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Everyday Carry 2020 | Glock 19 Gen 5

What’s up, guys? Ryan here with Tampa Carry, so what’s better than one Glock 19 Gen 5? Two Glock 19 Gen 5 Yeah! So yesterday I was shooting with this woman and she shot for a little bit. First time shooting a gun and she said You know movies make this seem a lot easier. Yeah. Exactly, right? You ever seen those movies where the good guy is like shooting with two guns, like somehow that gives them some massive advantage. Well, we’re gonna put that to the test and we’re gonna see how accurate we can really be shooting 2 Glock 19’s at the Exact same time. It’s pretty hard. It’s pretty hard. So like I was getting some good hits right with my Dominant hand, but as soon as I would go over to the non-dominant hand, that’s what I was missing like crazy, right? All right, dude. Don’t let me down, man. You got to give me your warrior yell Your puppet Save time bro. How many I think you got some good hits man? Okay So now we’re gonna jump over the car while doing that. We’re gonna use your car though. No, you’re not down for that No, okay. Now you guys have probably seen lots of videos about the Glock 19 Gen 5 but I’ll just kind of touch on some of the major differences here. So the 19 Gen 5 was actually created at the request of the FBI So they had some very specific things that the FBI wanted of the new Glock firearm for their agents. First of all, they wanted the gun to be fully ambidextrous. So we have a slide release on the right hand side as well as on the left hand side. Which is okay, but I just think left-handed shooters need to adapt to the Right way to do things. We also can adjust the magazine release for right or left-handed shooters, which is cool. It has a much better trigger I feel like the trigger is nicer on the Gen 5 than it is on the Gen 4, the Gen 3. It’s not that it’s less poundage, but it feels smoother — in my opinion. Also, we have a beveled magazine well. So it makes it just a little bit easier when you’re doing your emergency reloads — to kind of find where that mag well is and get that new mag in and then one kind of feature that is has some positives has some major negatives — is this kind of horseshoe or half moon inside of the frame of the gun. So if you get a really bad double feed or malfunction — where you cannot get the mag out can’t rack the slide. Now you can dig your finger in there, Press the mag release and really drive it out of that frame. Now the negative side of it because some guys are complaining that as they are reloading the gun, they’re actually pinching their hands. Pansies. So the Gen 5 also has a brand new barrel. Which Glock calls their marksmen barrel It’s a little bit hard to see in the camera here, but it actually has a improved crown to improve accuracy. I don’t notice much of a difference with the accuracy, but they claim it so we need to believe it. Now, one of the major complaints about Glock sights has always been this kind of Goalpost setup and then you have the dot in front, right? Well on the Gen 3 and the Gen 4s, When you’re looking through that goal post, the idea is that you should be able to see the entire Circle and then the goal post around it. Well, the way Glock did it is the circle is actually cut in half. Well now with the Gen 5, they’ve actually fixed that. So when the sights are properly lined up, You can see the entire front sight circle as well as the entire rear sight — which is really awesome. Ok, we’re gonna see just how accurate this new Glock barrel is. I’m gonna fire some head shots at a Three-inch circle, that’s about I would say this is about 10 yards or so away. So we’ll see what kind of grouping I can get Okay, so it’s okay. not uh, I don’t think it’s a gun fault I think it’s more my fault, but that got those up there. So a little bit high one popped way down there So not bad. So I’ve got Gabe here. Gabe’s gonna try the same thing, but Gabe Why don’t you aim right for the six on the right? And let’s see what kind of grouping you can get. Rock star, man! You got some good hits there. So one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Yeah, so that was a pretty solid grouping. Do you feel like the have you shot the Gen 4 and the Gen 3 Glocks? No, okay. I don’t know if I notice much of an accuracy difference. I’ve heard other people say that they do Alright, so I set up one of my favorite targets in the world. We’ve got some spray paint cans Some road flares. Oh Yeah, and Gabe Gabe’s like backing up. He’s trying to get away from it. But Gabe, you know the very first gun safety rule of Tampa Carry, right? Safety last, Gabe. Safety last. So we still have Obamacare. We just send the bill to him Safety first. So this time Gabe and I are gonna shoot these targets at the same time and We’re gonna see what we can do here. Yes! How was that, Gabe? You feel that heat, man? One. Two. Three. Dude He’s like, I think I hit it. He didn’t hit it. I saw his bullet. Your bullet like went to space, man. Space. You didn’t hit nothing. I kind of felt like the second one was a bigger fireball than the two, was it? How’s that work? You know I bought this stuff at Walmart. Gabe works at Walmart. So you guys just ripping me off? Alright guys, thanks for watching. If you’re looking for a great concealed carry gun, maybe a home defense gun, Pick up a Glock 19 Gen 5. You definitely can never go wrong. If you guys have not joined me on the Florida Concealed Carry Facebook group, make sure to check it out. It is awesome Keep training. You got anything else to say? No. Nobody nobody cares what you have to say. so keep training and stay safe.

31 thoughts on “Everyday Carry 2020 | Glock 19 Gen 5

  1. Gen 5 MOS Mine runs perfect 1000 rounds zero issues. Carry everyday replaced g43 which is great but too small for me.Mine doesn’t have horseshoe on mag well.

  2. Funny you did a video on the G19 gen 5 I’m going to look at one this week, the MOS version so I can mount my red dot.
    Hope to see you October this year, will be in Tampa for three weeks

  3. I have a glock gen 4 and 5 I prefer the gen 4 because when firing a lot of rounds the c pinch you. Not when loading but firing it. Over all it's a good gun.

  4. You think left-handed shooters should adapt to learn the "correct" way to fire? You're saying I'm shooting the worng way because I am a lefty. That's messed up.

  5. The new Gen 5 don't have the magazine well cutout and also it has front surations. Looks like the MOS but with the cut out on the top slide.

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