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This week on TGC News, expensive revolvers,
cheap semi autos and guns that make you go huh? Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to everyone that has grabbed up some
of our new merch over at Ballistic Ink. We have more options than ever, including
some really nice hats and ladies gear as well. Now, how about some news? First up this week, I’m going to irritate
a bunch of people by talking about some really expensive guns. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, man I
really like revolvers but I want one that’s as expensive as my first car, I’ve got you
covered. A lesser known part of Nighthawk is a company
called Korth. They produce some of the nicest revolvers
you could ever put your hands on, and they’ve released some new models all chambered in
357 magnum. The first one is called the Ranger and the
core concept here was to design a 4 inch barrel wheel gun with pic rail on top for an optic
and a rail on the bottom for a light or laser. The barrel assembly has a bunch of cuts in
it likely to reduce weight from adding all that material for the rails. It also has very nice turkish walnut grips. Moving along, you also have the new Mongoose
silver to accompany the black version. This is essentially the same thing as the
original mongoose but with a silver DLC finish and again with nice walnut grips. And they also release a new version of their
Super Sport called the ALX Blue. The claim to fame on this one besides the
striking color scheme is roller bearing trigger system, and fully machined parts throughout
the gun as well as a lighter weight at 2.91 pounds. The super sport guns are adjustable in a bunch
of different ways and are really meant to take competition wheel guns to another level. And rounding us out on these mortgage payments
is the super sport ULX red. Again, a very striking color scheme, all kinds
of adjustability, and even lighter weight than the ALX blue at 2.72 pounds. They’ve achieved this by skeletonizing the
barrel shroud area. All of these guns will have incredibly smooth
actions because that’s what korth does. And the price tag, well hold onto your butts. The Ranger weighs in at 4799 dollars. It gets better. The Silver Mongoose, and both of the new super
sport models kick the wallets teeth-in at 5549 dollars MSRP of course. And I know a lot of you guys are like, Jon,
those are super expensive, why should I care? Well in my opinion guns like this are sort
of like concept cars or high end luxury cars. What we see being released on them now, may
become standard on normal cars in a few years time. So think of these like the Mercedes S class
of wheel guns. Really expensive but REALLY nice to boot. I want to know what you guys think of guns
like this. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like
down in the comments and we will talk about it! Next up this week, since you guys dealt with
something super expensive, lets go the complete opposite direction with a brand new gun from
Keltec. It’s called the P17 and its pretty intriguing. Fully loaded it weighs under a pound. It comes with 3 16-round magazines, it has
an ambi safety and mag release and on top of that, its only slightly larger than the
smith & wesson shield. How the hell did they do this? Well first off, its chambered in 22 long rifle. I believe this is an expansion from the CP33
which holds 33 rounds in the mag, this is sort of a smaller version of that. They accomplish this higher than everyone
else capacity in a 22 by quad stacking the rounds in the mag. Everyone else is doing a staggered single
stack and keltec, wanting to continue to do interesting things, pushed that to another
level. When I was researching this gun, I found that
Jacki over at actually was able to put her hands on it and took this picture
of the gun with the slide off. This image tells us a couple things. One, the slide consists of that rear portion
primarily and only has a small connection to the fixed barrel and spring unit via the
bar on top. And 2, at least from what we can see, there
aren’t a lot of parts moving back and forth and this means a simpler design which generally
means a cheaper gun. The MSRP on this new P17 is 199 bucks which
is really solid, however, Keltec has had some hiccups in the past, and even though they
are a supporter of TGC it’s only fair that we point out that things in the past have
taken effing forever to get into stores or even stay in stock. Remember the launch of the PMR30? Everyone was excited about a cheap gun and
because they were tough to get for a long time, they sold for double the price often
times. Either way, a new option when it comes to
a small 22 is definitely not a bad thing. Sig is in the news BIG TIME this week. I’ve saved this for later in the show because
there is a lot of stuff going on with Sig alone. First up, Sig was awarded a contract for the
US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons. Included in this were a light machine gun,
belt-fed for the win, a more standard rifle, and suppressors for them both. On top of that these were designed around
a 6.8 hybrid round that have a segmented case. What this means in reality is that SIG is
another step closer to being the next weapon system for the US Army. They will be competing against General Dynamics
among others. Innovation comes out of things like this so
I am looking forward to seeing the results. Beyond that, SIG has announced a pistol version
of their Tread AR15 rifle. There’s not really much to say about that,
It’s a pistol-version of the same thing. It’s also hilarious to see them avoiding contact
with that brace on the shoulder like its diseased. They also released a new version of the 365
called the SAS or Sig Anti Snag. Long story short, they’ve removed the normal
sights from the gun and replaced them with a modified version of the Meprolight FT sights
which sit, in this case, down in the slide. It also means that all the controls which
normally stick out a tiny bit have been moved inboard for a very “snag free” design. What that means is that you can no longer
use the sights for manipulating the gun and the same goes for the slide catch, you will
have to manually slingshot the slide every time. One handed manipulations are not a thing with
this version of the gun. Not only have they removed the traditional
sights but this version of the gun also has a ported barrel and slide to try and keep
recoil under control. The thing that comes to my mind about this
gun is why? Who is getting the sights snagged on things
enough to warrant this as a separate model? I’ve shot a lot of guns over the years and
I can’t think of a single time when the sights have been an issue for me. I understand that I’m not able to see from
the perspective of everyone out there so please if you think this makes sense, tell me why
in the comments because I am straight up confused. Also, hey sig, please make a ported 365 with
sights. Kthanks. Our Guntuber of the Week this time is a channel
that has been picking up steam recently. Mike does a lot of work with glocks and keeps
his presentation concise and easy to follow. I think you guys are gonna enjoy this one. Say hello to tactical considerations. I am a big proponent of clean video and audio
and Mike certainly has that and I think you guys are gonna enjoy watching his videos. There is a link in the description for you
guys to head over and get subscribed to his channel and when you do, be sure to tell him TGC sent you. I asked the TGC instagram followers for questions
and you guys delivered! Well that’s a complex answer but ill give
you my perspective. I think a lot of gun stores charge way too
much money for ammo. And they are often not as convenient as a
place like walmart. The same reasoning applies to social media
platforms. Why go to a specialized place if everything
you need is in one place? I mean heck, the main reason that gun stores
exist is because you have to perform a background check to buy a gun. If that wasn’t the case, gun stores for the
most part would be wiped off the earth. That’s a simple one: The Beretta A400 Xtreme. Honestly, My edc doesn’t change. I throw on my VP9 and grab my vertx bag. Keys and phone are also present. Raise your hand if you guys want to see a
video on my EDC loadout. Sound off in the comments below and if you
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