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Extreme Weapon Pack [Joke WAD para Doom 2]

Well… You can have an idea
of what we can expect here. The realism of attacking a zombie
with a rotten toothbrush was
well reproduced. Here we have the trolling starting. Most of the guns stall somehow in
order to shoot. You can’t change guns
while it is stalling. Am I going to scratch ’em now? Now what? These skinny fingers
must be from the mod’s author.
But the sprites are really well done. Some people call this shotgun
“the wanker”. Here we understand why. Note that the gloves now show up
and the fingers got thicker. One and a half barrel shotgun? The rocket launcher is the only one
that doesn’t stall to shoot, but the
rockets are very slow. There is this vacuum cleaner that
is less slower too. Well… I’m going to resurrect. The BFG is really annoying. Took this long for crap like this. Check this recoil… The toothbrush is what’s left to do. This is going to be tricky… Ops… I pressed a key by mistake. I have to wait until they explode,
what takes too long. Very well.
This torture is over.

24 thoughts on “Extreme Weapon Pack [Joke WAD para Doom 2]

  1. Extreme Weapon Pack é um joke WAD desenvolvido pelo Doggo120 para o Doom II que substitui as armas por umas versões delas que seriam cômicas… Se não fossem extremamente irritantes. Download e mais informações na descrição.

  2. It would be even funnier to have the demons laugh at you while you're using your weapons or fixing a broken nail lol!

  3. Se já é um sofrimento passar uma fase imagina zerar o jogo. Esse sim merece o troféu da paciência

  4. Great to lure Spanish-speaking people here by adding up the subs. Now the 70% of the comments are incomprehensible, because those people don't know/aren't willing to use the English. Good thinking.
    Better idea is to add (any) subs to a video to block the vision
    Not once, but twice.
    I'd like to subscribe

  5. I wonder about this wad. In my mind, I think it was done in the spirit of "The Sky Bay Be" and "Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid" to make fun of accidentally bad or tryhards trying to be new.

    I still get a good chuckle from this.

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