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Falling in Love with Handguns for Whitetails and Follow Your Compass –

(wind howling) (intense dramatic music) (upbeat jungle beats) (camera shutters) (intense music) (camera shutters) – [Narrator] Yamaha presents:
The Whitetail Diaries Chronicle in hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Join top whitetail
hunters nationwide, embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting
the whitetail dear. (intense dramatic music) Welcome to this season of
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. Well, last season Wade
accepted a new challenge, hunting with a hand gun. Let’s take a look back
at two of Wade’s hunts. First up, a pop up blind
that looked promising. – We’ve decided to
get into that pop up in very low light,
dark conditions. Basically, you get in there
an hour before daylight. And get settled in and
see what would work along that creek again. You know, we’d had
a shooter in there that had skirted
us and moved out. But in my mind I kept
playing through the scenario, these deer would wanna be in the shady brush line
alongside this creek. And eventually we would
have an opportunity to get one just
crossing back and forth. The deer were
moving this morning. I mean it was really
setting up the way that I like to see
a set up go down. (dramatic beat) You know as I’m sitting there
and I’m trying to get a shot. This deer kinda slides in
at, literally, about 15 yards and he cuts across,
going from right to left. And then he kinda cuts
across and I mean I’m on him. But he’s quartered away,
really really hard. Really hard, a shot that
I just would not take. You know, in any situation. (dramatic beat) Good. (gun bangs) Think I missed. (he huffs) (sighs) I think I
missed that shot. (groans) Daggum.
(sighs) I don’t know. I really think I
pulled that shot. That was pretty intense,
had two shooters out there all over me. Oh gosh. (exhales) Mm, man we had these
two grade A points come in right there. They milled around, milled
around, milled around. Got ’em out there in piles, I don’t know
probably 35-40 yards. This is all about
trigger control. I spent a ton of time
practicing on the range and I really honestly
think I pulled that shot. It just did not feel good to me. In my mind I missed and I saw the
reaction of the deer and thought man I missed. And we went back and
looked at the footage and there’s one
brief point there where we thought
maybe, you know, that I had hit this deer back. But you couldn’t see it, you just could not define
what you were seeing and there was no hair,
there was no blood, there was nothing and
you know if you asked around camp if
there was 10 people in there nine and a
half out of 10 would say that was a miss, you whiffed. We don’t where you
missed, we don’t even know where you hit, but it’s a miss. But that’s not the way
that we like to do it and what we want to do. So we started, you know,
a pretty thorough search. Scot was going down the
creek and I was going off this direction and some
of the other team members were over here and we
heard him whistling. And we, you know, he whistled. Well, that’s the win
let way of alerting each of the other two brothers that
I got something over here. And lo and behold, on the
other side of that tree, he’d spot a dead deer. Yeah, this is a testament
to having friends to come help you find a deer. When I took that shot, the first thing that
popped into my mind was, you know, I totally,
totally missed that deer. But when we got back
and looked this is, this right here is
where I got him at. And the thing about it
is, there’s no blood. I mean we never found blood. We’re, I don’t know five,
six hundred yards away. And to find this deer, it was a total team effort
of people getting out and helping and walking
around and looking. And I mean, you look at
the character of this buck and you know, when
you look at him out there standing in that cut with the brow tines
and the big tines I mean that hunt couldn’t
have come together absolutely any better. We’ll pose him up, take
some awesome pictures here and we’ll probably tell that
story quite a few times. – [Narrator] Congrats to
Wade on taking that buck with the Performance Setter
Model 629 Stealth Hunter. in .44 mag. Now up next, we’ll look at
another exciting handgun hunt, when we return. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
is brought to you and part by: Yamaha, ATVs and side-by-sides. Real world tough. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Garmin Rhino Seven
Series, wherever you hunt, make it rhino country. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Hey, we’re taking a look back on Wade’s handgun
hunts from last season. We started off with him
harvesting a solid nine point with his Performance Setter
Model 629 Stealth Hunter. Now he’s headed out into
another pop up blind. But this time, with
a brand new handgun. – What I’m gonna be hunting with is something new
from the Smith and Wesson Performance Center. This is a .460 Smith
and Wesson Magnum now. They’ve had one of these
.460s out for a long time. With a bigger barrel
but this has got a lot of new features built into it. And it’s something
that I can’t wait to get out and field test. Something that’s gonna
perfect for the situation that we’re hunting in. – [Narrator] Smith and
Wesson’s model 460 XVR has the highest muzzle velocity of any
production revolver on Earth. The model 460 XVR
is so revolutionary that it required an
entirely new designation. XVR extreme velocity revolver,
some of the features include: a high-vis fiber optic front
sight, integral scope base, a muzzle break, performance
setter tuned action, and unfluted cylinder. And all backed by
Smith and Wesson’s lifetime service policy. (gun fires) Hey, let’s rejoin Wade
back out in the field. (mellow music) (dramatic music) (gun clicks) (gun fires) – Got ’em. Got him. Got him. Smoked that guy. (whistles breathy, laughs)
that’s what I’m talking about right there. Did you see
him come running across that, come running across that
field there? (laughs) He came in, there was
two or three other deer, milling around I mean I guess they like this little
shade here there. I’m definitely a
little shook up. (laughs) You see the gun shaking
a little bit right there. That’s a giant. Did you
see all those tines? I mean he’s got… One sides got an extra
tine coming out here, he curves in, he’s got
brow tines going that way. That’s what I’m talking about from the Performance
Center right there. (sighs happily)
smoked that dear. (exhales) Ga… Lee. Oh it’s so fun, you
know I have really taken to this handgun hunting
and getting involved in it. And spending time down on
the range and shooting. They just perform so
well in the field, I mean, when you can, you know, get out there and practice
and take the time. I mean you can just do some
phenomenal shooting with it. I’ve been practicing all
distances, all ranges with several different calibers. So, that was pretty
cool right there. (chuckles) Give me a second
then we’ll go, go take a look. (laughs) It’s right
there buddy, right there. (laughs) He’s right there in
the broomweed (laughs) yeah. Look at that, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Look at this buck right here. That’s gonna be the exit
wound right there, wow. Wow, look at that. You talk about
character on a deer. This deer has all
kinds of character. I mean look at this, it’s like a channel
with an extra tine right here
(exhales) I mean. You got it, I mean right here, another one curves in
up here, goes out here. Look at this brow
tine hooking this way, this brow tine’s going this way. I mean, what a stud, I
mean this an old timer too. That is a phenomenal buck. And I mean talk about
sinner punching one, we sinner punched that one, thanks to the
Performance Center 460. You know that’s a new model
that they’ve got and it just has been a blast to shoot. What a buck (chuckles). Love the character
of this deer here. (piano music) – [Narrator] Congrats Wade
on another hand gun entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. – Thank you buddy. – [Narrator] Well
coming up next, Thompson Center’s
Danielle Sanville comes to hunt at the
Whitetail Dairies Deer Camp. The Yamaha Whitetail Dairies
is brought to you and part by: Smith and Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. Thompson Center,
America’s master gunmaker. Hi Viz Shooting Systems, see
what you’ve been missing. Bradley Smoker, clean
smoking made easy. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. We have Danielle
Sanville in camp today. Danielle is the brand manager
for Thompson Center firearms. Let’s hear it from
Wade on the conditions and what’s to be expected
on her upcoming hunt. – You know when
Danielle was coming in weather conditions were
kinda really mixed. We had some more rain coming in, we had storms on the horizon, we had winds changing, we had cloudy conditions. We were gonna get a little
cooler than it had been which we were excited about but it was kind of
leaving me with a lot of questions on where to go. We were, we literally spent
the morning before she arrived checking a lot of
scouting cameras. Actually setting in some stands and just trying to
get a gage for what we thought the deer would be doing. And we had a good
idea that, you know, a couple of these locations
were gonna have a lot of dear. But the question was gonna be: would a mature deer show up? You know when you
climb up in a stand in this part of the world, chances are you’re gonna
encounter a lot of game. It’s just an area that just has a
lot of wild game. So when we go out to, you
know, our first stand. There wasn’t any doubt
in my mind we could see between 20 and 30 deer. There’s a big water
source off to the left. We’ve got some food
sources in that area. And it’s just a game
rich environment but based on past experience
I kind of felt like we were really only looking
for a couple of deer. But because of the
conditions that was probably gonna be the same
anywhere we sit. So when we settled in
we were, in my mind, it was kind of a
needle in a haystack. The whole time our mind was
swirling on where to go. You know, we’ve been fortunate to have Danielle down
a couple times in camp and it’s always an
adventure first off. It seems like we gotta
move around a lot when Danielle comes in
which is fun for me. I love to cover a lot of ground. But it’s always interesting
because Danielle is like a sponge, she’s
always looking to learn more about what’s going on and why
we’re doing certain things. And asking questions, not
only about the wild game, but about what we think
about the products at TC and how we use them. Because that type of
feedback is invaluable when it comes to
product development. Not only for, tweaks for
what we might shooting now, but you know future products. (rock guitar chord) – [Narrator] Now one
of the newest products that Thompson Center has
develop due to field testing is the all new TC Compass. Which Danielle
has chosen to take into the field with
her on this trip. – So I have here the Thompson
Center Compass Rifle. This is the bolt action
rifle by Thompson Center. Comes in 11 different
calibers from .204 ruger all the way up to .300 win mag. Some great features
about this gun, each one of these guns comes
with a threaded muzzle. Also comes with thread
protector on here. So if you choose not to
put anything on here, you just keep this
thread protector on. But it has standard threads
to allow for muzzle breaks and also suppressors
if you choose to. (gun bangs) So this comes with a
three position safety. So you have the fire position,
we all know what that is. So when the gun
is actually loaded and you’re ready to shoot, you actually just make
sure this is in fire and you can pull the trigger. So you have the center position which is actually
your safe position. This allows you to be able
to manipulate the bolt but you actually can’t
pull the trigger. In addition to that we have
the bolt lock position. Bolt lock position on this
gun is a great feature, I really like it
because when you’re in fit conditions
and you’re hunting. You actually make sure that
you don’t manipulate that bolt. So you can see, the bolt
is locked so if you’ve got oak bush or if you’ve got
some thick trees around you. You will always make sure that that bolt is in the
downward position. Really help with accuracy. So for additional information about the Thompson
Center Compass, go to – [Narrator] When we return,
Danielle spots a mature deer on one of her final hunts. Will this be the one? Ah. Find out, when the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries returns. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
is brought to you and part by: ConQuest scents, hunting
scents and dog training scents. Do All Outdoors, Stealth Cam Digital
Scouting Cameras. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. – So it’s about
5:15 in the morning. We are gonna go out
today and drop Wade off in the Viking so he
can do some scouting. He’s seen a lot of unsure deer on different parts of the ranch. And we’re gonna go out
to a different tree stand that I haven’t been
at yet and hopefully one of those big deers walks out in front of me this morning. So, I’ve got my TC Compass
and we are ready to go. (intense music) (dramatic music) (gun fires) (laughs) he’s down (laughs) – [Wade] Gimme this. (she laughs) – Wow. Yeah, this. (she exhales) – [Wade] Amazing, you dropped
him right in his tracks. – He didn’t even move. Yes, I can see him,
he is right there. (she laughs) Wow. We saw, two really big 10 pointers but they’re only like two
and half, three years old. And then this old guy came out and he was perfect for me. So, this is great. This is so great. – The setting in the stand
and seeing a lot of deer is what I love about
this part of Texas. You may at home be
sitting there going, “Wow! How can they
pass that deer?” Well, it’s looking
to the future. While this season is
probably going to be one of our toughest and
most challenge ones to find those five
and six year old deer. I’m already thinking ahead because the conditions
right now are better then I’ve ever seen them. The deer, when you look at ’em you can just tell
the difference in now and three years
ago, four years ago. Even when we were in the
heart of that drought and how they look and
it’s just gonna be an amazing stretch ahead
and so when we have a chance to get out with
people like Danielle and others that
share that vision they can pass on those two
and a half year old deer. And think about
their future trips and what we’re all gonna
be able to encounter. It makes it even more
exciting when I back up and I see her smile and I see that big ol’ mature
eight point laying there on the ground with
all that character. It’s got the tines coming off
of it’s backwoods main beam. It’s got velvet
hanging off of him and I know that’s
the right deer. We’d seen probably a
hundred and fifty plus deer in the other hunts
before she got that one. But that one was an old bruiser. He’s teeth were worn down and
I know she’s happy with it and I’m even happier
because I know that’s the right
deer that we shot. And one of those younger guys is gonna be living to grace somebody’s wall in
the near future. – [Narrator] Thanks
for joining us. Join us next week, won’t you? For another exciting entry in
the Yamaha Whitetail Dairies. (guitar strum) (record scratches) (waves crashing)

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