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Every Major Criminal in History Carried This Gun | Colt 1903

This is the Colt 1903 and it is the second semi-automatic pocket pistol that Colt ever produced. I’m gonna give you a wild hint on who developed this pistol. He’s the exact same guy that invented the 1911 the M1918 BAR — which is one of my all-time favorite machine guns He also invented Hundreds of other firearms and calibers many of which are still in use today The man is John Browning. Now, John Browning is the single most important firearms inventor of the 19th and 20th century. Many of his patents are still in use today — a hundred years later. I wonder how people are gonna remember me in a hundred years shoot. I know how they’re gonna remember Johnny fingers, baby What are you doing, Johnny? I’m making a fossil A fossil of what? The most important part of Johnny my nutsack your? Yeah, okay He’s making a fossil of his nutsack, ladies and gentlemen. that’s what this YouTube channel has come to In the early 1900’s, the Colt 1903 pocket hammerless was one of the only Concealed carry firearms available, which is crazy when you think about it. So today there are literally hundreds maybe thousands of different concealed carry guns to choose from but back then This is really where it was at. The Great Depression was an economic downturn that began in 1929. While the rest of the world was struggling to stay alive John Dillinger received some very horrific news while serving a 10-year prison sentence in Indiana. He had gonorrhea. Kid I’ve been there. It still burns when I pee. But I like the pain. While Dillinger was in prison, He was quoted as saying I will be the meanest bastard you ever saw when I get out of this place. thug life, baby You know John got out in 1933 and he set out to keep that promise. They robbed 12 banks, a police arsenal and they killed 10 men. He must have been sexist because he never killed a woman. They wounded seven others and they staged three successful jail breaks. Fella right there is a real over Timur Dillinger was also accused of another 12 bank robberies. So yeah, this dude was on a mission. Dillinger’s fame and notoriety earned him the status of public Enemy number one by the Bureau of Investigation which would later become the FBI after a ten month long manhunt the BOI Received a tip from Anna Sage, a local madam of a brothel. Now, as Dillinger was leaving the theater, he noticed that he was being followed. He reached into his pocket He pulled out a Colt 1903 But before he could get a shot off bang! He was shot in the head. In 1920, Americans made one of the dumbest decisions in history. They made alcohol illegal. Shoot if the one for alcohol gator wouldn’t be here. Well alcohol in a broken rubber The start of Prohibition started an era of extreme violence and power and the man who capitalized on this opportunity was Al Capone — an American Hero. My all-time favorite quote from Al Capone is it’s better to ask with a smile and a gun than with a smile by itself man spoken like an American legend Al Capone ran brothels and bootlegging operations all across the city of Chicago. Amassing a fortune of over 1.3 billion dollars. And look at my dumb ass over here making YouTube videos. I purchased a brothel last year. Well, it was a Advertised as a/c factory turns out it was just in elegant lady breed cats Legend has it that Al Capone carried a Colt 1903 inside of his jacket pocket every single day. Man, I would love to own that gun. The Colt 1903 was also used by the famous stick-up gang Bonnie and Clyde. Who gained a reputation for violent robberies of banks, gas stations, and small stores. Why though, would you be robbing a gas station? I don’t know. It was the 20s. Between 1932 and 1934, Bonnie and Clyde committed 13 murders, dozens of robberies and burglaries. In 1934, Clyde orchestrated the escape of several prison inmates in the Eastham breakout. Now this prison escape caused so much negative publicity in the state of Texas that the state had to do something so they contacted a retired Texas Ranger to hunt down the Barrow gang Yeah, if anybody can stop Bonnie and Clyde, it is Chuck Norris. In April of 1934, the Barrow Gang killed a highway patrolman named HD Murphy sparking an amazing amount of public outrage. Former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer was offered $1,000 for the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde not for their capture. On a rural road in Louisiana, the former Texas Rangers prepared for an ambush. As Bonnie and Clyde approached the ambush points, Texas Ranger stepped out and they fired over a hundred and thirty bullet at the duo. Bonnie and Clyde were each shot over 50 times. Inside of their vehicle, authorities found dozens of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Now some of the guns included two browning BARs 1911’s and you guessed it two Colt 1903 Pocket hammerless pistols. It’s amazing, but it really makes sense Why the Colt 1903 was so popular back in the day. I mean, it’s beautiful It’s sexy and it’s thin Does that remind you of anybody? But how does the Colt 1903 shoot? Let’s head out to my brand-new range in Wimauma and see how she shoots. I’m here in Wimauma, Florida where my friends Steven and Dustin have allowed me to use a portion of their property to build a gun range. Thank you both for being so awesome. And I hope you have great insurance The Colt 1903 pocket hammerless was manufactured between 1903 and 1945 and this particular firearm was made in 1924. As I mentioned earlier, The 1903 is chambered in 32 acp. Now. This is a 32 acp round compared to a 9-millimeter, which is pretty common today Man, that kind of reminds me of that time in basic training, I had to take a shower with that black guy. Now the 32 ACP is a small caliber according to modern standards. However, it must have been an effective round because on April 30th of 1945, Adolf Hitler used a Walther PPK to commit suicide whilst hiding in a bunker in Berlin what a little I reckon, he’s afraid of getting captured by damn aliens. Fuck. Did you mean to say the Allies? What did I say? Now the name of the Colt 1903 Hammerless pocket pistol is very deceiving because the hammer is actually concealed inside of the gun. But before I can show you that we have to actually disassemble the firearm. Now the first step is we’re it’s going to make sure it’s unloaded then you can see these little tiny arrows and line here on the bottom of the slide We’re going to simply Pull the slide back until it lines up We’re going to rotate the barrel slightly and then we allow the barrel to go sliding move forward Now the slide will actually pop off and we can rotate the barrel one more time and the barrel comes right out. Now what is really awesome to see Is how innovative John Browning created this lock up So, you can see that the grooves in the barrel Actually line up with the grooves of the frame and it locks right in securely. You can see right back here the back of this hammer and I’ll squeeze that trigger and let it go forward So that’s it. It’s not a hammerless gun. The Colt 1903 comes with an eight round magazine, a grip safety And a manual thumb safety that also operates as a slide catch. Now Colt manufacture over 500,000 1903 chambered in 32 ACP between 1903 and 1945 and they produce over 200,000 of them for military contracts. Several thousand Colt 1903s were shipped over to England during World War one and World War two. In fact, Legend has it that General Patton actually carried one of these pistols. Until next time, stay dangerous. Hey you here with the microphone Give me y’all yo I’m tired of this YouTube game, son. I gotta get that paper. Thug life! What are you doing, Johnny? A fossil of what? Right and I would do specs Yes bold slate and then I’ll have you do it later. Do you know what your line is? Yeah, okay Low and raspy, I’m gonna make you do it again. All right, rolling hot script 5 scene 10 take one. I In 1920, the Americas you see drinking I purchase in brothel last year. Well, it was advertised as a d Factory Turns out it was just an elderly lady breeding cats

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  1. Great video and I love your work. I'm not too crazy about Johnny Fingers because he takes away from the great stuff in your videos.

  2. Johnny dillinger is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE "bad guy "!!! I did a book report on him in grade school . Got suspended for 3 days for "inappropriate content " (I went to a Christian school…) …. my mom was pissed 🀺😎… at me. Hahaha

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