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i’m back again and we are here in my garage with my two sexy lady they’re my favorite girls isn’t that right girls yeah and we got my board mr. pretty back there and worry about the customer with the hottest mother talking tonight on the inside of the Sun is not right mr. pretty don’t really care i know this episode is the most dangerous happy so we’ve ever done that right well then you better sit here mr. pinky wasn’t supposed to get hot hold on hold on a second here hello yes this is she scratched yeah yeah what was the beer stuff Jesus how’s it going fast that holy cheese tonight you keep playing Jesus Jesus Christ Jesus we have 50,000 light on our last video and you know what that means guys that means that Loki is coming back from pepper you can send it back to me Jesus yes holy shit back when he gets back to filming we’re doing video we about the light my fire baby i was in fact behind you he’s actually physically behind right now what with bridges they’re here and you’re curling up next to them out that very year but today guys we are going to be like this like up to a thousand degrees will get red-hot and we’re going to be cutting through a bunch of create the object included leads the gentleman the most dangerous thing we cut through a live shot gunshot oh yes I might die today but it’s gonna be freakin with the first up we got no rest no longer Christmas with not enough oh I’m going about their he said he’s got five children I just don’t care because this is about to be spring and so you know what happens to snowmen friends please come back alright so now we think the night box sounds very pleased literally hotter than the first one here we go mr. snowman time to die a time to die oh this is our fight cries out oh oh they got ya go back and add a lot of with your stuff student progress I don’t want that i was going to murder their press up that’s all but he was myself and now he’s dead unfortunately all that’s left of frosty the snowman is nothing you completely cut in half well frosty time for you to dose or all snowman go to help let’s get on to the next time today is a special day because it’s actually mr. pickle’s birthday in the right mr. pinky it is your birthday shut up and what do you walk through your birthday present mr. P no he doesn’t want that you are 10,000 likes on this video because this video get 10,000 freaking life we will chop through a firework is not right decision for your birthday mr picky about you Sparkle loading nothing out you know what just for that Mr piggy you get one okay you want one so bad I’ll do you want mr. patient i’ll give you one alright how do you like to now mr. biggie you don’t look like a unicorn that’s not unicorn look like shop 400r my fall back ok let’s burn if you enjoy that shut up good enjoy your time alright guys next up I’m definitely going to need these bad boys for trust ok these are outside now this is a joke but I’m going to need these are going to be coming into one of my favorite drink it has cycled old box into the love Scott please haha yeah but everywhere can offer you oh I’m so no part so and play regular we don’t got this explosive step-back locus this place it’s about to get crazy because in this box ladies and gentlemen the also exposes back the few we got you this is a real life live grenade locus hashtag no joke are you right back late jump inside that box is the one and only chocolate grenade he produced in diabetes wore a whole set you need to get some diabetes children in the playground took one of these pages there are 5 59 countries this thing is 100-percent chocolate is check ladies oh boy I was not want to see what happens we’re going to be cut through let’s get right into this here we go oh oh my god we’ve gotten through the grenade point we find that literally our fire fire well that we have a literally a grenade on fire guys you like some of my young lady in your mouth put the axe I want to come next in my mouth I might want a little bit sexual with you look I less flow for the mana structures ohmygod ohmygod to call you know look what happened look at the close of the most out of it i want to dump test level reason don’t sweat it now yeah bag that’s not right well we did it we’ve successfully lift the grenade on fire next up on the list is something that you see in every single part and his back Papaji absolutely a master at this paint colors me the back and just local six the doc let’s see that oh why does that satisfy there’s nothing more satisfying than that all right i’m going to write it has been your time out like we will create the world’s biggest ball smoke grenade maxed out like what we doing this it finally comes the time that use office waiting for life been waiting for it pretty anxiously you know this is mr picky a chef and show we have a live shot gun shell here and we are going to cut through we cut through grenade we are going to custom fireworks we are going to make the world’s biggest smoke grenade but today we are cutting shot gunshot now I don’t know what’s gonna happen this must kill me so this may be the last thing that I have to say why would i say i love you i’m not going to dive into being after that might doc but it tastes like these guys make sure to smash that like button this acute last leg but you right to cutting to a livestock and shut no okay all right guys here we go back 10 described notice the guy problems who actually ignited and shot himself shot out hit Mr piggy in the face with the water which is still on fire and came out of the front that is absolutely crazy guys I took some gunpowder’s of faith with your team picnic we all around we don’t mess around let’s see Miss gear do that so thank you guys very much projected out this video this has been shakes from team epiphany and we will see you guys next time for another awesome video got to make sure if you want to cut into fireworks hit that like button if you guys wanna to make the world’s biggest smoke grenades that like button and we will do it to solution get checked out like somehow make it happen guys please don’t like this

100 thoughts on “EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS SHOTGUN SHELL

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  2. What happened to Papa Jake, i liked him better when he did those funny boxfort videos, now he swears and posts irresposible stuff that children should not be watching.

  3. MAOR vids like this pleas I know your audience is mostly just 4 year old kids and you can keep up with the baby videos just pleas MAOR

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