F1 Firearms at NRAAM

hello everyone and welcome back today
we’ve got to look at f1 firearms I had a chance to talk to them while I was at
NRAAM as you can see they’ve got a lot of nice stuff here so you’re gonna get a
little bit of eye candy here and then we’ll go into an interview with Justin
and he’ll talk about their newest ar-15 that they’ve built so enjoy like share
and subscribe until next time stay on him to stay vigilant stay safe hey guys this is Justin with f1 firearms
today I have the rbdr x-15 so a couple things that we’ve changed on this
compared to our UDR we’ve added some finger grooves right here on the magwell
we extended the flare on the magwell as well did some more aesthetic cuts we
still have it skeletonized this is a completely new handguard we design this
is our x-series handguard we did a little bit of scalloping here at the
bottom good for aggressive feels and then on our BD rx10 all we did back here
was add to QD points as well so be sure to check us out online thanks guys I wish Ghost Tactical would leave my stuff

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