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ESO Weapon Speeds

Ok guys, ah whats going on? So I haven’t
made a live video in quite a while. A lot of my videos lately have been me recording
it then talking over it afterwards, so hopefully I don’t mess this up to much hehe. Um but
yeah today we are playing Elder Scrolls Online and ah I’ve been wondering, ah I went online
to look at some technical things about it, about um weapon speed actually. Cause normally
I use dual daggers but lately I’ve thought that swords would look a lot cooler, and I
was right they do. So I looked to see if there were any downsides and I thought that weapon
speed would be one of them although a lot of the forums that I found, some people have
been saying that weapon speed ah there is nothing, there is no difference between swords
daggers and different weapons. But ah other people have been saying that yes there is
a different between weapons so I decided that I going to make my own test, to see if there
actually is a difference. So thats what im going to be doing today, my plan is that i’m
just going to make a bunch of different swords in my anvil therefore there’s like no real
difference in- er not swords different weapons therefore there’s no real difference if I
would have bought them. and I’m probably just gonna make them out of steel cause I
have the most of that and I don’t use it all that often so lets get goin! Ok so I just
finished making all of the weapons, each one is a level 16, ah I think it was dunmer style
so they all be pretty much the same, ok a lot of people are talking around me, they
should all be pretty much the same stats, I don’t have any special enchantments on
them or anything on any of them. We got an an axe, a mace, a sword, a battle axe, a maul,
a greatsword, and a dagger. So basically my plan is that I’m going to equip one, these
are my other swords that I have currently that I’m using, I’m not going to test
those because those are level 35 and have enchantments. But ah my plan is to just kinda
do this equip one at a time and I’m going to do one power attack, and then one normal
attack, and I’m going to record that and I’m going to put that into my editing software
and see how much time each one takes up and ya so I guess I’m going to go do that and
I will show you guys the results here in a sec. Ok so I just finished testing all the
weapons and I’ve gotta say some of them, I kinda expected these results not a lot of
it surprised me, kinda was the norm again like I said before I did one normal attack
and one power attack with each weapon which includes, dagger, sword, great sword, axe,
battle axe and mace and maul. Im going to put each one on the screen and you guys can
look at all of them at once. You can pause the video if you need more clarification there
going to cycle through a couple times and I think at the end of the video i’m probably
just gonna have each one consecutively so if you wanna stick around to see that then
by all means go right ahead. but ya so I kinda just wanted to show you that, there is no,
I found that there is basicly 0 difference if you hit an enemy. And all of this was for
like my character specifically, I have a couple bonuses or abilities, passive abilities that
increase my weapon attack speed so a lot of these times are specifically for my character
it may very on what kind of stats you have or what level you are I’m not entirely sure.
Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this informative video I hoped
it helped you out and maybe even entertained you a little bit, it probably didn’t but
you never know. Make sure to click subscribe for more videos, make sure to like the video
if it helped you out and leave a comment on your whole setup and how you have your character
setup, I would really like to meet some of you guys ingame I feel like that would be
a great thing and ya also if you wanna watch more videos I got two right here that you
can click on and if you wanna stick around for all those tests consecutively go right
ahead, I’ll see you guys later!

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