and there is no way it was supposed to be used with that damage, maybe they messed up the damage and it's not supposed to be that bad.

  18. As uuseless as landmines may be an interesting way to use them is to lob a couple at you sides so when you open fire from behind cover you have a decent defense against flanking enemy’s (still takes some time to set up )

  19. Frag mines aren't useless, you just don't know how to use them! They're perfect for rad scorpions, super mutant melee fighters and basically anything that chases you while staying on the ground. Even albinos, you just need a lot or the demolition expert perks. Plus you get hurt less or not at all since mines in general cripple legs and keep fast enemies like Yao Guais or Death Claws easily at bay.

    P.S: I agree on all the other weapons on your list. Just… where's the air rifle?

  20. I'm agree with you but the mistake you make was fragmines, is the best weapon again scorpions, mutants and everythink with legs basically every enemy that follows you.

  21. I found frag mines extremely effective, especially if you are playing a more stalking, sniper like gameplay. You try to get as many sneak shots in as possible, and you will have set yourself a land-mine field around your position so that any enemy trying to flank you or rush you loses his legs. At the very least you buy yourself time to flee and reposition to continue picking them off from afar, or you can easily finish them with your secondary weapon.

    Channeling pursuing forces into a choke point that you have previously mined is very effective. Making a path of mines before triggering a mirelurk or any other melee opponent to charge at you is very effective.

    Making a mound of 2-3 mines on a strong enemy's patrol route, and detonating them with a bullet from afar is very effective.

    You simply aren't very tactical about it.

  22. For the frag mine you're not supposed to run up to them and throw it at them. It's supposed to be a trap. But hey you're opinion.

  23. I sneak around dropping mines in high traffic areas like stairs and hallways, when enemies are alerted I lure them to the mines.

  24. Frag mines are good for pickpocketing people with (not boring)
    And the Chinese pistol actually shoots faster than the 10mm (still being useless)

  25. 3:53 dammit the commies always copy muh german guns iF iT wAs GeRmAn It WoUlD hAVe BeEn ThE bEsT PiStOl iN tHe GaMe becuse muh german engenering

  26. I fucking love landmines its so funny to see raiders walk into theyre own fucking mines xD they have placed before

  27. Honestly, I’d rather a .32 because the ammo is more common and does more damage over a Chinese Pistol.

  28. I agree completely when it comes to the Chinese pistol I always say hell I’d rather just use the ten mil although I do believe there is a unique variant of the Chinese that shoots incendiary bullets for what it’s worth.

  29. What are you talking about, experimental mirv is the best weapon in fallout 3….. for you killing yourself. It's so hard to use without killing you our your companion. Also the. 32 pistol is useless. The hunting rifle is a better use for the. 32 round

  30. I personally think this guy is a fucking moron I've used all these weapons and fucking wreckedddd raiders and stuff

  31. I think land mines are great for sneaky type characters. I do great with them. Plus reverse pickpocketing with them is hilarious!

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