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Fairmont State University – Falcon Spotlight: Criminal Justice Virtual Firearms Simulator

Teaching is something to me that
I’m able to reach out to students. I really put myself in their situation because when I was a student
I sat in those same chairs. I always liked having professors that had some real world application, that were out in the field and didn’t just get it from a book. The firearms simulator that we have in the
Criminal Justice program is top-notch. You can’t go anywhere else, especially in the state and get that type of training. That real-world scenario type training. It puts them through scenarios. It puts them through real world applications. They learn everything from basic stance, to grip, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, everything that they need to learn
to be safe with a weapon. They get that in the classroom and then they get that in the simulator. Being military police
and then trying to pursue a degree in criminal justice to go
into civilian law enforcement, it really gives you different perspectives
on what law enforcement is. Like how anything from corrections
to the judicial system to law enforcement, street operators it’s gives such a great perspective. And also I take things I’ve learned in class and apply them to my role as military police. It’s just so providing that you can take it
and it’s not just a class, you can really take it into the real world. One of the big things in our country,
it’s a hot-button topic now with law enforcement and some of the things
that have happened with police brutality and situations that have escalated. One thing that I strive to do and I’m trying to do with every officer
that I come in contact with through the university, any officer in our state and those students who are going into our career field to become a police officer is really how to de-escalate situations. The simulator is the best tool around that I’m aware of that can help with that. A lot of students come into the criminal justice program and think they know how to handle situations. We have three reactions. We’re either gonna fight, we’re gonna flight,
or we’re gonna freeze. A lot of times we freeze because
we don’t know how to handle situations that we don’t know how to communicate. If we’re able to teach those de-escalation tactics, hopefully we can start reducing the number of
officer-involved shootings not just in the state but across our country. Majoring in Criminal Justice at Fairmont State is going to help students tremendously. I’ve had many success stories. I’ve had a student contact me
after being in my fire arms simulator class and never shot a weapon before. Graduated, went down to Miami, became a police officer and graduated top of his class. Those are the type of things
that students here at Fairmont State can get. They can get that hands-on real-world experience that helps them move forward
and puts them above others. Not only just the degree but some of the actual skills
that they’ll learn at the University will help make them better
in the job that they choose.

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