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Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

All right, so it won’t come as a surprise to a lot of you that I love firearms. I own them. I shoot them I’m a sports shooter, and I also because I’m a Canadian have a gun license I’ve got a Pal and an ar pal in in Canada What’s customary is that yours expires on your birthday? So my birthday’s in June, so I thought hey I’m gonna go renew mine online So I head to the firearms website here in this great country and because I’m a nerd I proceeded to read the entirety of the website In which I find this interesting little section that says these are the people who cannot renew their firearms license online if you are requesting a “religious exemption from providing a photograph with your license” and you know that really piqued my interest, I thought wait a second you’re allowed religious exemptions for having a photograph on your firearms license, so I followed up I wrote to the RcMP and asked them if this was I don’t know some sort of a colossal typo Or if this was indeed the case And I want to show you the answer that I got from the RCMP media spokes [person] Who hears from me quite a bit to be honest Alright, pardon me just bear with me because I want to read this for you, to you in full as for section 14 One in the firearms licenses regulation a signed photograph must show a full Front view of an Applicant’s head and shoulders and showing the applicants face Unobscured by any object. That makes sense we want to see your whole face that makes sense But it goes on. If an applicant is not able to provide a photo that meets the above requirements for religious reasons they may be granted an exception based on section 14 -2 so then I go and look up section 14 – 2 and all that asks for is a declaration of your religion basically by you signed by you and then a declaration signed by an individual who is of the same religion as you and is authorized under the laws of the province to perform marriages I don’t know about you, but [I’m] just a touch sketched out about that I’m also a little bit Confused because I thought that this prime minister was Moving in the direction of more gun control and I’ll be honest by and large more gun control Does not equate to less crime, but if we’re going to have licenses heck It’d be really really nice to be able to see your face [and] hey There’s a bit of a niqab elephant in the room isn’t there. We know what this is about so I figured Let’s put it to the test. How about we call the RCMP firearms licensing department? [I’m] gonna do it on speakerphone for you, and I’m gonna say then I’m applying for a license But I wish to wear a niqab. Let’s see how it goes RcMp Canadian firearms program (bonjour) Jocelyn speaking. How can I help you? Hi there Jocelyn, how are you? I’m great and yourself. Very well, thank you. I’ve just finished completed and passed my Pal and R pal courses and (great) I haven’t yet submitted in my application, but I’m just a little bit concerned about For the firearms licensing I understand we require a photograph However, I’m a fully veiled woman, and I’m just wondering how that works Okay, which province are you calling from? Ontario. Okay. The office there I guess it’s only open for just a few more minutes um Let me check and see I know that like is there any way that you you can get a photo exemption form filled out, or…. I think I can do that is there one available? Okay, just one second, one sec [alright], so in order for a photo exemption to be to go through you would be required to have a Declaration from your religious organization or group stating that they are exempt from sending a photograph and that’s it and then so then how would my license look is it just with my name and my height and and Kind of my date of birth and stuff like that Yes, and then so… There just would not be a photo. Okay And then I just present just that usual license [then] when I wish to Purchase a firearm correct correct. Yeah, okay. Thank you so much for your help today You’re quite welcome now if you have any other additional questions certainly or if you’re having trouble getting [the] declaration certainly If you were to call back the firearm office in your province may be able to assist you it’s extension number seven five zero three All right, thank you so much. I appreciate it. You’re welcome. Thanks for calling all right. Bye. Bye. Bye What? I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry Really, it’s that easy [all] I have to say is that I want to be fully veiled and then I don’t have to have a picture for my firearms license How is this not already in the news how am I just learning about this ginormous? religious loophole, so if I understand them correctly I as a supposed veiled woman Maybe not even a woman just a veiled person can say it is my religion to to mask myself Essentially and then the government of Canada the RCMP and my particular provincial Cfo my chief firearms officer will sign away at a gun license in which I can pick up any sort of gun that is legal in Canada because I have a pal and an R Pal and I can just present that that little document without any sort of photo recognition on it at a bass Pro Or Cabela’s and they have to legally provide me with a firearm Even though they have no idea who in the hell is underneath that mask Welcome to Canada. Wow. For the Rebel Media. I’m Faith Goldie We talk a lot about firearms and Kooky Canadian laws for more click below and subscribe to our YouTube [channel]

79 thoughts on “Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

  1. Canada making terrorist and paying terrorist where your enemy is welcome and rewarded. It's a miracle Canada isn't attacked more with how they pander to extremism. Reward and provide sanctuary for ISIS fighters. Your tax dollars at work. Gang members should just join Islam lol

  2. Wow I had to get a picture ID must to get a cell phone it didn't make much sense to me seemed to be money grab for government because you just walk in show them your ID get your picture taken and pay for new ID yet some people don't need picture on ID to buy a gun so if they lost their license anyone could use it they could lend it to a friend

  3. When a terrorist attack happens and the terrorist acquired the guns legally this example will be used as a way to strip Canadians of their guns.

  4. Bullshit.. I don't need a concealed carry or permission to protect myself with a gun is my god-given right

  5. Horrible and Appalling!!!

    So Mohammed gets his riffle and then gives his licence to Ahmed and he goes and buys his own rifle and so on and on and it will simply show that Mohammed owns 12+ Firearms and a small Cell is now ALL ARMED from 1 Licence!!!

    Canada is going to $hit thanks to all these Political Sell Outs. At Least they are making their bank accounts fatter!

  6. Every law is required to have definitions that are used in the law at the beginning of it, there is no ambiguity, such as the definition of Owner, etc. I would like to see the definition of  "Religion" clearly defined for the context to the law. Then the legal responses could begin to challenge every aspect to  that law. No exemptions should be the law. It applies to all or none.​It's actually called a Privilege, and exact wording in their so called religious doctrine should be used to justify any such so called exception, and also wording in their doctrinal beliefs that should be considered to invoke government to restrict them from being allowed to obtain a permit. Exemption infers that special privilege and special trust is invoked and granted by the officials that determine the special privileges for some without any justification whatsoever.The same religion will have more reasons to restrict them participation, than to grant them special privilege, as a so called exemption, in this particular case. Exemptions and Restrictions should be dealt with by the same committee and should be two sides of the same coin. Whenever an exception is requested , then all restrictions need to be considered fully as part to of the exemption request. The actual reason they are requesting the exemption is: That they are above all of our laws and constitution. That is not a legitimate reason and, is actually a reason to disallow them a permit.

  7. You are not funny and you are opening a can of worms
    With the liberal in power !!!!! We are lucky if we could keep owning a slingshot, never mind owning a firearm

  8. There you go , you are hurting law abiding gun owners by steering up this shit
    Already the liberal government accuses us
    Of being ( white power ) and know all those people with stupid comments against Muslim gives the liberal government the proof, that most gun owners are idiots and should never owns guns
    Thanks for all your ignorance

  9. Stop being ignorant, we all came from different backgrounds,European , Asian , or African .
    No one real Canadian except the indigenous people
    Don’t let one prejudice person on YouTube to poison your mind , have your own thoughts after you read History don’t be foolish

  10. I am all for tolerance…reasonable accommodation and tolerance; not total idiocy; there should be no exemptions for anyone If you don't want to give the photo then you don't get a gun. Period.
    A law restricting firearms should strict.

  11. great vid cool chic that knows her stuff very few girls like this one /////////// maybe need to go Canada lol //////
    CANT believe this is the law over there /// wow/////// in Australia u are battling to own a sling shot with out a photo

  12. Well how is it possible to purchase ammunition or firearms without proof of identity? I get asked EVERY time even where folks know me to even look at ammo let alone firearms. So fifo or what? It means fit in or [email protected] off for those that don't know by the way!

  13. Doesn't that make your nervous that your government is passing these laws for hostel Invaders to get guns easier than it is for you to get one?

  14. This is horrible! I can only imagine how easy that makes it to pass on the license other veiled ppls who can themselves illegally purchase firearms with proper visual identification. Outrageous!

  15. If I seen one of them on the range I would not turn my back to them. Safety first. I just don't trust any of them.

  16. Muslims wear masks for same reasons old west bandits wore them.Cant be identified while killing a christian,or stoneing a harlot.

  17. Faith it is really boring now to be shocked over anything that happens to SOCIETIES around the world with this systematic destruction of Countrys identity. Global Elitist MUST DIVIDE Before they can conquer. These Muslim invaders will wipe out all opposition to these Global Elitist because these European descendents are cowards in most of these countries . Why are you shocked anymore ??

  18. Let’s just start a beer drinking gun shooting fishing everyday Religion and that all laws don’t apply to us !!! Any Takers let’s go

  19. You can't fix stupid! And Faith, just because it comes from the government, it doesn't have to make sense! :o)

  20. mais les musulmane disent que c est un choix personnel de porter le voile, elles disent que sont pas forcer de porter le voile , donc la communauté musulmane, ne peu pas signer , puisque c est le choix de la femme qui porte le voile!!????but the Moslems say that it is a personal choice to wear the veil, they say that they are not forced to wear the veil, so the Muslim community can not sign, it is the choice of the woman wearing the veil! ????

  21. I just want to say that head covering was written in the Bible before the Quran came to existence. Christians don’t follow it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So this means this law is not specified to muslims only. I completely agree any license not just gun license need to have a actual photo of the person who it belongs to. Luckily i am american and i don’t think we have an exemption like the one you showed!

  22. Pretty sure that's the plan… Give guns to Moslems to shift power to them to start a war. At least Americans have guns to defend themselves.

  23. Wow, wonder if the laws still the same in 2019? It's unfair, why we have to show our face if they don't have too? Passport pics I even had to remove my thin necklace chain with tiny medallion to be within legal standard, and it was of spiritual/religious nature?!! Where was my religious rights?

  24. Just make a requirement that if no photo then have to provide a blood DNA sample to be drawn in front of law enforcement.

  25. First of all, thank you for your content. It is well appreciated. The worst thing about this concern is that any girl can get that license and give it to anyone to buy a gun. In addition, the retailer has no way of knowing if the card has been stolen or if it is actually the legitimate owner of the card that is in front of him / her without speaking that there is no way in this case whether this person has successfully completed the course and puts the entire Canadian population at risk … This law need to be changed.

  26. same things is happening in india when i am writing this
    gun laws are very strict in india
    almost no civilian is allowed automatics
    guns arent cheap in india so even middle class cant afford and constant renewal of licence is required
    and muslims are asking guns for religious exemptions

  27. Well sure the Moslems will need to be armed when they and the traitors RCMP come to roundall you nice white canadians up for the detention/liquidation camps.

  28. You gotta love how they are the chosen ones that don't have to where a helmet on a motorcycle THE ONLY ONES. Cause it wont fit over the fricken towel. I say make them buy an oversized helmet like Rick Moranis in Space Balls.

  29. Absolutely ridiculous! This crap is really pissing me off. They should not have special treatment.
    Integrate or go back to your own country…..plain and simple.

  30. Wow…..that's bullshit!!! I have take my glasses off when taking my driver license photo!!! but they can where stuff to conceal their identity buying firearms…..the laws should be the same for everyone…we are in Canada!!! So either u love it your leave it…..and if u don't like it go back to your country

  31. That is so infuriating and pathetic. So much for integration, muslims ALWAYS take over and our governments make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

  32. The problem with this is that they do not have ANY requirement in the Quran to cover a woman..It is cultural NOT religious requirements , and this is simply appeasement of the worst kind… To say it is open to abuse is an understatement.

  33. That is total bullshit. Canada has gone to Hell in a hand basket. Thank God we need a license only to conceal carry in public.

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