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Extra-Fancy 20-Shot Pinfire Revolver

Extra-Fancy 20 Shot Pinfire Revolver Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another
video on I’m Ian, I am here today at the Rock Island Auction House checking out some of the guns that they are going to be selling in their April of 2016 Premier auction. And this is an example of a gun that I actually have been kind of wanting to find a good example of to show you guys. This is a 20 shot, 2 barrelled, pinfire revolver, which actually has some neat mechanics to it. And what I found in this particular auction is this example, which is also completely covered in extremely fancy gold engraving and inlaying. This is, I think without a doubt, the
fanciest looking pinfire I have ever seen. Normally when you find these things
they’re usually pretty darn beat-up. This one is exactly the opposite,
this is completely over the top. So, why don’t I bring the camera back here, because
I know you can’t see anything from that view, and the whole point of this is to
take a look at this impressive thing. So let me begin by saying, “Good grief.”
That’s quite the pinfire here. Someone went to an incredible amount
of work making something this ornate. Now you can see we have tools here, we have
a cleaning rod, a screwdriver for disassembly, and this is an oil bottle (like so), and then the gun itself. Two barrels and 20 chambers. Alright, let’s start with some of the really
ornate decoration that has been added here. This whole thing is covered with this
engraving, coupled with gold inlay and these gold studs over, like,
the entire surface of the gun. Gold plated front sight. We’ve got a manufacturer, “E.L.Malherbe
& Cie. Liège”, so Malherbe and company. Liège, of course is Liège, Belgium, which
was a major firearms manufacturing city. Including, in particular, a lot of pinfire manufacture.
I wasn’t able to find any other information on this company, although I found
several other well-documented manufacturers in Liège with the same
last name, just not the same initials. This is a folding trigger model, which is
not uncommon for pinfires like this one, well, mechanically like this one. I have not seen any
other pinfires like this one as far as decoration goes. Cool feathery looking thing on the hammer there. And then the grip of course is right up to the same
standards. This is either engraved or moulded. What do you need to top it off,
but a gold-plated lanyard ring? Now the mechanics of this thing are
also really cool. In order to get 20 shots they had to have two barrels, because a … cylinder with 20 shots that are all in a single circle would be just really huge and impractical.
So what they did is they have two actual layers of chambers in there, and the inner round here,
these match up with the bottom barrel. And the outer circumference match up with the top barrel.
Now in order to do this with just one hammer what they did was they put two
… firing pins on the hammer. This is a pinfire gun. You’ll notice that there
are these little notches on each of the chambers, so a pin sticks out of each one of those and
hitting the pin straight in is what fires the cartridge. So you’ll see that these … firing pins have angled
surfaces on the back. That is so that when they impact they will drive the pin directly down into the cartridge and set it off. Now the way this works is you’ve got one ratchet
on the back of this cylinder and it rotates the cylinder what looks like from the top about half a
position … each time you cock the hammer. So you can see that this chamber is lined up with the
barrel. Okay, that’s great. When I cock the hammer, oh, now nothing is lined up with the barrel. That’s because one of our inner ring of
chambers is lined up with the bottom barrel. So when I pulled the trigger this
top firing pin hits nothing right there, but the bottom firing pin is going to
go inside and hit that pin right there. (This is a little finicky, there we go.) Now, when I cock the hammer again it rotates another kind of what looks like half position, and now we have nothing lined up with the bottom [firing pin], but we have this chamber lined up with the top [firing pin]. So you get 20 shots and the system mechanically deals with these two separate rings of chambers
automatically all by itself, which is pretty slick. A clever bit of design there. Now in order to load and unload this,
we have a loading gate here. So your ejector rod actually lines up with both sets of chambers.
When you have it pushed in against the frame like this you can punch out cartridges from the
inner ring, and then you can just pop it out away from the frame and now it lines
up with your outer ring of cartridges. And then you can of course reload
everything through that loading gate, close it when you’re done, and you’re ready to fire. This type of gun, this two barrel, 20 shot, mechanically really neat pistol was made, in fact the vast, vast majority of them were
just basic, plain, undecorated examples. And they’re out there, they’re a little difficult to find because
they’re considered pretty collectible, pretty desirable, just because of the size and the kind
of the wow factor with a gun like this. Finding one that’s engraved, massively decorated,
like this example is really pretty darn unusual. But it’s really cool that I can actually show
you both the really over the top decoration and the really neat mechanical
function all at the same time in one gun. Thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed
the video. I don’t think you’ll ever get to see another 20 shot pinfire quite like this one, so I definitely wanted
to take the chance to check it out while we could. If you’d like to have the chance
to check this thing out every day, it is, of course, coming up for
sale, you can own it yourself. Take a look at the description text below the
video and you’ll find a link to Rock Island’s catalogue page on this piece. You can
see their pictures and their description, and place a bid right there on-line, or come
up here to Rock Island and participate live. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Extra-Fancy 20-Shot Pinfire Revolver

  1. “Holy Jesus, what is that? WHAT FUCK IS THAT! WHAT IS THAT!” This is is basically 12 Rolexes of the 19th century.

  2. When I saw the 2 barrels and the 2 parts on the hammer I thought gun would fire both barrels at the same time. However what it actually does is cycle between top and bottom barrels each time the hammer gets pulled back which I think is really cool.

    Kudos to the original gunsmith for that mechanical design choice it totally subverted my expectations in a good way.

  3. This is fantastic marketing for the Auction House.

    Your whole video is advertising a product for sale as well as the services you provide.

    Best adverts ever….

  4. Doesnt look like much metal between the two barrels, I would be worried about it being weak there, maybe creating a hole over time

  5. I would have to stop collecting if I won that at auction… exactly what pistol would ever top it?

  6. Why noone repro such a thing in a convetional centerfire cartridge? I mean there is a niche market for crazy guns with several barrels.

  7. I saw this in a book as a kid. Ehat a great channel to so thoroughly examine such rare firearms to satisfy the curiosity of the public. Ian is the best!

  8. I'm not much of a gun owner, collector, or user, but I find the things just so damn interesting mechanically. As a work of engineering, guns are among the most intriguing things humanity has ever made, and this revolver just blows me away. Not only is it an example of an engineering feat, but it's also a work of art. I could never fire that gun, it's just too damn pretty. That's a display piece if I ever saw one. I love it.

  9. That looks like a .22 caliber. Do you know what caliber it actually Is? Also, does anyone make a modern version of this revolver? If no, why not?

  10. They do exist. I only saw a image of it on Facebook a long time being shared around. I thought it was just some crazy thing someone made up just for fun.

  11. Engravings doesn't give you any tactical advantages whatsoever.

    But it's 20 shot. Enough to kill anything with it's 20 that moves.

    And you don't even need to reload during a battle.

    The greatest handgun ever made. Like three times.

  12. If only there was a poster if Ian shooting the PPSH with his down. I would pay unlimited money for that.

  13. I heard Liberace kept one of these on his bedside cabinet. Hard to think of anyone else actually liking this monstrosity.

  14. Anyone else notice how thin the metal between the barrels is? I know this gun was likely more status symbol than weapon, but that looks unsafe.

  15. A gun for when your mother, mother in law, eight aunts, wife, four sister in laws, and six daughters have all been dishonored.

  16. Que hermoso revolver, sin duda una pieza unica.
    Me daria pena dispararlo para que no se corroiera con la polvora negra…

  17. Nice to see this gun again Ian. Not a gun you forget easily. A good remake of your 2016 video on the gun 🙂

  18. Wow, that is indeed EXTRA fancy. You've got to admire a piece that is both functional and exquisitely decorated like this one is.

  19. The muzzle flip would be rediculous, i have a double barelled revolver and its a custom job with a very low barrel orientation, its also chambered in 45cal. So to 45 barells going off at once makes it double effective

  20. Antique weapons compared to modern ones are well decorated , harquebus, Muskets, Revolvers etc.

    But imagine General issue army M16 and M4 with such decorations

  21. Huh I didn’t expect the ratcheting system like that. I thought it would shoot two barrels at once. Then I saw the offset barrels and Ian was talking about that

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