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Extras from “How it FEELS to Play Sniper in TF2” [Behind the Scenes]

Hey everyone, Lazy here and this is gonna be a more casual video. I had to play a lot of sniper to get everything I needed for my last video. So I’m kind of overflowing with good clips here I thought it would be fun to stuff all of them into one big video and do some kind of directors commentary Oh and real quick. I’m shooting for 1 million subscribers by September 2020 so if you’ve been holding off on subscribing I’d really appreciate that you do now this clip actually almost made it into
“how it feels to play sniper” In fact, here’s the rough cut that I had *Magic* When you’re hitting all your shots at sniper it’s like you can’t die. It would take like two Pyro’s coming right at me I deserve this, honestly And if we rewind even further the transition into that clip was actually a very silly Vsauce reference But what if you didn’t? Every now- But what really makes this clip golden, is that as they chase me, I decide that I’m gonna go out with a bang *terrifying laugh or crazy laugh* I’m dead dude I’m fucking dead Out the window! Yes!! *laugh* Oh my god But the clip was just too long and also at this point, I realized that the script was just too high-energy, you know Like he was gonna go from this punch line almost immediately into the megalovania bed And then right before this was actually the three kills upward montage and it was just too much at once once I came to this realization I had to make the tough call to cut out this bit Replace it with the bit about easy sniper games and then I had to flip around the order of these so that megalovania happens Way before this montage and it just needs to be done for the tempo of the video But it was *ughh* it took me a while to figure it out and waste of time. You know, it happens Oh and just to be clear I spent at least four hours just debating whether or not to put this part in the video like I was asking people left to right center and I even made a Twitter poll for it Oh Am I glad you guys didn’t tear me apart for this one. Anyway, my last behind-the-scenes video was all about *How wrangling* source filmmaker was the biggest challenge in making the engineer video Some of you have asked for a sequel to this but despite the occasional sfm glitch The year is 20xx. The Sun is a strobe light Life is now a never ending rave This is the canonical explanation for where all the rave lights are coming from in this scene. But you already knew that right? [Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu – Winters White]
Despite the occasional glitch SFM actually behaved more often this time. The biggest challenge with the Sniper video was actually the script. In fact, this video went through six script rewrites. I kept struggling to communicate this concept that Sniper’s interaction with other players boils down to shooting them before they even see you or dying to people because you didn’t see them I was originally gonna get all ironically philosophical about it like 🤔🤔What does it really mean to play Sniper?🤔🤔 but I eventually threw that idea out Here’s my first note of the concept from a document dating November 21st, four months before the video released [It’s loike Christmas mohnin’.] [It’s loike Christmas mohnin’.] It would take months of refining the script before I arrived on this combination of SFM scenes about overcoming bad habits and how isolated Sniper can feel. This Upward animation actually originally occurred on Badlands because I was going to turn the camera around and show that while every other class is having some kind of one-on-one interaction, Sniper is just all alone. Trying his best to hit his shots Eventually, it would zoom out to emphasize how irrelevant he was and then, well… ADMINISTRATOR: We have lost the control point! This took a couple days to make but ended up getting completely cut because it’s just too confusing Like what are your eyes, supposed to follow here. Heavy gets trickstabbed Then Pyro reflects a rocket Then Medic chases the spy then Engi puts down a minisentry which a Demo and destroys, et cetera, It’s just too much Anyway, Sniper may be defined by his lack of interaction But there are a select few ways that Sniper actually interacts with the other classes And one of them is when the enemy knows you’re shooting at them This Heavy gets stuffed and proceeds to press every key on his keyboard at once *Music2beat* And what do you know? It works out for him. here’s an example of me trying to interact with the players on my team I see this Demo’s sticky trap and decide to use myself as bait for it I was gonna do this SFM bit where I gave my Demo the thumbs up and everything. anyway I successfully bait the scout but then end up taking care of them myself The bit was gonna end with us seeing this come fly forward is the second of silence and then Boom! the trap goes off way too late, and the last notable way that you can interact with enemies is by surfing their explosives Although this is more of a medic thing than a sniper thing So that’s probably where I’ll really talk about it. This soldier really did not enjoy this interaction [ENTER] [Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu – Welcome Home]
Some people ask if I write first or collect gameplay first and the answer is always gameplay first I collect a ton of footage and then keep asking myself What does this clip demonstrate? This clip demonstrates that if I have the choice between shooting an AFK, hatless Pyro or a hatted Pyro who seems to have a functioning keyboard I’m probably gonna prioritize the hatted Pyro. Prioritizing targets is a real thing for Sniper Like of course, I’m gonna shoot the medic before the heavy here, but it just didn’t seem that important to talk about Y’know what, in the interest of me not having to pretend that the ordering of clips in this video makes any sense Here’s a list of stuff that didn’t make it into the final production Let’s attack these one at a time I think I might have some of the worst tunnel vision ever. See this Scout? Of course you do He’s right there, but in the moment, I did not see this guy at all Even here I did not notice him. And I know it seems like I’m completely BS-ing you all Trust me I didn’t see him! In this clip I knew my team was being pushed back So I went to this cheeky position thinking I’d be safe I unscoped and you can already see I’m in trouble, but I did not notice This time, however, I did notice. This spot actually goes right into the SFM bits. I wanted to make fun of how ridiculous it is that you can even be here I was gonna suggest a secondary item for a Sniper like the Gunboats that would just let him float wherever he wants And honestly, just talking about it, I regret not doing this bit Here, I was doing really well flanking as Sniper when this Soldier boy rocket jumps up and scared the hell out of me So I try to retreat but this door only opens from the other side. So I was screaming, “Help, Engi, door’s stuck” let me in. LET ME IIIIIIIIN But that Engi just leaves me and I realize I’m on my own and as good as dead That wasn’t so hard was it? This soldier also did not enjoy that interaction. Another one was gonna be me explaining how Spy’s head hitbox doesn’t match his disguises I was gonna be like, don’t worry. I see what’s really going on here And then it was just Spy playing Runescape on his phone or something Oh god this next one though. This scout forced me to charge up by shot right on his butt. He forced me, okay? There was gonna be a Soldier like Uhh Sniper you’ve been fully charged for 15 seconds and Sniper was gonna be like Oh Yeah mate that’s good *laugh* Let’s move on I have the easiest shot in the world on this Brass Beast Heavy But he makes the 500 IQ play and aims upwards which puts his hand in front of his face it was gonna zoom in and you’d be like Oh, I outsmart bullet! This next Brass Beast Heavy will do us the favor of transitioning into all the unused hackusations He’s out in the open. I kill him seems pretty normal to me. But he disagree ~WhEn YoU TrY YoUr bESt BUt YoU DOnT SUccEEEEEd~ Now people, it’s good to be suspicious sometimes and call out hackers but man some of you call hacks way too soon. There was this one guy that got super upset because I was out sniping him even though he was trying to second scope me It’s way too long of a clip though. So I’ll probably upload it to my secondary channel soon (link in the description) I am proud to admit though that I was kicked from a server one time for “cheating” It was actually the first time I used the Bazaar Bargain. I was just destroying their Heavies which brings us into stomping casual players I get this demo Accidentally headshot this spy and then after getting one shot on this Heavy He just gives up it breaks my heart to see this gibus goggles Heavy so demoralized that he just- he just assumes I’ll get the second headshot on him. Something that’s rough about Sniper is that there’s really no way to go easy on people like with Soldier You can just switch to market gardening if the teams are really unbalanced, but what am I gonna do as sniper? Intentionally go for body shots? I’m sure people would love that! I just feel disgusted when I stomp a casual game like this But I don’t know what else to do. If you want to terrorize casual players as well Of course, you need the basics of lowering your sensitivity getting a bigger mousepad and disabling mouse acceleration, but just as important is that you have to push yourself to improve What I mean by that is forcing yourself to go for headshots all the time like even if they’re gonna die to fall damage or something just go for it at one point I thought to myself, why melee people when I can just headshot them? And I was gonna do a bit making fun of this Sniper that goes for his melee weapon in our 1v1 Like he was gonna try and get at me But my barrel would just be in the way and lastly I was considering a bit where I would joke that this headshot here was just a complicated backstab, like who needs to play spy when you can just hit point-blank headshots right behind people It’s practically the same thing Just to be clear though This forcing headshots mindset is only for improving. Like in this clip the enemy sniper was better than me So I did this disgustingly sneaky fully charged body shot on him Sometimes you just gotta do them dirty one of the first things you learn in competitive tf2 is that it’s not worth it to challenge the enemy sniper In one of the first drafts of the script, I was gonna joke about and how if you challenge a Sniper, sure, there’s a universe where he straight up misses you, but you really don’t want to find out that you’re in the universe where he doesn’t [za warudo noises]
but you really don’t want to find out that you’re in the universe where he doesn’t but you really don’t want to find out that you’re in the universe where he doesn’t Anyway, some people didn’t get the memo and will insist on shooting flare guns at you across the map It feels fantastic to punish this disrespectful act of hubris Medics do it, too Look how wide this Medic peeks me just for a crossbow hit Was it worth it, man? Was it worth it? Oh shit cut to the next clip QUICKQUICKQUICK- I don’t know why they even try I mean no Medic has ever killed me like that. That would be sooo embarrassing Now let us pay our respects to everyone I’ve ever accidentally killed BLU SPY: What de fUCK! [literally how] For some reason it’s almost always a Medic here I was actually going for their Sniper, but got the Medic and then die to the Sniper. Again, here I’m going for the Sniper and oops got the Medic, died to the sniper But you’ll never guess what happens this time I go for this Sniper and there goes your Medic. Why does this keep happening? Am I subconsciously aiming at the Medics or something? Maybe Let me ask you something. Have you ever hit a headshot and been like “ehhhhhh, I don’t know about that one chief.” Well, I have some good evidence between several clips that TF2’s has a bad habit of rewinding hitboxes [WILL SMITH: yaaaaah.]
rewinding hitboxes Shooting where this Pyro’s head used to be results in a headshot. This theory also explains why some headshots become bodyshots as well. I take the shot here, but since Soldier’s body was there just a second ago, it registers as a bodyshot. Don’t start using this as an excuse, though, because it usually favors the sniper I mean, to be honest, this one is completely beyond explanation Rewinding the hitbox doesn’t explain a thing hut the front in back
//putting this here to screw with YouTube’s autocaption generation Maybe I’m completely wrong about all of this I was gonna do a bit where my sniper would be distraught over all these clips and someone would be like, what’s up, man? And I’d be like What if I’ve never actually had shot anybody? What if none of this is real, man? Now some people complained that I didn’t talk about the Huntsman Look, let me show you the only Huntsman clip you will ever need to see Stared at his rag doll for so long that he actually came around again I put another arrow straight in his head, but apparently that’s not good enough anymore How is this not directly in his giant head? If you ask me, nothing shows off how insanely powerful Sniper is than a good old 180 headshot In this clip, I was at 22 health so I decided to retreat But hey, on the way I might as well 180-delete someone Is there anything more satisfying than 180 deleting someone? I don’t think so Bonus points if it’s in the middle of the conga And in this last random clip I was on a super duper 14 headshot spray when this crazy duo Übers in just to kill me. I even got lucky enough to crit melee him I guess they figured out who I was cuz when I asked about it, they responded Oh, okay. It’s like that then Okay. Well, how about you have one of these? And one of these? You can imagine how good that felt. Anyway, I think I’ve bombarded you all with enough random clips, but you know what else is random? Oh, I think you know. [oh hey it’s that music JelloApocalypse uses]

100 thoughts on “Extras from “How it FEELS to Play Sniper in TF2” [Behind the Scenes]

  1. I once head-shotted a cloaked spy fully aware he was there. I saw him cloak, tracked his movement, and shot him in the head.

  2. I personally think the first bit you chose to cut out actually would have worked. After zooming out, everything you see is really jumbled yeah, but it juxtaposes effectively with the Sniper’s repeated shooting. It was great anyway, just thought I’d give my two cents

  3. You've dealt with Pyros, but have you ever played as one??? I want your personal opinion on how it feels to play Pyro.

  4. 12:18 if you were to go back to 12:16 the. You would see the the pyro’s head was at the same level where the middle of the scope was. So the hit box just clipped into the ground and then boom head shot

  5. As a decent sniper main I enjoy challenging the enemy snipers especially when their better than I am because it feels amazing to get a lucky shot on them

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    It IS really chaotic. But it juxtaposes the lack of action on the snipers side of things. So I think it still works.

  9. I really like this "Director's commentary", cause it does actually show how good Lazy's attention to detail is regarding scene composition

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    That. Nothing is more satisfying than making toxic people look bad.

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