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yo bro just you don’t get it okay Papa Jake doesn’t want to make another video another video because I just don’t think our viewers how would it taste Logan I don’t think they able to take to get in 10,000 like I don’t think they’re savage enough so I step up to take our viewers or south face right sandwich how do you know if they can get 10,000 liking this video and next up the YouTube advertisers are pulling out youtube akhanda share classi tokoto lots of Johnson & Johnson goddammit dances why are you taking your eyes away we haven’t had an ad in the video for weeks I’m living off of graham crackers loading did what it’s okay this just have a pet yeah I guess it’s ok but no no way I having a plastic your life I’m above that is misery yo that’s assault basketball this is Patsy full baby I always going on guys stop the Jade from team epiphany coming back with another awesome video and today we are doing another gun versus video where we get a bunch of items and we take done and choose them with the guy so it’s pretty fun and today we’ve got a bunch of brilliance of items for you guys we got to Reno’s we got my little pony we’ve got smiley faces of course you got some types in we’ve got some other explosive something it is going to be awesome hi guys before we even w this video all right I want you guys you got to take the baby i want you guys just mass that like button and share the video so we can get over 10,000 likes and do more of the crazy experiments and we are back of course and we’re going to keepin it off think with a little friend of mine mr. Peggy’s been hiding these from me why are you doing with that Mr piggy you’ll like them does it make so much noise where you can’t go unfortunately mr. piggy had an accent in the last video we we took a gun to his behind no you didn’t enjoy Mr piggy it wasn’t fun for anyone but let’s jump into this guy’s and let’s get started with the third first item up against one of course guys don’t forget to never try anything we do on this channel at home okay if I threw water do not do that at home because it could be dangerous or non advertiser friendly so from now on we are only advertiser friend me on this channel it’s not right mr. pinky Jake that’s right let’s pick you didn’t mean that Logan peafowl Mr piggy says he’s only use those words here even look at the back here this is no longer in kula we call it a bum tube this is mr. piggies bum tube okay and what comes out of his bum tube is no longer okay it’s brown fun even what we should have to be kid-friendly so no one can we shoot real mannequin heads we have to shoot ball and pretend this is a head they don’t even look like a head it’s just a giant Paul not even oh that’s advertised the problematique if we draw a face on note that all that’s not advertised friendly oh no that’s we can’t do that either I don’t know what’s advertised a friend is this advertiser friendly probably not alright boys but i’ll just talk about advertiser friendly concept your dotting me pretty hungry that’s why we have doritos hashtag sponsor they’re paying for my brand-new Corvette and I decided the best way to open up a fresh bag of Doritos is with the gun s’okay your headphones on and let’s get ready to open up the back it don’t repost now Papa takes always safe which is why I’m going behind the blast shield all right let’s have some fun fun Torito who’s ready fun hmm but allergy is like not judge refocus yo we absolutely destroyed that’s a gatito’s would look at that know that smell Audrina Phoenix smell my cerritos I’m gonna have one it enjoy some nice best Doritos right out of the bag all you need is a gun you know I do i do want to warn you guys you probably don’t want to open doritos in this method in any public place you know work school anything like that but if you’re chilling at home and you need a bag of Doritos baby and sometimes you can’t open the bag up here you just get your gun out BAM question i don’t think mmm but guys we can’t have a Dorito party without a little bit of confetti that’s why i got my friend confetti face here oh my god i’m so hospitable my mouth I just can’t wait to enjoy our next date ok petty face unless you think I should save confetti face sounds good whoo alright guys next up we’ve got our ball here this is tyra foam and you guys know the styrofoam is the absolute best when we shoot it with the gun so i put the ball right here in the middle of the table and we’re going to shoot it and see what happens in fact mr. Peggy I need you at the test subject all right mr. pinky you’re gonna sit right here there you go you got front row seats and we’re going to see if this kills you cuz that’s science through some reason I think all right mr. pinky are you ready for this this is gonna be a like what do you what are you doing mr. biggie why do you have a Dorito in your back hole or your butt why do you have a Dorito in there no mr. busy so that’s not you eat cerritos linear we go mr. piggy we are gonna shoot this downward this way oh here we go oh my God look at that Fuji it’s not the material they use for you rolling my big bro the genie did you cry babies are covered under either oh my God look at years old he’s like that out he’s on all I can you may have just discovered we manage those of material but geez these are made out of place oh my god it’s just like completely everywhere fuck you having a baby inside a baby everyone stand back it’s a baby sis oh oh my god where’s the coming out of your eyes holy I don’t know where babies come out of okay okay okay no no it’s fine it’s fine goes to substrate mr Bridges ok I got this Papa J stop its hold on hold on hold on oh it’s crowded well mr. just lean back yes your baby want to see you buddy ok no you can’t feel cuz are we gonna show mr. big baby let’s do it boy reach you I don’t think that’s not advertising family welcome back to Papa Jake’s cooking show where I’m going to show you how to make some scrambled eggs with a pistol it’s going to be fun first off if you want to make some scrambled eggs make sure you’ve got something to hold your pistol like some tongs once you’ve got that egg in place make sure you lock and load I use a 9-millimeter but you can use whatever you like at home protection is important let’s get this cookin first you’re gonna want to stand us up this far away from your egg what’s your mocking motive you are ready to start cooking for anyway mmm I can smell them already oh are you okay like Popeye are okay from now on I’m way they back it literally cut my argued it exploded not just like blue it’s gone it literally just disintegrating and show you guys what I just I just felt like shrapnel hit me and then Morgan was like i went out like now well who was inside the egg oh Mr piggy baby is named lupa yeah even turn out to go well at this point since flew played cost us so much issues we r vies will shoot them and see how far we can go alright so lupe are you ready buddy way we did Papa Jake it’s putting on the job that’s right we’ve got a fully working job here now that its protection we’re going to see what happens when I shoot this job so I want all of you guys to pretend this is Papa Jake what’s advertised it friendly special sack of fun and it’s inside here okay and I almost use the front of the jock and we’re going to see what would happen to Papa Jake special type of thing now remember guys imagine that you’re inside this let’s see how well you would stay protected where’d he go where’s my cell phone is it okay all right so it’s a little it’s a little fart you know so it would have thought it would have had a little bit of uh but other than that I mean it’s still sakky it’s so bouncy it’s still ready to go so it is confirmed that this jock would have saved my sack of fun oh oh oh we’re gonna show here we go oh yeah buddy yeah yo rip right through space dude mr. fun sex is not having a fun day anymore where’s buttercups comb oh hey didn’t see that just playing around with buttercup here from my little pony you know being advertised as friendly on this channel also means becoming a brownie Oh brownie is someone who loves my little pony and I happen to love My Little Pony my vibe right now I was just playing with you we gotta shoot buttercup let’s go baby oh my god we had an idea we at 90 and I need your help I need your help gun if we can get 15,000 lights on this video we will do it gun versus the grenade that’s right we did a hot knife vs. a grenade resistor 1000 degree knife vs. a grenade what we want to do a gun versus a grenade so guys let’s try and get 15,000 like on the video I do we can do let’s see what happen yo so that’s where it went through and then it just exploded everywhere okay well that has been the gun person sometimes if you guys want to use the condom purchase to day basis method like what is this perfect object oops got mixed up oh hey OH


  1. Don't get mad at me for saying this but I haven't watched you in a while and when I come back from like a month from not watching you you're swearing

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