100 thoughts on “Ever wonder how I make YOUTUBE VIDEOS?!?

  1. hi Peter, i just want to thank you for inspiring a lot of people to do pursue their passion. I pray that God will bless you and protect you and use you more to glorify His name.

  2. I loved this video. I'm a total newbie but I love everything to do with camera's and video's and you showing how you do your set up is awesome. TFS xx

  3. Funny how you're a photographer and manage to shoot majority of you videos on the "Mc Cannon". You're name may have been destined!

  4. Hey, I just came across your channel and I'm mighty impressed. I've now subscribed and looking forward to your new content.
    My eyes are presently enjoying your previous vlogs. Thank you muchly!

  5. awesome studio Bro, how i wish i could have too soon. started collecting media equipments now

  6. I thought this video would teach me how to compile and arrange a bunch of low quality memes into a single coherent visual sequence and do a monotone voice-over… Kinda disappointed

  7. when I first saw his gears ,I said wow, usually YouTuber has lots of toots that far away from their needs.also is that a deal for 1000 for that 80D

  8. Dear Peter….NO, in fact i haven't ever wondered how you make videos….sorry man….ha ha….thank you

  9. Im only using my android phone for my blogs right now,, i would appreciate if you've given me that camera,,it would be a great help to improve the shoots on my video. Godbless bro..
    Greetings from Philippines..

  10. And now in 2019, he literaly own a big warehouse studio, 10x the size of his office show in this video.

  11. Dude ! You have like 10 grand worth of gear over there ! How did you aquire such possessions ??!
    Im just getting started in wanting to make movies, but damn unless you tell me your secret, or give me some advice, I dont think I can ever reach your level 😥 please help 😭

  12. I'm becoming so addicted to all of your video and I was curious to know what is the Zoom audio recorder for. Thanks for making great videos.

  13. It's been 2 years since you made this video, do you still use your Zoom 4N Pro, or did you upgrade? If so, why?

  14. $750.00 for the SmallHD 501 HDMI On Camera Monitor? That's more than the computer and Samsung Galaxy S7 and phone? And rent and a new car and re truck payment?

  15. Who knows how to do this and regular person who has the money to buy all this stuff and system setup?

  16. "How to make youtube videos" just win the $530 million dollars Mega Millions jackpot Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:00pm?

  17. The struggle is real but resilience is really all you need to make your passion become a reality. Hats off to you and all of your success! great stuff.

  18. Your videos are great sir!!! Can you if you haven’t already make a video on how you take your footage from the camera to where ever you edit videos. The process of importing and what’s the best way to get that crisp quality to export and still maintain the quality . Im importing my footage via wifi to my Ipad or other devices and it seems to upload kind of choppy on whatever platform I post it on.

  19. I think, using a regular mic stand with your boom mic would be more convenient: no need to connect multiple parts together, just attach the shock mount to the stand and you're good to go.

  20. I've been using AudioBlocks (the cousin of VideoBlocks) and get hit with copyright claims all the time and have to dispute them. Very annoying for a service I'm paying for. I've now transitioned to Epidemic Sounds.

  21. You"re great!!!
    I'm studying, watching so many videos on youtube, to build my channel. From banner, to camera gear and so on.

    On my first video, (i hope i'll be able to present it, in the best way), I may gonna use some sketch, from the best youtubers. Or simply, the people that everyday are inspiring me. You're one of them, so, thank you so much for all the passion and effort, to give us the best!

    I physically don't know, how I'll gonna do it, but I'm not scared to make mistakes. We all start from them; by making it, we learn and we develop ourselves.

    4WaysOfLife…..coming soon!


  22. Question: do you sync your audio by clapping 3x to your video? I'm still new to this and I've had volume issues. Thanks

  23. Peter, i have a late question. But one I believe to be relevant. What media do you record to? CFast or are you using hard drives? Like Atomos?

  24. my preference is for troll-ish obnoxiousness (everyone needs a hobby?), but this video… it's GOOD. i've watched it 3 times now (first month vlogger), and every time i'm impressed by the succinct, but informative style of Peter McKinnon. i'm building my first real rig right now, and i've been reading articles and watching tutorials (OK, and ogling the b&h website), but there's a few things i'm a bit confused about… mostly pertaining to the mechanics of recording audio and synching everything up after filming (i mostly use filmora 9, but am slowly getting a grip on premiere). this is going to sound painfully stupid, but how does one record, like, one or two different mic inputs and the video from two or three different cameras…?

  25. Accidentally I came to this Chanel. Man how in the world I missed this. This guy is amazing learn a lot from this Chanel. Love you dear 🙏.

  26. I could not resist login in to say how much i cant stand this fake a55 peter mcClown’ sorry kid but you aint funny’, next time get to the point!

  27. Peter can you help me out? I am making the big leap to trying video with my Canon 5D mark IV. What is the best memory card to use? Thanks for the help.

  28. Kinda rude how you started to read a FANS letter and didn't finish it. Why even start? That fan can be watching you right now, but you did it all for a edit. 🙁

  29. Video and audio are only as good as the weakest component ,so in your case it would be YouTube ,what percentage better do you think your equipment is compared to a smart phone

  30. Im not confident enough to make my own vlog and show who me because im too ugly for that. I also dont have money to buy those beautiful camera but one thing im sure, i am a beginner and learn from you in the future👍

  31. Hey Pete!
    Love your videos I kinda always watch them.
    So I have a question… Could you make a Video about 3d Printed Camera gear?
    I‘d really appreciate it!

  32. Nice job letting people see what it takes to make a nice video . I been taking photos all my life 40 plus years . I would love to do a photo video of them , what in your line of work would you use to put them together to display them in a video for you tube?

  33. like I'm so confused I thought you used c200 to do videos if you can answer a question how the f do you download your finished thumbnail from canva to you tube page no one tells me how to do it it's making me hate you tube for real i just want to do stupid thumbnails can you help I just upload from my final cut pro

  34. What actually is the lens that's on the camera right at the start – it's got focus rings, so it's difficult to tell what it is?

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