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Everything You Need To Know About Kidney Stones

Ah, theme parks. Don’t ya just love ‘em? They’re great places to eat $12 hot dogs,
see countless kids on leashes, and…. pass kidney stones? Hey peeps, Crystal here for DNews. You may have heard of kidney stones and how
painful they are. Chances are, a few of you have had to suffer
through them already because ten percent of people will have a kidney stone at least once
in their life. One of these unfortunate souls claimed he
passed his stones while riding a roller coaster!. Researchers followed up on his claim and found
that the bumps and jolts of a roller coaster can help kidney stones make their way through
the body, with a 64% chance you’ll pass the stone! Crazy, right? But what exactly are kidney stones and how
do they get in your body? Kidney stones, also known as nephrolithiasis,
are small, hard mineral deposits formed in the kidneys that pass through the urinary
tract and leave the body through the urethra. For those of you that don’t know, *whispers*
that’s where your pee comes out. They typically occur when some of the minerals
in your pee become highly concentrated. See, your urine has over 3,000 different compounds
in it, including salts and a wide variety of minerals. When the amount of fluid gets out of balance
with the minerals, or when your urine lacks the right substances to break them up, they
may clump together, forming a kidney stone. One of the most common types is formed when
a compound called calcium-oxalate becomes highly concentrated. These are aptly named calcium stones. Kidney stones, in general, vary in shape,
texture, color and size. They can be as small as a grain of sand, as
big as a golf ball, smooth, jagged, or even sharp. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely
don’t want a sharp, golf ball sized object coming out of my urethra! Most kidney stones are passed out of the body
in a few days, but they can sometimes take weeks. Ouch! The buildups can cause excruciating pain in
your side, back and lower abdomen, frequent and painful urination, nausea, and bloody
urine. Some people have even said that passing a
kidney stone is more painful than childbirth! The amount of pain you’ll feel is pretty
dependent on the type of stone. Smaller ones can easily be passed with the
help of lots of water and some pain medication. But more serious stones may not come out that
way. Sometimes they’re too big to exit the urethra
and sometimes they’re wreaking too much havoc on the kidneys and urinary tract to
be left alone. Stones that can’t be passed naturally will
need to be broken up by shock waves, surgery, or a scope that’s inserted up the urethra. So obviously the best thing is not to get
these bad boys at all. One of the main causes of the buildups is
not drinking enough water, which allows the salts and minerals to build up and stick together. Your diet can also make a difference. Certain foods, like spinach, nuts and chocolate,
have a high concentration of calcium oxalate. And medical conditions like gout, urinary
tract infections, and certain metabolic disorders can increase your likelihood of getting the
stones. Even your genetics could play a part because
kidney stones can run in families. So if your gramps has had ‘em, be sure to
keep an extra eye out for any symptoms. But if you get stuck with them anyway, maybe
just take a quick trip to a theme park to speed up the process. Have you had kidney stones before? Was it as painful as it sounds? Subscribe to DNews and let us know in the
comments down below. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Kidney Stones

  1. I have advice. if you go to the emergency room and you are lucky enough to be injected with pain medication into your IV. once the pain medication kicks in do not think that you've passed the stone. this is the time that you should be drinking the most amount of water possible. because after the pain medication wears off. pain comes right back don't waste any time drink your water while the pain medication is working. good luck

  2. Yes, stones are more painful than labor pains!!  I have reoccurring stones…the latest one of which is happening now.   I know mine were caused by excess chocolate intake….(sigh)

  3. It's 4am. I'm in agony with one of these. It's right up there with the worst imaginable toothache and there's nothing I can do about it but wait for the Tramadol to kick in.

  4. I was rushed into hospital in an ambulance yesterday because I have a kidney stone. It was misdiagnosed first as a kidney infection but apparently not. It is single handedly the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.

  5. Just recently experienced this on sunday and monday, worse pain i felt in my life, nauseous and vomiting.
    Hopefully i passed them all.

  6. I've had 14 and each one feels different. I even passed one that I didn't even feel. Was about the size of a grain of rice.

  7. I had kidney stones in October of 2014 and the pain in the lower side of my abdomen was absolutely excruciating.. I ended up on the floor of the waiting room at a local urgent care… but the doctor ended up giving me a shit ton of morphine so after that I didn't feel anything.. and they also gave me a couple weeks worth of Percocet so that made things kind of bearable but I still hope I never have to go through it ever again

  8. It just hit me on sunday morning while a day before I was enjoying Savannahs cider. These things are painful jeez

  9. ugh……. why can't they go out the anus? I prefer going out the anus… All u need to do is push and push and push.. But Since t won't go down the Anus… Than that would suck

  10. Well i had one and i still have one but its stuck in my kidney. My kidney stone was fucking monster it broke to two peaces when doctors tryed to surgegly take it out… You dont want to know how much it hurts to jerk off after kidney stone remove😂🍌

  11. Imagine the pain and suffering you'd avoid, the thousands you'd save in ridiculous medical bills if you could painlessly dissolve your kidney stones and easily pass them through your urine

  12. I've had two thus far. I'm 22.. My first was at 18. My second was at 20. Shit… My mom has over 80 kidney stones. Not joking. I'm 22 now and I'm afraid one's on its way… I've never passed the two I've had , so I had to get both removed (lasered/basket).. Stents suck! I'm afraid I'm due! No matter how much water I drink. Those fuckers find a way.. I'm afraid to go to six flags!

  13. Can underactive thyroid cAUSE KIDNEY STONES i have no meds for my underactive thyroid so everything is out of wack.

  14. just got home from the hospital for my third time and its always happens at work  and usually when I'm out of town.

  15. I'm 16 and I was rushed to the hospital last night after vomiting (around 12 times in total I believe) from an unbearable and excruciating pain in my lower abdomin. This pain has happened 5 or so times in the last 2 months, but this was the first time it didn't subside after 2 hours of pain. At the hospital I finally found out the problem (Kidney stones of course) and my current one is 4mm. I still haven't peed it out even though I'm on meds and drinking lots of water unfortunately. Why am I getting so many stones? I eat healthy, I drink about 8-12 8oz glasses of water a day, I don't drink sodas, etc.; I am very worried. Also, the pain truly is the worst I've ever felt, and I've even fractured bones, I don't wish this torture on anyone. (I did make a new best friend called pain medication though!)

  16. So I’m 17 I got my first kidney stones on Saturday October 6, 2017 it’s hurts bad soo…..they have not passed yet if I’m not drugged up of my medications it hurts so let me tell tell you how I felt soo I was happy for weeeks before the big one hit I just thought it was back pain not to worry about then that morning at 5 am I was in pain my whole left kidney as well as my body got this bad feeling have you ever walked in side of your hip on the kitchen counter with so much force it’s a sharp pain The morphine didn’t even help I got four doses of that until I started feeling better then next day the pain comes back I have to get surgery (might) i’m going to see a kidney specialist very soon ,the doctor the hospital said I have a huge kidney stone to my grandmother 👵🏼

  17. So i actually have an older friend in his 60's he had been in major pain for days, same symptoms as these. Well he was actually becoming sick and running fevers. He went to the ER and found out he had several kidney stones, an infection, and a tear. His body wasnt able to pass the stones because of a blockage. They had him rushed into surgery and they put in a stint. Or something like that. He is at home right now as we speak. He hasnt been able to hold down any food. Needless to say he is in bad,bad shaoe right now.

  18. hey ,if anyone else is searching for kidney stones treatment and prevention try Loctavan Simple Kidney Strategy (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  19. Ive just had a kidney stone, it was so painful, yes like child birth, and also kept being sick. 2 days later my tummy is still soar,

  20. I had to back pain the bladder pain in the scrotum pain and blood in my urine in the pain comes and goes it comes and goes

  21. There are a few components to treating kidney stones naturally. One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Wilfs Remedy Answer (google it if you're interested) it's the most useful blueprint that I've seen. look at all the interesting info .

  22. The worst pain I've ever, I've had 3 and road them out in 2- 4 hours but not this one. After 4 hours of unrelenting pain i couldn't take it so I went to ER got pain meds (the only pain meds I've ever taken, don't do any drugs not even aspirin) still suffered with the meds but could sleep somewhat for 8 more hours then the pain stopped. Not sure if it broke up but did not feel anything passing over the last few days.

  23. 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 2 of lemon juice in 12 oz water every hour till pan stops usually will help to break up calcium stones. My last one may have been uric acid stone… it did not work so I went to the ER.

  24. The second this girl said drink more water I chug a whole bottle and I felt a little water like wave go through my eye wth

  25. Kidney stones are fun.  I get them, on average, one a year.  It's a fascinating, crippling pain. "They" say that some people are more susceptible to them.  Long story, but I used to have to stay away from eggs, dairy, sodas, etc.  I don't anymore.  It' s interesting what I've changed, what works, and develop few kidney stones.  Or, at least the ones I get now stay with me for about a day.  I carry a bottle of liquid with me wherever I go.  In other words, I stay hydrated.  I don't consume massive amounts of liquid at one time….just moderation.  The second thing I do is drink 1/2 cup lemon juice w/ 1/2 cup sugar, mixed with water to make one quart.  I'm too lazy to find a bigger container.

  26. I had gallstones and I'm only 23, it was horrible, literally happened out of nowhere, gave it a week and it wouldn't subside, so I went to the hospital and they told me it was stones in my gallbladder, had my gallbladder removed and now I feel amazing!!

  27. Just got home from a night at the ER. CT scan showing that i had two small kidney stones. The most painful thing i'v ever felt. Thank god for morphine!

  28. Thank you for the insightful video. Just started suffering from one about 3 weeks ago yet to pass. Admittedly I don't drink enough water which was a big lesson learned. I've had spine surgery, hip surgery, been involved in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, lacerations, broken bones, and the list goes on and this is easily the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Complete nausea, vomiting, clutching at my side, sweating, and the initial attack was a ride in an ambulance with lots of morphine. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. STAY HYDRATED

  29. On Thursday I started having severe pain in my lower right side. I am suffering from PHN (from shingles) and honestly thought it must be something from that or maybe a kidney infection. I have a doctor appointment set from Wednesday and thought if I could make it until then that I would be ok. By Sunday (last night) I was in the most horrible pain. I was shaking, and thought I might die. (No childbirth was by far easier that this pain. I have had 2 children so I am a good judge on this.) I think the shingles, PHN, is even less painful than this. Look those up and you will see that pain is excruciating. The only pain I can think of that is anywhere near this would be my gallstones, I had to actually have my gallbladder removed because of those bad little monsters.

    This morning (MONDAY) I got up and went to the restroom. I felt something come out with my urine. (I had a hysterectomy when I was 28 so it wasn't anything "woman" related.) I looked in the bowl, I picked it up(i know gross, but I was ultra curious.) It was a little over an inch long and it was 3/4 of an inch in depth. It was little in color and smelled bad. I flushed it. (I know now I should have kept it.) My pain is gone. I have messaged my doctor to see if I should come in earlier.

    I have read that women in my age range (I am 46) are more common to get these. I do not have a family history of them. (Joy I may be the cause of my grown children getting these. Gift from mom, yeah!) I have also learned that there may be more? WTH. I do drink sodas, or maybe I should say I did. Also for the past few days I felt severely dehydrated and no amount of water could get that taken care of.

    So go me on my birth of a huge kidney stone, I will name it Cujo, because it was as bad as the dog in that movie.

  30. This really makes me scared, I don’t drink a lot of water. And today I am feeling some sharp pain on the side of my body. And i was warned that this would happen if I didn’t drink water.

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  32. Yep, it's pretty painful. The back pain is almost just as painful. It is only a toss up because the back pain lasts longer in the moment.

  33. Wow, I thought the title was just a joke. You hit a lot of really good points about kidney stones in three-and-a-half minutes. Thank you so much for the easy to understand video!

  34. Hi! I'm from india and i had suffer from kidney stone when i go to doctor to scanning there found many multiply stone one of them has largest 5.7mm what shall i do to cure from these diseases please explain me

  35. Just spent 12 hours in the ER, 8 of those in the waiting room. Turned out to be a kidney stone. First one that I know of…lol. it is horrendous. The pain of this is like the stones in my gallbladder 3 months ago
    I had to have gallbladder removed. Sadly the kidney is not as easily discarded. They said if you have one their will like be more in my future. They gave me a script of oxycodone to help get me through, and it does not relieve all the pain. Awful. My hasn't traveled to the bladder yet so still have the hard pain. It is just 3mm but it feels like a heck of a lot more.

  36. Holy smokes so painful 4mm going through it now trying to pass it now, comes in waves….. I feel it moving, traveling down nauseous and the most pain I have ever encountered worse than childbirth 😔😖😩😭

  37. I'm only 10 years old and I don't want to kidney stone how do I avoid it do I stop drinking soda and start drinking water

  38. I pass 4 to 9 a year since I was 6 I'm 35 I have done every diet you can think of I drink tons of water jumping jacks jogging anyting that bounces you around is the best thing to help you pass them off roading big help

  39. This kidney guide “fetching wiza space” (Google it) mays not work for most people, but it works well to me. I was capable to pass a stone that was too large to pass through soon after applying this solution for a few weeks. I am happy that I never undergone the surgical procedure, saving me from spending a hefty amount of money and making me pain free..

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  41. This kidney guide “fetching wiza space” (Google it) actually do miracles to me but I am not saying that this will be effective for every person who will try it. I was able to pass a stone that is too big to pass through right after applying this treatment for a few weeks. I was able to refrain from surgical treatment and saved lots of money and soreness..

  42. It was 1 1/ 2 year ago that I was identified with a large kidney stone. My doctor claimed he could blow it apart for $8,000 dollars. That was around $8,000 more that I had and I have no medical health insurance. But when I started using the kidney guide “Κemkemsο wiza” (Google it), I was able to handle my issue..

  43. Worst exp of my life thus far.. in 35 years havent had one but in the last 3 months ive had 3 and only passed 1. I am 25 days in trying to pass a 4mm but it just wants to dance around inside me causing horrible UTI like symptoms. I wish great adventure was open i would def give it a shot!

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