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EXPERIMENT PISTOL VS LCD, Hard Drive, Bottles, Bricks with (9mm Bullets)

Gun Fire Gun Fire In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful Hello Friends, I am Zahid Hassan Today! I am presenting an entertaining video for you when you’r watching, I am sure you’ll enjoy alot So, today’s my video is about the Bullet of 9MM You can watch at your screen This is the 9MM Bullet and it’s specialty is we can fire in pistol and in Rifle MP5 also called Machine Pistol No. 5 it’s range is If we fire in pistol then it’s range is approximately 25 to 50 meter effective range If we fire in machine pistol i mean MP5 then it’s range increase from 50 to 75 meter Now we talk about it It’s caliber is 9MM and it’s bullet is at the time of leaving the Gun Muzzle that time it’s speed 380 meter/second and it’s muzzle velocity is 1246.7 feet per second If we talk it’s pressure limit so it’s pressure limit when it hits anything then how much pressure or weight it can built on that thing that weight is 38500 pounds Let’s move now we fire on couple of things for the experiment what is dealt with that things video is coming to excitement Must watch and see what we’ve done moving to experiment and the special talk is that You shouldn’t try this at home because what experiment we are going to do are with most experienced friends under the supervision of them so again please don’t try this at home for the purpose of fire we use pistol. this is a Beretta pistol also known as just Beretta pistol made in Itally we loading gun shot gun shot so you can see, now we are going to show you what happened to bricks this is the brick front of me it’s called machine made brick and strongest brick bullet has done torn into pieces this the point of bullet hit blow away the corner of brick Let’s move to see how many thing can stand front of it friends our next thing is for the experiment of 9 MM is a hard drive by Trigen I don’t know the GB’s of this hard drive we only want to experiment to see that the bullet of 9MM how much effective on it’s steel made body can cross it or how much damage can create in it let’s move and see gun shot hard drive hits oh hooooo, beautiful this… oh hoo it is so hot it’s bullet is so hot and here entered and done a little on body damaged and bended it little it’s circuits and IC’s you can see them broken it breaks too it breaks too and this, it’s processor also broken it’s so hot that’s why i am unable to out to get see………….. viewers you can see bullet still in there this is entering point and crossed the steel body our next thing is very sensitive IBM’s LCD Let see what will happen with it go This poor was in work some days ago people watched Youtube videos on it or Facebook do chatting today we see how long stay front of pistol see……………. LCD in front of us we have 9MM Beretta Pistol gun shot waaaa……..hoooo not stay too long and poor LCD which is poor fell down if camera can show you that it’s throw LCD wholes are made, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7 holes are made see oh ho ho ho from here bullet is crossed and all it’s things are almost there it is bullet, bullet is not crossed through it was created with steel that’t why it not crossed it it stocked in it if we see it see if… yes yes bullet is here if we have screw driver then we can show you after removing from it that bullet in what situation in the body bullet cross over here is it is front of us, here it is this is the hole which is never crossed by thrown far It’s IBM it’s pieces are gone in wide area i am taking you to next thing which is very interesting… must watch our next thing which want to break may some people after watching may feel bad or feel thirsty that why they done this if i show you first that thing you can think exactly what i am talking about if my camera can show this is in pakistan Murree’s made whisky and this is also in murree made in there it’s name is whisky vat number 1 second one is same whisky and the third one is murree’s we can see written in capital letters saphire trigen made for the non Muslim people which are can buy with their permit in pakistan can use for their festivals like as Christmas or like their other festivals but it rather then mostly we Muslims, we Pakistani are using it and people are buying just we are, the Muslim community is buying most of the time now i can tell you how i am going to dealt with it see what we are doing with it because it’s deserves this gun shot what the f**k now we’ll tell you do not take my hand you can see i already have a wound this is murree brewery’s condition has done by me now i have to go, just show this below my dress is wet by that bad thing go and change I hope you like my video Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and like my video we always try to show you full of entertainment videos Remember us in you r prayers Hope we meet in next video and till then… Good Bye

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  1. Ma sha Allah veer g main tu pehly hi apka bahot bara fan hoon Allah pak mere veer ko taraqi day aur hasdoo k hasad aur bori nazrooon se apni amaan main rakhay ameen good job bhai jan

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