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Fallout 76: Ghoulsbane Handmade Assault Rifle + Teaser For Up Coming Vids

welcome back vault dwellers to se
Spanglish entertainment today’s classic is homemade assault rifle I just got
this in the air drop way down south if you see this gun make sure you bring up
gas masks his pretty dusty here it uses 556 ammo make sure you gather
plenty of resources so you can make it I also gonna show you why I call it the
ghouls Bane coming up in the following footage
make sure you stay until the end I’m gonna reveal the next upcoming three
videos okay guys I made this video
the 30th and you’re seeing in now the first of November why am I saying this well
you guys know that the beta was 30th so I bought a 3.0 USB so I can record for an
hour instead of the 10 minutes that you get for Xbox so that last hour was
really intense and I was really excited to show you guys today
well I got corrupted and I tried everything to fix it but not even duck
tape can fix it but worry not, I’m gonna record it again on the following
beta you might think why is this important to me? well you tell me, it’s
not every day you kill level 45 wendigo and you are in level 17 and you get
a gatling plasma heavy gun do you think you want this info or should I just wait
until I’m level 50 so I can use it if all goes well and I can record the video
again expected on Monday make sure to not miss Sunday’s power on my road you
will see why I mean by road and tomorrow’s video is a melee weapon
brought back from fallout 4 you have a guess write it down on the comments I’ll
give you a tip gives poison damage you know the drill like subscribe and hit
the notification seeing the wasteland

10 thoughts on “Fallout 76: Ghoulsbane Handmade Assault Rifle + Teaser For Up Coming Vids

  1. I found mine in Ingram manor. And other wespons like the 50 cal machine gun, gatling gun in my previous game play videos. Ya need to get those heavy wepaons dude, their awesome

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