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Factory (Stock) Handguns vs Custom Handguns | Starline Brass “The Brass Facts” Episode 13

Starline presents The Brass Facts>>ROBERT: My name is Robert Hayden from Starline Brass.>>HUNTER: And I’m Hunter Pilant with Starline Brass.>>ROBERT: Today we’re going to talk about factory
guns vs custom guns, kind of the in-between, where you’re at, and just give you some
examples of both. Basically what we have here is a Smith & Wesson .40S&W: nice gun, stainless, very functional. Trigger’s going to be a little sloppy on
this, it’s got a real long trigger pull. Decocking safety, which you’ve kind of got
to get used to that. That’s something that’s different when
you’ve got the hammer back, and you drop the safety, it brings the hammer down, so it’s a decocking
safety. It’s a safety feature. In comparison to that gun, we look at the SV .40 S&W. So, this is more of a competition– a limited competition gun. When I say “limited,” that’s USPSA format shooting. It doesn’t have an optic on it. So, it’s open sight, so this would be considered
a limited gun. Basically it’s got a bigger magwell. You’ve
got 17 rounds in the magazine. You’ve got extended dust cover, trigger,
ambi safety, the checkering. This gun just feels really
good in your hand when you pick it up. You know you’ve got—It feels—It’s
an extension of the hand. Now, I’m a 1911 guy, so I’m looking to feel that 1911 grip. It’s
very distinct. They feel a certain way VS other guns. Hunter, what have you got here?>>HUNTER: Right here we’ve got a stock Taurus 1911. It’s got crimson trace laser grip. That’s
really the only thing that’s not stock on this gun. It’s a stock gun, so it’s a little bit looser than some of these
custom guns. Doesn’t shoot quite as well, but it functions
very well.>>ROBERT: What’s that gun cost?>>HUNTER: I think, retail, those are right around six,
six and half.>>ROBERT: Okay, so you’re probably talking twelve
or thirteen for something like that?>>HUNTER: Nowadays probably about two for something
like that.>>ROBERT: Okay, wow. Okay, cool.>>HUNTER: Here we’ve got a custom Springfield Armory Ace Custom Shop .45 Super. It’s got the compensator. It’s got a nice
trigger on it. The gun feels great. Ambi safety. This one’s actually got a diamond-shaped
peep sight on the back. Excellent gun. Probably three times the cost
of the Taurus.>>ROBERT: Back in the day.>>HUNTER: Back in the day.>>ROBERT: The .45 Super was kind of the king of the
.45 Auto. There’s different variations of .45 Auto,
but the .45 Super is kind of a high power variation of the .45 Auto. Ace Custom Guns, they were kind of one of
the originators of that, Garey Hindman. Anyway, it’s a cool piece. Not something you
see everyday. Compensator, too, on there, helps with the
recoil.>>HUNTER: Right. A little less custom, this is a Ruger SR1911. It’s got some drop in components. Nothing too fancy, it’s got like a trigger
and a different disconnector and stuff, different grips. All custom options that you could put on at home. This is a pretty good gun. Pretty tight, you know, it’s still a stock gun. Shoots good, though. No complaints about a gun like this. The whole opposite end of the spectrum, This is a Caspian Springfield Armory gun. This is a .38 Super Comp. It’s got the compensator, Bushnell holosight, It’s got action rails. This gun’s very tight. A really light trigger, ambi safety, holds 27 rounds with 38 super
comp.>>ROBERT: This would be an open gun in the USPSA format
because it has the optics, has the 27 round magazines, so it’s what they call a “race” gun, or an
open style gun for that type of competition.>>HUNTER: Very accurate, very fast. The muzzle hardly lifts at all with this gun.>>ROBERT: Alright, so, let’s go shoot them. What do
you say?>>HUNTER: It’s about time.>>ROBERT: Alright! [Laughter]

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